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Have you recovered from the Orlando Magic's 1st-round playoff loss?

Posted 7 years.


  • marcos - 7 years ago

    Miami built a great team.Boston have a great team.Lost to Atlanta a team that Orlando put out in 4 is not what people and fans in Orlando really enjoy, sorry perform for the Magic.And we are not talking about Chicago the team with the best record in the NBA, coach of the year and MVP of the year. A night like today destroyed Atlanta with a big game all around. The evening that Orlando played against Chicago with out Howard Orlando played really great. But when they played the first game against Atlanta and lost in Orlando the nightmare started for me as a fan. I been an Orlando fan for about 15 years and for 13 yrs working for the same company. Lakers fans, Boston fans, Dallas fans, Miami fans, and now Chicago fans always make fun out of Orlando fans. Orlando lost this year with Atlanta in the first round. I don´t think that Orlando could beat any of the mention teams. I think that Orlando fans desire that Howard would retire in Orlando uniform. And a better Orlando team. A salary like Orlando have is to win a championship, players like ARENAS winning 18 mil, this is for the general manager I always thought that the day that Grant Hill left Orlando with the 109 mil in 7 yrs it was the worst contract in the history of Orlando but I see that is not. Players like Anderson, Bass they should be bench player the rest of their NBA career.Duhon, Q-Richardson they had a very poor season. JJ Reddick should be a starter of the team are you kidding me! Hedo 10 mil he should of stayed in Phoenix. For Howard to stay in Orlando you need better player than the ones I have mention. And Nelson I think that coming from the bench he should be a better player. Welcome to the new member of the Magics Chris Paul woooowwwoww. Please build a better team. Thats why the Lakers, Celtics and now Miami are a better team.

  • Nanc - 7 years ago

    Even though the Magic are out of it, it's been a pleasure watching Chicago play the Hawks.

  • pollockhj - 7 years ago

    The Magic were beaten by a team who may go much further than anyone thought especially if they play as well as they did against the Magic. Jamaal Crawford was unstoppable giving them a shot even when the Magic defense was sterling. Playoff basketball does not allow for the time to drop uncontested Threes. The small increase in pressure seemed to be just enough to doom the shooting of a normally great three point shooting team. Our defense played well enough to win each and every game. Atlanta matched up well with us all year and frankly had our number.

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