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If you ran the Magic, would you trade Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas for Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Steve Blake?

Posted 7 years.


  • thats crazy - 7 years ago

    why should you trade for the worst...because the league is all about young player in this new decade of the nba.......bringing more old guy to ah young player you will be worst than we he was there.

  • D12Forever - 7 years ago

    Obviously OrlandoFTW and his fellow Fakers fans have been exposed and are shameless trying to furiously backpedal right now. Let it be known, a real Orlando Magic fan would never mention a rivals site, it's the third time you've mentioned it here. After we called you out on site spam, you've decided to try and disguise it. You have no credibility whatsoever.

  • OrlandoFTW - 7 years ago

    Nice try, D12Forever, but it's pretty obvious you are a FakersGround troll yourself. In fact, about 90% of the posters/voters here are from that site. How delusional they are to think that a random internet poll is going to have any effect on D12's decision. I guess they need to find some way to cope with the fact that their franchise will be mired in mediocrity for the next decade. LOL @the LA Fossils.

  • D12Forever - 7 years ago

    There you go again OrlandoFTW, please cease mentioning that Fakers site of yours again and trying to get us to go to it. That's twice already.

    We won't give you the satisfaction of undeserved traffic.

  • DwightFan - 7 years ago

    The problem with letting Dwight walk for nothing is that the Magic will still have no meaningful caproom even if Dwiight walks for nothing because of the money that guys like Arenas ($20m) and Hedo ($10m) are making each year. That's almost half the salary cap between just those two.

    So the Magic would be looking at a few years as the worst team in the NBA with the current roster minus Dwight. No thanks.

    Get Bynum and Odom and dump Arenas and the team is better than it is now, with better salary cap situation moving forward.

    It's easy to say "Build through the draft", but only one team every couple years gets lucky with a Dwigjt, Griffin or Rose. The Magic could be looking at a decade or more of being one of the worst teams in the NBA if they go that route.

    Much better to get Bynum and Odom and build around them, JJ and Jameer.

  • Rodney - 7 years ago

    Hell yes. It is good for Howards future, He is made for LA, the spotlight, the endorsements , everything that a young superstar needs he can get in LA.
    Magic gets Pau and Odom that will increase thier number of wins from day one.
    Pau and Odom are the only losers in this trade because the Magic has proven that they will not and do not know how to build a winner.
    Howard needs LA. As much as LA needs Howard.

  • MagicMantra - 7 years ago

    OrlandoFTW: I agree that if we trade with Fakers it has to be Bynum not Gasol. You go with the much younger center who also just happens to be an impact player. Insist on Odom and then trade him out to get a lotto pick. Dump Arenas in the deal too, no ifs buts or ands.

  • OrlandoFTW - 7 years ago

    Yeah, but this trade is suggesting Gasol+Odom for Dwight. Why would we want that? There's no advantage picking up two guys in their 30s with this current team. It'd be much better to just drop Dwight and rebuild.

  • mocnvid - 7 years ago

    People are in denial about our team ... we had a run of several good years, but this years outcome clearly demonstrates to Dwight that we can't build a contender.

    We have a few courses of action available to us: 1. Wait for him to leave for nothing 2. Trade him for a younger, proven, talented center in Bynum 3. Look around for another offer and delay.

    In my view if we can get Bynum and Odom that's win... You've got what most analysts agree is a future franchise player and the sixth man of the year who has a great contract from what I see: Expiring too. We get taller and younger and unload some bad contracts.

    Bynum's defense is almost at DH level and his offense is probably a tad better. He can face up or back down and is a great free throw shooter. Again, younger too.

    That's how we rebuild quickly.

  • GoMagic - 7 years ago

    Well, we've been holding on to Dwight, and trying to build around him, and look what it's gotten us--bounced out of the first round by Atlanta. And if he picks up and leaves, we're gonna end up like Cleveland. But look instead at what Memphis has done. Everybody laughed at them for trading with the Fakers, and now the Fakers are shut down and they are going to game 7 against OKC. Bynum plus Odom for Howard? I'd take that any day of the week. It's a lot better than Pau for Kwame, and that worked out excellent for the Grizzlies.

  • OrlandoFTW - 7 years ago

    Most of "you" is really just the Faker fan base that was directed here via Lakersground. That site is like a cesspool for stupidity.

  • God - 7 years ago

    Wow, I was directed to this poll question. As if most of you would trade Dwight Howard. Morons...

  • D12Forever - 7 years ago

    Nice try OrlandoFTW, no one wants to go your little Laker board and give you the hits. Please this is an Orlando Magic poll and it would be appreciated if you could show some respect. I understand you guys have a lot of time on your hands, but this is an Orlando issue.

  • OrlandoFTW - 7 years ago

    Look at these tools trying to rig the vote.

  • Travis - 7 years ago

    He did. I was surprised too. I don't watch too many Laker games, but I was lucky enough to see all 4 of the Faker losses :) and he brought a lot more energy and attitude than I expected. I was impressed with Bynum. Pau looked soft. If we're loosing a beast like Dwight, I sure don't want a pansy like Pau trying to anchor the defense. Bynum might do a pretty good job.

  • GhostofShaq - 7 years ago

    Another thing to consider is that if Dwight wants to join that group of pampered athletes who soak up all our adulation, and then leave when someone doesn't give them a title, what better place to send him than to LA for their best young player, and let him rot as the second fiddle next to an aging egomaniac like Kobe.

  • Travis - 7 years ago

    @ Raymond - Good point, I didn't even think of that. LA may start trading peices for a PG cause Fisher sucks, and we might end up getting less the longer we wait. I wish Dwight would just sign the extension, but I don't wanna be Cleveland II in 2 years either.

  • GhostofShaq - 7 years ago


    I hear you. Bynum has some injury risks, but he's 7-8 years younger than Pau Gasol, and he showed some serious potential for dominance, on both ends, during the short (haha) Laker run.

  • D12Forever - 7 years ago

    Otis shouldn't wait any longer, I'm still stinging from the last time Shaq left here and it was long painful rebuilding process. We could get value back or even involve a third team to sweeten the deal. D12 has been great for us, but it's time to move on.

  • Travis - 7 years ago

    Ghostof Shaq - The only thing is I think we should get Bynum instead of Pau. Laker fans act like he's always hurt, but I saw a couple of his injuries and they were freak accidents. Once he landed on his OWN teammate's foot. The other time, he landed on another player. When Bynum is healthy and touches the ball he is pretty nice. It's just hard for him to get any shots with ball hog Bryant telling people to get in line for shots. He's getting decent numbers for his touches, and looks like he may be healthy next year too. Actually, a healthy Bynum has a better offensive arsenal than Dwight. We lose on defense, but we gain a little in his effective range. I think Bynum and Odom would be better, because we'd still have a pretty solid center. The center position is pretty weak, Bynum might be the 2nd or third best C in the league.

  • Marcus - 7 years ago

    If Dwight wanted to stay he would have signed the extension by now. I don't begrudge him leaving. There's nothing wrong with wanting to win titles and play on the biggest stage. He's given everything he could to this team and they have surrounded him with garbage players for the most part. They broke up a true contender two summers ago and have gotten worse each year since then.

    If Dwight leaves and they get nothing back (like Lebron), the Magic will be at the bottom of the heap for years to come. And if he goes to Boston, (they're going to have enough cap room in 2012 to sign him), it would literally make me sick. I can't stand the thought of Dwight in Celtic green coming to Orlando twice a year.

    I'd much rather trade him now and get great value back for him. The Magic and Lakers both failed in their goals this year. They both need to make major changes. Dump Arenas' contract and get an All NBA 2nd team player (Gasol), the 6th man of the year (Odom) and a decent back-up point guard back for Dwight. That is WAY better than losing him for nothing, and it keeps him out of the East.

    If Otis waits until the trade deadline, he's not going to have anywhere near as much leverage, as teams will try to lowball him, since they'll know he's desperate. Better to make a strong deal now and keep Orlando competitive. I'd much rather go the Denver route and get quality players back for Dwight than to end up like Cleveland.

  • GhostofShaq - 7 years ago

    Of course you have to consider this. Just because it's the Lakers, do you want to repeat the Shaq debacle and watch him leave for nothing? If he wants out, get what you can and move on, no matter where it comes from.

  • Travis - 7 years ago

    What do you guys think that Dwight is gonna read this and say "Trade me, that's what Sentinel readers want?" I think it's stupid to run this poll too, but what good is keeping Dwight for one more year? We know we aren't gonna win next year, so we'd be better off getting 2 stars back instead of losing him for nothing. We don't even know what the CBA will be next year, so we may lose him for nothing AND have less money to replace him. They say Pau's fiance dumped him and that's why he was bad in the playoffs, and Odom finally seemed to grow into his potential this year. I say do the trade now, because we KNOW Dwight wants out. He's saying everything PC, but why hasn't he signed an extension? He's not staying, let's get the best thing we can for him before we get Lebroned like Cleveland. Look where that got them! We love you Dwight, but if you aren't happy here, we have to make the best decision for our Franchise.

  • Raymond - 7 years ago

    Easily the best Orlando could do. It is impossible to get equal value for Howard, but this a pretty close under the circumstances. It might get harder to trade Howard later as LA might first trade out some quality players for a much-needed point guard. There is no way the Magic are trading him to an Eastern Conference team and no Western Conference team can give us better trade value than the desperate Lakers.

  • Bensational - 7 years ago

    wow... Sentinel think they're being clever and drumming up interest in a story when all they're doing is fanning the flames of an event that would absolutely ruin the only good sports franchise in the city.

    are they seriously that stupid? do their editors think that by creating a poll like this that they're opening the doors to the people, or just a couple thousand internet geeks and ill informed fans, which they will then use as a representation for the entire population of the city of Orlando?

    the Sentinel needs a shakeup. can DeVos buy them and fire the entire sports department? get some writers with a clue in there.

    come on OSen, up your game. you're dealing with the biggest icon in the city - don't run trash articles like this just because Dwight generates more interest than your crappy tabloid.

  • D12 Fan - 7 years ago

    This is the last straw... Come on Magic fans - if you're tired of this tabloid crap, cancel your Sentinel subscription today. You can read the other stuff online anyway. Make sure you let them know why you're doing it too.

  • Jose - 7 years ago

    The Lakers are behind this poll, they are trying to rile Howard into wanting a trade
    while they(the lakers) unload their trash.

  • SteveK - 7 years ago

    A poll is not going to be what runs Howard out of town. If he leaves, it will be on his terms and nothing the Magic can do, short of adding a couple major players (which is virtually impossible) is going to stop him. Dwight knows the fans love him, but it appears he wants to try on another jersey. If it is going to be Los Angeles, getting a skilled big man in return is key. As is dumping some salary. It's a hell of a lot better than getting nothing for him.

  • JB - 7 years ago

    This is a moronic poll. No magic fan in his/her right mind would do this trade. Laker fans and any clown on the internet could vote for this.


  • ceege40 - 7 years ago

    This is why I do not have a subscription to this stupid news paper any more!!!! Just plain old rediculous!!! These writers should all be fired with the stupid stuff they keep coming up with. Dwight, were with you and we are not buying any of the O.S.

  • ParisNikole - 7 years ago

    blake is SORRY! he made hardly any shots in the playoffs but somehow Phil manage to play him. PLEASE, PLEASE trade he red head ass. This is your freaking JOB/CAREER. Take PRIDE in it DUMB ASS. I wouldn't necessarily say trade Odom. He do needs to work more. There is no way in HELL you have been with the Lakers since 2004 & YOU don't start. I'm like Majic, Odom you have gt to comfortable. P.S. Leave that REALITY show shit on TV & not the court. Gasol, PLEASE trade him. How weak of him! Seriously, look at his statistics from last year to think year. Lakers need NO Yo-Yo. They need a constant player that gets better every single minute. Oh yea, Thank You Phil Jackson for declaring your leave from the Lakers.

  • Nolimit - 7 years ago

    The Sentinel is trying to drive web-traffic to their site through RIDICULOUS poles. Send your Non-Floridian, snowbird writers back to where they came from.


  • sonny_1313 - 7 years ago

    The Sentinel and it's sportswriters are ridiculous. This is the kind of poll that helped Shaq choose the Lakers fifteen years ago when he was on the fence. What other "hometown" paper has a poll to vote their only superstar out of town? I've grown tired of Bianchi and Schmitz's "hard hitting" journalism on the Magic. I'd prefer to see a couple of UCF interns covering the team over these two morons.

    The Sentinel is supposed to be the Magic's hometown newspaper. Maybe they should try supporting the team instead of finding ways to break it up.

  • darthcheech2000 - 7 years ago

    seriously? Why are you doing this again? Howard is the best thing to happen to Orlando since Walt Disney bought a bunch of swampland 50 years ago.

  • MacBryce - 7 years ago

    Ridiculous poll; two options for 'no' and one for 'yes'. Whoever put this up should be ashamed.

    I'd say we should support Howard to the end, even if that means ending up with nothing. It's a championship with Howard, or rebuilding. Not taking two lesser stars to replace a superstar caliber center. Let's support Howard and try to land help for him, like Paul.

  • Cigamodnalro - 7 years ago

    This is all too similar to the OSen poll that drove Shaq out in 96, and almost seems retaliatory after Dwight's comments yesterday.

    Magic fans, let's band together and show management and our future HOFer that trading Dwight is not an option in the fan's mind's eye. Solidarity yields results, and may be a necessary condition to preventing our team from including guys like Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol heading into 2013.

    Because, in traditional OSen fashion, the poll is skewed by providing one "trade Dwight" option and two "keep Dwight" options, I propose that we all select and vote to "never trade Dwight." Let's show the big guy we care!!

  • JT - 7 years ago

    Stop this non sense... This is the type of poll that ran Shaq out of town....

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