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Vote! Is Maria To Blame For Arnold Cheating!

Posted 6 years.


  • J.C.Flipping - 6 years ago

    Unfortunately most men are ruled by a brainless head
    living with two nuts next to an A-hole.
    Arnold is a nobody who won a bodybuilding contest and got recognition by making action
    movies in which he was inarticulate he became a somebody by being an opportunist. What does it say about Californians to allow this neanderthal to become your governor and ruin your state and break the heart of a woman that loved him? HE IS A PIG and belongs in A

  • KaCee - 6 years ago

    a d ludwig, sadly, you have proven that many men are extremely weak. So weak, in fact, that they HAVE to have a woman................Do men not have minds? Can they not think past their penises? Are they animals, who can not control their "needs"? Your comments MORE than proved that women ARE the stronger sex. We CAN control our urges, unlike animals..........She is better off without him. What goes around, comes around. And you, a d ludwig , will soon find that out. It's obvious that you, like Arnold, are so arrogant that you believe you have a golden penis when, more than likely, IF there is no sex................well......................there is a reason your wives don't want you dear.

  • a d ludwig - 6 years ago

    i think thats the problem with women like her. no sex. well i would do the same if my wife or girlfriend cut me off. she should remember what you can't get a macy's, saks will get you. she knew he fooled around when she meet him so did she think he would change when she didn't take care of business. besides shes from a family where all the men historically had a side girl or girls going. So is she that stupid? duh!

  • A - 6 years ago

    No Maria isn't entirely to blame but in a marriage there are two sides to every story.
    If a woman complains about a sexless marriage, everyone feels sorry for her and thinks her husband is terrible for not being more interested. If a man complains about it, he is viewed as a sex-crazed freak.
    Double standard much?
    Either way, no one deserves to be cheated on but there are 2 sides to every story and no one knows the truth about their relationship but the two of them.

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