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Who is your favorite Motorcycle Manufacturer?

Posted 6 years.


  • Adam - 6 years ago

    I feel that as an American I should support American company's that not only keep money in our own economy but also care's so much about the people that are loyal their company as well. on another note, why buy something that's trying to replicate another... aren't we all born originals? I like the build your own community as well but everyone knows that a great custom bike has always been inspired by a Harley Davidson of some sort.
    But hey this is just my opinion.

  • Adam - 6 years ago

    Yamaha! Why has Yamaha been left off the list? I do like the Harley Davidson motorcycles, but currently own a Road Star because I could get the big size cruiser that I wanted (and belt driven & air cooled) with them and still buy it outright. Out of all of the Japanese cruisers, I think that Yamaha has the bikes with the most soul, and that feels good when riding. I've never owned a Harley, mostly due to cost, because for me there is more value per dollar in the Japanese market. Although the two do seem to be slowly closing in on each other.

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