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Do you think high schools should allow military recruits to wear special sashes at graduation?

Posted 7 years.


  • Jim - 7 years ago

    So in other words American high schools should allow military recruits to wear non-military issue sashes at their high school graduations because an international committee awarded Obama a Peace Prize? You are making no sense. Obama has nothing to do with this. Nothing at all. The fact is that simply entering the delayed entry program in and of itself is not a noteworthy accomplishment--unlike being a member of the National Honor Society--and it shouldn't be commemorated at a high school graduation. None of the other branches give their recruits sashes, and when real military veterans use the GI Bill and graduate from college they don't wear their ribbons and medals in their gowns. This is just another attempt by the military to worm its way into civilian life.

  • Maz06 - 7 years ago

    My exact point re Obama, Jim. The man was only days into office, did nothing to promote peace and yet was GIVEN one of the most prestigeous awards possible. These kids have already done more for peace than Obama had and folks are complaining about them being presented a stinkin sash? Come on!!!

  • Jim - 7 years ago

    What does Obama have to do with anything? Unlike the members of the National Honor Society these two boys have done nothing to earn the right to wear a sash at their high school graduation. And how about we all dispense with the 'soldiers fight for your freedom' nonsense. Did soldiers earn civil rights for blacks? Did soldiers fight for the 40 hour work week and the weekend? Did soldiers fight for the rights of women and blacks to vote? The last time the military fought for our freedoms was WWII; since then they have been fighting for oil.

  • Bill - 7 years ago

    Nothing was earned, therefore nothing was lost.

    I earned the right to be called Marine. Someday these young men will earn the right to be called soldier. Right now they have only signed up to serve, and have earned nothing. Other than the respect I as a Marine vet have for their upcoming service.

  • Maz06 - 7 years ago

    As I read the comments of those who said things like "they aren't soldiers yet...haven't done anything to deserve distinction," etc, etc, I couldn't help but think, IS sort of like President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize...but then again these brave young men have already committed their lives, if necessary, to ensure our nation's freedom. Thank you, gentlemen, we need more young Americans like you. And I applaud your Personal Courage to stand up for what you believe! I know your parents couldn't more proud!

  • a friend - 7 years ago

    Please let get some thing straight.first they ask then they were denied someone not the boys called the paper. so they tried a 2nd time at school that night they put it on and a teacher told them to take it of then the princaple got ugle to them.then they made the finale decision to not walk. schuyikill valley show favorite by alowing one group and not any one else to wear a sash they say they treat every one the same but they don't only there brightest mind .the issue of being put in the corner SVSD put on a big show when given a flag from a stuident who served over seas then took it and put in a corner of the officewere it not noticeable . that what Hunsicker was talking about. I know he won't regret what he did because he was standing up not for him seft but for all BCTI .Arm service. and all who are proud of what they have done are doing and are goingto do. I know one of these boy he work and pay taxes state taxes that go to the school. he was involve in the civil air patrol were he took orders and follow threw with them.he given his time and money to help out the people in the school inlarging bathroom and helping to build a deck for someone who was serious hert .he help out indiffert community event and never ask for anything in return. he given up 6 week of his summers to help childen less furtunate .He done more in his short life so far then those who claim to serve are school distict ( SVSD I say as a tax payer honor all student the same These boy deserve to were sashes and anyone who is proud of what they done or is doing or going to do

  • Sam Feraro - 7 years ago

    I think they should have been able to wear the sache. I heard on the news that it was not allowed , because they didn't want to start for one group and not another. However a student on the National Honor society would be allowed. Why than were they allowed to wear it ?

  • Tim Tuttle - 7 years ago

    I find it interesting that neither of these wanna-be soldiers was authorized to wear a National Honor Society sash. Maybe if they had studied and gotten better grades they wouldn't have to enlist in the army which traditionally is the easiest branch to join.

  • Paul G - 7 years ago

    Personal views regarding deployment of forces and/or military spending in no way dilute the value of commitment to military service exhibited by high school graduates. The sashes merely signify the commitment, not the impending service, wherever (or whenever) that may be. I applaud the willingness to serve.

    Annie: I served in the Marine Corps, and I do not support the Superintendent.

    Mike: Many accomplishments are related to graduation - the incongruity of the Superintendent's statement is the issue I cited.

    In any event, I too believe it is a free country, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    As stated above, these sashes are NOT official military issue, the other branches do NOT give out sashes to their recruits, and these two boys are not soldiers. They are in the delayed entry program, which means that the have passed a basic physical and took the ASVAB test. That's it...they are still civilians and they can both decide to not go into the military tomorrow with one phone call. I sure didn't get a sash when I was in DEP and years after I got out and graduated from college I didn't feel the need to wear any of my medals or ribbons on my gown. Furthermore, given how much 'defense' spending costs this country I'd rather have people not enlist in the military. Do we really need troops stationed all over the world? These two boys should go to college and do something useful with their lives instead of being mercenaries for Uncle Sam.

    Annie: I served and I support the superintendent.

    Paul G.: The National Honor Society is related to graduation. Enlisting in the military is not.

  • Paul G. - 7 years ago

    I agree it is a "marketing" ploy by Army recruiters - a good one in my opinion. Maybe the other services will follow suit, maybe for the Army on this one! I do not equate making a committment to military service with any of the other "committments" cited in some of the comments. Since an exception is made for the National Honor Society, it seems somewhat disingenuous for the Superintendent to say, "...we don't make exceptions...." - given the all-volunteer military we have today, and more importantly, what we ask them to do, allowing Army recruit sashes at graduation may also be a worthy exception.

  • Alice - 7 years ago

    As a military wife and Schuylkill Valley taxpayer, I’m appalled over what I read in this morning’s paper, (Military pride and school rules collide)!! These young men have made a choice and sacrifice that most their age wouldn’t consider, not only to join our military but also not to walk. Their commitment to their decision and level of integrity in which it was carried out is a strength that will serve them well in the future. Their parents can certainly be proud of the men they have raised.

    I’m not happy that my tax dollars are paying the salary of a superintendent who doesn’t have the same level of integrity these students have. Consistency and fairness is not something that comes to mind when I read this article. I agree with the position of Mr. Marker regarding the National Honor Society students and I strongly encourage the school board revisit this policy and consider allowing not only military sashes but those from the Career and Technology Center. Sgt. Woodruff stated, “It is a free country and everyone is entitled to their opinion.” I’m glad we have such strong young men to defend that right to an opinion. Too bad the same right of freedom of expression was not equally respected.

  • Annie - 7 years ago

    Hang your head in shame, superintendent! We need more young people who are willing and able to make ANY type of commitment. What difference would it have made in the universe to allow them to wear the sashes? By the way, did you serve in the military????????

  • Jim - 7 years ago

    I have earned two college degrees since leaving the military and at neither of my graduations did I feel to need to wear my ribbons on my robe. While I appreciate their commitment to serving their country, these two kids are still in the delayed entry program and thus are still civilians. If we allow this how about allowing other graduates to wear sashes from their future colleges, employers, etc. This is a high school graduation ceremony not an Armed Forced Day parade.

  • Mary - 7 years ago

    I believe that the Superintendent in this situation did the right thing. This is a High School Graduation commending their students on their achievements not a military event. As I have the utmost respect for the students that have joined the military they must understand that a rule applies for a reason and that rule needs to be respected. As I myself have a graduate I would not have allowed for my graduate to make such a fuss over saches. I would of made them keep it at home and walk down the isle for their graduation. When you graduate from the service then they can walk with their sachas as now they have made it to the papers so the world knows you are going to be serving the country and I commend you but I agree with the Superintendant all the way !!!

  • John - 7 years ago

    Marketing ploy????? I don't see anyone running out to sign up for a sash that the can where at the graduation. All it is a way foe these fine people to show their decision to sacrifice their time and skills( if called upon their lives) to service of our country. And they should be recognized for that decsion.

  • Bear - 7 years ago

    Schuylkill Valley has recognized seniors entering one of the military academies during its senior awards banquet. SV grads are curently at West Point, Annapolis and Coast Guard Academy... One was a 2011 USNA graduate and was commisioned earlier this month.

    Something could come up later that could prevent one of those seniors from honoring his commitment. There are other 2011 SV graduates entering the navy and were not sashes...

  • JCK - 7 years ago

    The military is a bad deal. It's a shame to see so many young people throwing away their lives. forget sashes they shouldn't even let military recruiters in schools.

  • Dan - 7 years ago

    @ Jay, obviously you don't know what you're talking about! The Military has an enormous waiting list to get in. All of the branches have raised their qualification levels, they are more selective than ever. So get your facts before you start rambling off about something you are clueless about. Any Military branch will tell you that the quality of young men and women coming in the military is at an all time high and more people are waiting to get into the Military than ever before.

  • Jay - 7 years ago

    DAC: Why are you stunned that veterans support Schuylkill Valley? Because we are independent thinkers or because we realize that not every single thing connected with the military is sacrosanct? The fact is these sashes are NOT official military awards but are instead a cheap marketing poly by military recruiters to drum up recruits at a time when many Americans (wisely) don't want to enter the military and get killed in one of our many silly wars.

  • Joe Biscanti - 7 years ago

    I think the superintendant owes these young men and their families an apology. He denied these young men and their families the pride of seeing their sons walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. He needs to remember these young men ( and women who serve in our armed forces are all volunteers). They are to be commended for stepping up to serve our Country. God Bless and watch over them and their families. Yes , I am a Veteran too . ( U.S Navy)

  • Dennis Garber - 7 years ago

    Good luck to you both and thanks for your service but I agree with Mr Peters. If there two don't want to follow High School rules, they probably won't last long in the Military.

  • Amos Spelts - 7 years ago

    I am wondering if when these young men complete their basic training they will be allowed to visibly wear their tee--shirts proclaiming that they are proud graduates of Schuylkill Valley High School? I feel certain the military will make an exception for them if these men wish to show their high school colors.

  • DAC - 7 years ago

    I must admit I am sadly stunned by some of the comments here from even veterans regarding the sash issue. We need to do more to instill a sense of pride, honor, & reverence in people about those who have chosen to serve their country, and to carry that voice of support and respect not just from the time they sign up but all the way through and into their eventual status as veterans or posthomously as those who gave all for the cause of liberty.

    The fact is, the superintendant made mention in the article of how they don't want to honor one group over another, but then turns around and makes mention that the national honor society gets to have their sashes recognized but not others. It's a back-handed disrespect to the students if you ask me.

  • Dan - 7 years ago

    You don't get saches in the Military! These two young men missed out on walking their graduation because they bought into the Army Marketing scheme. I have never heard of a military saches, it's all a marketing ploy to get more recruiting visibility to the students in the school. If they are going to allow Army marketing, then they might as well sell sponsorships on the gown like NASCAR drivers.

  • Dennis Eubanks - 7 years ago

    I am proud of those two graduates for enlisting in the US military. I served my country after I graduated from high school and I'm a better man for it. I would have been so proud to wear one of those sashes.

    Shame on Schuylkill Valley administrators for not allowing those young men to wear the sash. How petty.

  • ray peters - 7 years ago

    They have no place at high school graduations. I am a veteran of the Viet Nam era and entered the service right after high school.These sashes were not earned only given. I applaud the young men for joining the military but the school has rules to follow, better get used to following rules you will have many in the military.

  • Jim Keller - 7 years ago

    Since when do they give out 'sashes' for simply joining the delayed entry program? I didn't get anything for simply enlisting: I had to earn everything I got. It sounds like the military has bought into the 'every kid is special and deserves an award' mentality. So far all these kids did was pass a physical and the ASVAB and the one kid doesn't even have a military-spec haircut. If these two had actually graduated from basic training and wanted to wear their uniforms under their robes I could certainly see that, but not this. Every year real, actual military veterans graduate from colleges all across the country and they don't wear their medals and ribbons on their robe, so why allow these two to wear some cheap, military recruiter marketing scheme sashes?

  • robert docherty - 7 years ago

    I believe they deserve recognition for their committment. Far too many young people spend years doing nothing whereas these boys have chosen to defend their country. The experience of time in the military will give them more decision making powers than sitting around looking for work with no real skills.

  • WO Rulli - 7 years ago

    Keep in mind that these sashes have not been "earned", they were given. You earn the title Marine after recruit training, you earn the title of a soldier once you complete basic training, you earn the ribbons that you wear with hard work and sacrifice. The only thing this sashe represents is that you made the decision to join the United States Armed Services. They have no place at a high school graduation.

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