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Should LIPA:

Posted 7 years.


  • MargBarge - 7 years ago

    Fantasic! Now with the PSC in town, the people who got us into this mess can fix it! Good Luck.

  • MattJC - 7 years ago

    If you "oversight" people are so smart, why not apply for the open CEO job? Oh! That would make you accountable. Forget it.

  • MaxN - 7 years ago

    Gorman is wrong! LIPA already gets the tax breaks of a municipality! That's how they dropped the rates in 1998.

    An elected board would be nothing but political wannabees; may the LIPA oversight committe is trying to make their own full time job?

    Brian is right! More government employees is NOT the answer.

  • Mary Hunt - 7 years ago

    Who are these LIPA oversight people? No names? Come out of closet!

  • Fred Gorman - 7 years ago

    Privatizing would normal be my first choice. However LIPA is unique.
    WE ratepayers have a $9 Billion debt.
    The current grid will not be necessary in 30 or so years and LIPA is the largest landowner on LI.
    An appointed Board, Managing Agent or privet monopoly business has little concern for the ratepayer. A locally elected and paid Board has to take the ratepayers into consideration all the time.
    Just strengthening out the rates and eliminating profit will reduce rates by 5 to 7%
    A Municipality can drop rates by 15 to 20% No taxes.
    LI is an Island. It should be allowed to reduce the number of base plants and megawatts produced locally.

  • Brian - 7 years ago

    Wait....people want to replace lipa with more government? Yeah that should turn out just peachy. Like the postal system. Fedex and ups are profitable companies while the post office is a mess.

  • Irving Like - 7 years ago

    LIPA should also be governed by a rate payer elected board, for the reasons

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