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What are you finding in your market? Is the downsizing trend with home sizes showing signs of reversing? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes, more buyers are showing a preference for bigger homes again
    14 votes

  • No, buyers are looking for smaller homes
    21 votes

  • My buyers are showing no major preference for big or small
    17 votes


Posted 7 years.

1 Comment

  • Cheryl Schlabach from Durango, CO - 6 years ago

    We live in a relatively small town with a larger rural base surrounding it. The in-town prices are maintaing a higher ratio of LP to SP than rural. I think this is because of the ease of walking or biking to downtown service centers versus getting into a car and commuting which involveshigh gas prices and parking issues. The high end 4000+ sq ft properties still seem to be declining in price at a higher rate than the 2000-3000 sq ft homes at this time.

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