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Is it better to pay creditors or Social Security?

Posted 7 years.


  • judyth ryan - 7 years ago

    why not tax our very profitable corporations sitting on huge fortunes with the proviso that their tax dollars will diminish with each job they create for americans instead of hiring off shore.... every hired american person will contribute to the taxes received by our government.... and why not diminish the american dollars going overseas in wars and trying to curry favor with those nations??? for the dollars saved in this manner it will enable our government to create more jobs for our unemployed (including seniors and returning armies who are anxious to rejoin the work forces)... in all these suggestions will make for a win-win situation - making more jobs for americans and putting more deductible taxes to work for us thus making a more stable period in our lives....

  • Bob Stewart - 7 years ago

    Seniors are also the country's creditors

  • Sam Grussgott - 7 years ago

    How dare out country sell us out.

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