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Should Confederate veterans be put into the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame?

Posted 7 years.


  • JOEL E. PRIM - 7 years ago

    March 24, 1863 Confederate Major General Daniel Harvey Hill responds by letter to Union Major General John Gray Foster, who has censured Gen. Hill for burning a North Carolina town, ( Plymouth ) during battle.
    " You forget, Sir, that you are a yankee and that Plymouth is a Southern town. It is of no business of yours if we choose to burn one of our own towns. A meddling yankee troubles himself about everybody's matters except his own and repents of everybody's sins except his own. We are a different people. Should the yankees burn a union village in Connecttcut or a codfish town in Massachusetts we would not meddle with them but rather bid them God speed in their work of purifying the atmosphere.
    Your second act of forgetfulness consists in your not remembering that you are the most atrocious house-burner as yet un-hung in the wide universe!"

  • Confederate Mike - 7 years ago

    Wow Mattlin, spoken like a true Mother Theresa...

    Well my dear, you sure make it sound like racism was born ONLY in The American South. I suspect there have never been any Northern parts of the country who have mistreated Blacks or anywhere else on our planet ???
    Unfortunately, back then folks had different core values and Africans were treated like cattle in most places of the world and NOT exclusively South of the Mason-Dixon. The South fought to defend their homes from Lincoln, the evil aggressor and invader. Slavery still existed, as it was what the Southern economy had primarily been founded on, has been protected by the Constitution and was worth four billion dollars per year not just to the South, but the North as well.
    Regardless of humane or inhumane aspects, that's how it used to be back then. Lincoln didn't even have the slightest care for Africans, his Emancipation was simply a military strategy ploy, well you should know these facts, as you are a "History" teacher after all.

    Having said that, it is extremely unfair on your part to be so derogative towards the brave Southern soldier. He did what he had to do and has done it well for a duration of four long years, until famine, disease and lack or resources came into play.

    Therefore, all veterans should be honored...Especially Confederates.

    I'm astonished by your severe lack of knowledge and lack of education about the topic of The War Between The States as well as your great lack of respect for soldiers who have given everything to protect the soil you live on today.
    Perhaps you've been reading books from a Yankee library too often.

    If indeed you teach your children about the fact that The Confederacy was solely based on keeping others in bondage, I surely hope that you hand in your resignation as an incompetent teacher of "American History".

    Deo Vindice, Confederate Mike

  • Mark V. Brandon - 7 years ago

    The saddest part of the history of any armed conflict is that the victors get to write the history of that conflict. It is even sadder that those who study the conflict afterwards overlook key points in the reason that conflict started in the first place. The historical record on the conflict has never settled the issue of whether the Confederacy had the legal right to secede from Lincoln and the yankee race's (sic) Union in the first place.

    It was generally accepted that every state that joined the loosely organized union of states on the American continent reserved the right to leave the union with the others if that union was not in their best interests. The right of secession was taught a universities and even West Point. The first dictator of the now USSA, Adolph Lincoln, instigated a war of conflict and subjugation at eh point of a bayonet against a peaceful nation, the CSA, for one reason and one reason alone. Adolph Lincoln could not afford to let the South go peacefully. His reasoning behind the conflict had nothing to do with the slavery issue. Adolph Lincoln propagated the Dixiecaust against the CSA because he would lose his source of wealth to tax to fulfill his dream of funding the expansion of the roll of the Federal government in the lives and picking the pockets of the citizens of the then fledgling nations known as the United States of America.

    Lincoln’s opinion of the Negro slave and the race as a whole at the time is well document. Adolph Lincoln was no friend of the Negro and to champion him as the great emancipator and glorify his illegal invasion of the south as a glorious crusade to fee a race of enslaved people he had no prior stated love for is unadulterated history revisionism.

    Adolph Lincoln's greatest fear before the tide of eh war turned in favor of his (sic) union was that Great Britain would enter the war directly or provide substantial financial and material aid to the new southern nation that Adolph was promoting and alleging as an illegal rebellion and refusal of the CSA to grovel at the feet of the Emperor of the United States.

    If Great Britain entered the conflict Lincoln knew it would prolong the war and possibly result in the defeat of his army of invasion and occupation. The other concern he had was a prolonged conflict would turn public opinion in what little of a country he was able to control and retain, by throwing the Constitution in the trash ad jailing without trial anyone who spoke out against his “Holy War”, against the war and force the Congress to seek a peace treaty with the CSA.

    This is something Adolph Lincoln's ego could not endure so what little intelligence he possessed came up with the idea of the Emancipation Proclamation. As stupid as Lincoln was, he knew that with slavery having been abolished in Great Britain around the turn of the 19th century, making slavery an issue in his war against a peaceful legally seceded nation would turn public opinion in Britain against aiding the CSA and it worked.

    If one reads the Emancipation Proclamation they will note that Lincoln worded it carefully so that it could not be construed as actually freeing anyone. Lincolns back up plan for dealing with the problem after he conquered the south was “Colonization”. Adolph’s solution to having an abundance of slaves wandering around the country and no longer on the plantations was to put them on ships and send them back to Africa. Google “Lincoln and Slave Colonization” to learn more about the (sic) “Great Emancipator”.

    Southerners in general and damn yankees in particular should not accept as fact the history written by the yankee race of the War Between the States or as it has always been known in the south, as the War for Southern Independence or the Second American Revolution. Study he conflict from the southern perspective and ones mind will be opened to the truth regarding the reason the war was fought and debunk the myth of Lincoln as being any kind of a gre

  • Mattlin - 7 years ago

    To confer anything but DISHONOR on Confederate leaders would be a disgrace for our State and nation. "States' Rights" is simply coded language for racism. Florida must do more to stamp out all vestiges of racism, classism and discrimination. As an American History teacher, I try to help my students to judge for themselves how historical change impacts our lives in very intimate ways to this day. Take a closer look; there is nothing "Deep" about the South, especially as it relates to it's "Lost Cause."

    We perpetuate the evils of the Civil War at the risk of harm to the Republic and our democratic system.


  • Jesse L. Harrup, Jr. - 7 years ago

    Of course they should be included. They fought for the rights of the state of Florida over a steadily encroaching federal government. They must be in the Florida Hall of Fame.

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