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Would you like to see Jack post transcripts of each show?

Posted 10 years.


  • DJ Rizzo - 10 years ago

    Jack: I chose "other" and said that instead of a transcript I'd like a "talking points memo" from each podcast (even though I hate that term!). This would allow me to quickly cite from the vast array of facts & sources you accumulate. That way my debates wouldn't consist of, "well there was this report from some organization I don't recall and it claimed something like...."

  • Fulcanelli - 10 years ago

    I enjoy listening to your podcasts and do not envision myself sitting around reading transcripts. And when I wanted to share your program, I've just sent people a link the the podcast. Transcripts might be nice, but it sure sounds like a lot of extra work!

  • Wayne Phillips - 10 years ago

    The information presented on your website is beneficial when citing information which counters many right wing disinformation media attempts. I would find it helpful to be able to include some of the information you present when communicating ideas and findings to others who fall victim to such disinformation. Providing a written transcript would provide a creditable, verified, and easily accessible source of information when quoting ideas to others.

  • M.K. Holloway - 10 years ago

    You do alot already putting out the podcast. Just posting the sources you quote I think is more than enough. Keep doing what you do. Thank you

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