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Does Ricky Williams belong in the Dolphins Honor Roll

Posted 7 years.


  • Finfan - 7 years ago

    Oh please. Ricky Williams was a whiny little punk because he didn't get his way. He could have asked for a trade instead of walking out and smoking dope. He has no class and brought shame to the Dolphins uniform. His name should not even be considered for the Honor Roll.

  • DR - 7 years ago


    DW abused him the year before, and flat out said he was going to give him the ball 300 times if thats what it took.

    All Ricky heard there was more abuse.

  • CJ - 7 years ago

    He didn't set us back a number of years. He was simply quicker to recognize how badly Wannstedt had failed us, and that Wanny was covering for his personnel mistakes by sacrificing Ricky's body in a desperate attempt to save his job. Which wasn't fair to fans or Ricky. I can't blame him for quitting on a boss who was abusing him.

    Had Ricky played in 2004 it would only have served to mask our problems further. Maybe it would have saved us from the Saban era (doubtful) but what if it had - would another year of Wannstedt have been good for the franchise?

    Think about what you write and don't simply knee-jerk.

  • greg - 7 years ago

    Are you frigging kidding me?
    He smoked his way out off of the team and then abandoned it. That set us back a couple of years. Didn't he also sell out the franchise this last off season?

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