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No Kill Shelter in Allegany County

Posted 6 years.


  • Charles - 4 years ago

    What an asinine response Darlene. Pit Bulls when cared for and treated properly are as safe as any other breed treated the same. Muzzling an animal makes the animal defenseless when it is attacked by another "family friendly" dog.

    Cats do not kill nearly as many birds as you seem to think or else there would be no birds. Cats in the best situation should be in loving homes but since they are often the reason cities are not totally over run by rodents they provide a needed service. Following the no kill model cats are sterilized and allowed to live their lives naturally all the while allowing them to keep vermin under control.

  • Darlene Gilmore - 5 years ago

    The 2 question you asked are the same!
    I Support the non-kill shelter

    I am against the non-Kill shelter.
    I am not in favor of killing any thing. But why not put a muzzle on dogs that have real stong bites. I believe even cats should be kept inside the house or on a lease because they kill birds and chipmunks. The muzzle would help solve the problem with all the killing of children or other animals especial when they are out for a walk or around other children that they don't know. This would help solve the bites or kills and saves the owners money. No I don't beleive in kill shelters. But I do no that if I saw a dog coming for my dog or child I would attack them back and I would want that dog punishes. If the dog has been in trouble before I would say Muzzle it or get it out of the area. Like in the country where there are not to many animals around. If I was pushed to the limit I would say destroy the dog. (so sad)

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