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Would you like to see the return of Last of the Summer Wine

Posted 7 years.


  • Pete williams - 1 year ago

    Always thought what a brilliant spin-off could be made, featuring Pearl, Howard and marina.

  • Neil Glover - 1 year ago

    To all those people.who do not like or hasn't watched Last of the summer wine, get a life you don't know what you are missing

  • Barbara L Brenner - 1 year ago

    You and all calmed me down. I enjoy goofy. I enjoyed when you, Ms Kaplan, would fluster Howard or share a knowing look with Clegg. I am very grateful for your story-telling. Thank you!

  • gerald wase - 2 years ago

    watched the whole series just one of the cleanest,fnniest series ever wonderful actors grouped together.Pearl
    was awsome as were other characters,at least i have some of my favourite shows on dvd,god bless them all.

  • Robert Notter - 2 years ago

    Began watching it in 2005 (North Carolina, USA); it had quickly become, and remains, my all-time favorite show. I find myself now searching for anything with a similar atmosphere (British, of course!). The closest I have come to anything as enjoyable is the film, "The Paper Lads". Really love LOTSW, wishing for more!

  • William Galbraith Carlyle - 3 years ago

    It defies belief that no one has ever commented on the superb incidental music to this wonderfully endearing series. That the musicians responsible maintained such a consistently high standard of creativity over so many years is truly remarkable.

  • stuart challis - 3 years ago

    Wonderful series, we still record them from gold and watch them over time and time again.
    Should never have stopped making them.
    Some of the best episodes as far as we are concerned were the later ones when Hobbo came into it.
    There was loads of scope for further episodes, I am sure Howard, Pearl and Marina could have had many more adventures.

  • Eilleen - 4 years ago

    I loved Last of the Summer Wine it reminds me of my beautiful mum who came from Halifax where the building are very similar along with the lovely countryside. I still watch it on Gold and if I can't watch it I record it so I don't miss anything. I loved the older men best ie Compo, Cleggy and Foggy, probably because I watched it with my mum when they were in it and it brings back great memories.

  • Mike Miller - 5 years ago

    I have grown old with Last of the Summer Wine over the last thirty odd years of the show and I never tire of watching it. I had the good fortune to pass through Holmfirth in the mid 70's on a hiking holiday through the Pennines and the people were Brilliant.

    Wonderful actors and actresses and brilliant characters all. I guess now as I approach my later years I reckon comparison like I would be akin to Norman Clegg but with a bit of 'Compo' thrown in for good measure.

    I still watch the series on 'Gold', great stuff!

    Now, where can I find a Compo Simonite & Foggy Dewhurst to accompany me into my own sunset?

  • john l - 5 years ago

    lotsw,got better in each series,liked all ,but last 5 series the best

  • Beluga06 - 5 years ago

    No. The earlier series were the best as were the original actors tho not keen on the original 'Foggy'. Liked Seymour and the connection with Thora. Compo was a brilliant actor as is Norman Clegg. The replacements never worked - apart from Foggy who is quite good. When Compo and Norah died, that should have been the end.

  • oatka - 5 years ago

    I'll commit the Ultimate heresy and say that I liked the show better when Compo was gone.

    I started watching it when Brian Wilde was the third man and enjoyed his "Malaysian" routines - Russ Abbot took it a step further, and IMO, was hilarious.

    Once Compo was gone and newer, sometimes whackier characters showed up, it got even more enjoyable - liked all of 'em.

    Juliette Kaplan and Sarah Thomas, again IMO, were unappreciated "chicks". Pearl, gussied up in a dress and stockings was, as Howard said, "quite attractive" and Sarah Thomas could really be sultry/sexy when they'd cut her loose. That scene in the country where Barry says "It's not my birthday." and she grabs him by the lapels, move in nose to nose, and gives him THE LOOK, saying "That's what you think, Boy-O." had my hind leg thumping.

    I always thought those two actresses had strong egos in that they allowed their attractiveness to be hidden under dowdy clothing, and in Pearl's case, cotton stockings and sandals - yikes! - reminds me of some tourists in Florida. A tip 'o the derby ladies, from this appreciative fan.

  • Sandy J - 6 years ago

    Trying to get entire series for personal collection. Meantime, here in Oklahoma (U.S.A.), watch Summer Wine four nights a week on public broadcasting. Mom is 94 and is a fan too. The cast is like family to us. Mr Lloyd is a genius. BBC exec is idiot. There are millions of U.S. fans that miss the series, there is nothing to compare here in the states, the land of dumbed-down television.

  • Bea - 6 years ago

    I miss the show greatly. It NEEDS to come back! If it does come back it needs Peter (Cleggy) to come back at least in the first episode. So HURRY!!!!!!! Gosh this show was like family.... like a little bit of heaven on earth.

  • Root schulze - 6 years ago

    I am a Great fan of this Series, maybe One of the few here in Germany . Good thanks that i am able to See it via Youtube on the Internet. I Wonder Why Nobody has come up with the idea of translating it into German. There are definately Germans that have a good Sense for the British Type of Humor.
    Rolf schulze

  • Alan - 6 years ago

    I am still watching the series on "Yesterday" via freeview.

    I voted that the series should go on forever, but sitting back and thinking about it, where on earth would you ever get another Compo.

    He and the rest of the cast were 100% perfect and cannot be replaced - just as are lots of things in our lives. True you can introduce new actors but the characters and the series was unique and with regret I think the decision not to carry on was the right one.

    I say so, as long as the series is shown in its entirety year in year out from the first episode to the last.

    I still receive so much pleasure from viewing the series and find amusing things that I missed the first, second and even third time of watching. Also, I think that the younger generation can gain something from a series that promotes "gentle" non violent humour, and I have yet to meet anyone who does not like the series.

    So here is a big personal thankyou to all the cast and behind the scenes people both alive and passed who have given so much pleasure to so many people over the years.


  • Martina - 6 years ago

    Dear BBC
    Why don't start from the beginning with the pilotfilm + the series ? We live in Belgium and mist "the earley yrs.";so did the younger generation...And the rest in GB would like it to,wouldn't they ??? So,if you looking for a good sitcom...
    greetings from belgium send from me & spouse

  • Linda Leonard - 6 years ago

    I would like to see a proper finale to Summer Wine, one including Jane Freeman! As much as I'd like to see it continue, those who make the show great such as Roy Clark are now into their twilight years. What a great trip we all had!

  • carl yancey - 6 years ago

    I really enjoyed LOTSW. Here in the US it was on PBS. for a while. Then they went to something else. I am buying the DVDs.

  • Adrian Bajada - 6 years ago

    It was a real shame that the show ended. It is true that many of the actors were dying or getting too old for work but it was a kind of show that can introduce new characters like Stella or Smiler etc. The show was endless and had a future. It was good clean family comedy. I am really saddened by it and am so happy to have downloaded every series. But would it have hurt them or the budget to do a speial now and again????


  • SusieQ - 6 years ago

    I love to watch the British comedies on PBS. My grand kids can snuggle up and enjoy them with me. I think the BBC is very foolish to drop Last of The Summerwine. Like they are taking away family members. They should reconsider and correct their bad decision.

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