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How can we better distinguish between the brightest university applicants?

  • Award more UCAS points to students doing tough A-levels
    748 votes

  • Restrict top grades to a fixed percentage of students
    393 votes

  • Scrap A-levels altogether and introduce new qualifications
    163 votes

  • More universities should interview students rather than relying on predicted grades
    493 votes

  • Delay applications until after students have their final results
    442 votes


Posted 7 years.

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  • Avril Johnson - 7 years ago

    Whatever exam you do, they get easier and easier every year and that is not to put down all the work that students have done. Even at the KS2 Sats level, the papers are easier. There are children who definitely shoule not be grade 4/5 and yet are awarded it. It is all political.