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What should Nokia call their series of Windows Phones in the US? (Ex. Apple=iPhone / Samsung=Galaxy / HTC=HD / Android=Droid)

Posted 7 years.


  • Fahd - 7 years ago

    I liked SeaRay to be honest, why isn't that on the list?

  • MP - 7 years ago

    Nokia FUBAR

  • nn - 7 years ago

    Nokia Fail

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    Nokia Rebel

  • Ville Laihonen - 7 years ago

    Nokia iCon.

  • Ajit - 7 years ago

    Nokia Trojan series....

    Get a Nokia, become slaves of M$......

  • Archil Vardidze - 7 years ago

    Nokia "Wonder Phone" sound better from my point of view.
    its meet windows phone abbreviation too, so i think my version could suite new generation of nokia's phones well!!

  • aidan - 7 years ago

    Nokia Stupid.

    I overheard the salespeople at the Nokia store in Bangkok, saying exactly this "Nokia Mango...Nokia Man ngo". Man ngo means stupid in Thai.

  • Stanislao - 7 years ago

    Nokia Indigo would be better IMHO

  • Neil C - 7 years ago

    I like the name that I thought up ....... The Nokia "Pegasus" so you can do things as easy as flying whilst doing everything that want on your mobile effortlessly.

  • David - 7 years ago

    Just entered Nokia Winner

  • Tiuku - 7 years ago

    Nokia The Universe => in speking just : The Uni
    The new model should be working universally :-)

  • Vasily - 7 years ago

    Nokia Fiesta!

  • SpyderCanopus - 7 years ago

    Those aren't edgy enough. Nokia Blade would be a sharp edge.

  • cesar - 7 years ago

    Nokia Underdog

  • jabar - 7 years ago

    Nokia Ghettobanger

  • Vinay - 7 years ago

    Since the phone has Windows 7 Nokia should call it Nokia WIND.. The word "WIND" would designate Windows as well as the SPEED of the phone...

  • Fred - 7 years ago

    I would like to call it "Eve" (Evangeline, mother of human, a friendly and lovely human). Friendly and lovely are the purpose from Nokia hardware and MS software

  • moe gazzaz - 7 years ago


  • Sunder - 7 years ago

    Nokia View through Windows Phone

  • Helmuth - 7 years ago

    What about M$ for Microsoft?

    Something that people are able to see what kind of device it is.

  • André - 7 years ago

    Nokia Crescendo

  • Hartzi - 7 years ago

    Winno is best name!

  • Dmitry - 7 years ago

    I liked Nokia Halo
    propose Nokia Aurora(e) !

  • @alex_mayorga - 7 years ago

    Just skip the whole thing and sell a perfectly OK N950 running MeeGo already so I can replace this "ancient" E72 =P

  • GoldReaper - 7 years ago

    Of all the ones I've seen, these are my favorites...

    Nokia Omega
    Nokia Aikon
    Nokia Raven
    Nokia Nova

    Please use one of these and not Phoenix because it really needs to be something the rolls of the tongue. Droid, iPhone, Galaxy S, they're all easy to say and roll off the tongue. That should be the goal, you want to appeal to the cool factor. Raven, Nova and Omega each fit this role. Aikon is just cool because it spells Nokia backwards and because it sounds like icon. Marketing suggestions...
    Should you choose Raven: A raven in darkness. Make purple and black your primary colors and gold and white as secondary colors.
    Should you choose Nova: Space and futuristic technology should be your theme, make the phone seem like it belongs in 2552.
    Should you choose Omega: Make the theme be a divine intervention kind of thing. Forged by the gods, maybe even use Omega as the low end line and Alpha as the high end. Reference the biblical Alpha and Omega if you decide to do that.

  • eric - 7 years ago

    I suggest : Nokia Trooper

    It means alot in north America : trooper to support our troops

    I hate Genesis it sound like a cheap star trek movie.

    Accent is really no a good idea because this is the name of a really cheap car here in north America... Like Lada cars...

    I like Metro

    Nokia Win has a logic but I am not sure...

  • eric - 7 years ago

    I suggest : Nokia Trooper

    It means alot in north America : trooper to support our troops

    I hate Genesis it sound like a cheap star trek movie.

    Accent is really no a good idea because this is the name of a really cheap car here in north America... Like Lada cars...

    I like Metro

    Nokia Win has a logic but I am not sure...

  • Alan - 7 years ago


  • Ben Adams - 7 years ago

    WIN is good, but WIN 100 is not very emotive, something Nokia has been lacking. Nokia is Finland, design, nature. We could extrapolate WIN out to WIND and you could build a whole series Breeze, Gust, Gale, Hurricane, Typhoon, Harmattan, Sirocco, Monsoon, Cyclone, etc.

    See an interesting article on wind words

  • Pandula - 7 years ago

    cheer "Rebirth".

  • Eric Alves - 7 years ago

    You could simply place the name NOKIA-PHONE - name the two or join Nokia and Windows and would shorten NW ---- -----

  • RUDOLF OEHLING - 7 years ago


  • Ashu - 7 years ago

    Frankly, none of the names are truely appealing . . .

  • Ashu - 7 years ago

    Stunner . . .

  • Florian Gashi - 7 years ago

    Other is at 14% I hope it's all elophone xD

  • Vroo - 7 years ago

    Nokia New Coke (nice and alliterative and no longer in use by that beverage company)

    Seriously, Nokia Ikon. (After submitting this idea, I see others have suggested Nokia Aikon which is hard to pronounce. This suggestion is a palindrome not a reversal.)

  • Walter Son - 7 years ago

    ... or NOKIER

  • Walter Son - 7 years ago

    The Oscar goes to NOKIAR

  • Jonah - 7 years ago

    The Nokia Alusta (which means Anew in English) because this is a fresh start of something that could be great.

  • ARKIN - 7 years ago


  • ARKIN - 7 years ago


  • ARKIN - 7 years ago


  • Reginaldo Amorim - 7 years ago

    I Love 'Nokia OverPower' ;)

  • pd - 7 years ago

    The Nokia Paperweight 1.0, The Nokia Relic, the Nokia Doorstop, somebody stop me

  • PD - 7 years ago

    Will I have to reboot it every time I add a contact or need to make another call?

  • Pd - 7 years ago

    Is it going to some standard with the Blue Screen Of Death?

  • PD - 7 years ago

    It either needs to be the Nokia DOA, the Nokia Who Cares? or the Nokia Late To The Party..

  • James - 7 years ago

    the Stephen T. Colbert phone

  • steve - 7 years ago

    First off, its the 1st phone in a series. And Nokia usually go with a letter and number, i.e. the N95. As do Microsoft, i.e. Windows 7. Etc.

    So what about the Nokia W7, followed by the W7x and the W7-2 etc

  • me - 7 years ago

    Nokia Future

  • Imad - 7 years ago

    Nokia Inception.

  • Rory - 7 years ago

    The Nokia eye.

    You (nearly) can't live without you eyes.
    Your eyes help coordinate you
    You communicate with your eyes at almost the same level as speech.
    Your eyes are the centre of your expression.

    I think i've made my point here.

  • Mark H - 7 years ago

    Here are a few more names
    SLIC (speak, listen, interact communicate)

    I also like connect, I'm not too keen on metro, as I keep thinking of metro pcs or travel on the metro line.

  • Bri - 7 years ago

    New nokia name should be "Hope" - for "hoping that nokia will rebounce from very bottom of phone and smartphone market" ;)
    but to be serious my suggestions are:
    Nokia W1-0 (classic candybar)
    Nokia W1-0h (classic candybar large size)
    Nokia W1-0t (classic candybar with keys "touch&type")
    Nokia W1-1 (side slider with full qwerty - like E7, n97 or htc 7 pro)
    Nokia W1-1f (side flat slider full qwerty - like c6-00 or N900)
    Nokia W1-1p (side flat slider with gaming controls/multimedia keys like SE xperia play)
    Nokia W1-2 (down slider with numeric keys)
    Nokia W1-2s (like N95 - additional slide up for multimedia keys or louder speaker)
    Nokia W1-3 (fold like sharps and panasonics for japanese market, still with touch screen)
    Nokia W1-4c (fold like communicator E90 with dual touch screen)

  • posted this - 7 years ago

    C'mon people... vote!! Epic Fail.... just for see what happen!! lol

  • posted this - 7 years ago

    Nokia Epic Fail

  • posted this - 7 years ago

    Epic Fail

  • MM - 7 years ago

    I also like Enterprise, as somebody suggested above - at least it means something. Metro - one of the top vote getters - would remind of Geo Metro, a cheap crappy car that used to be sold in the US.

  • Marco - 7 years ago

    Call it Omega, because will be the last one. R.I.P, Nokia. I will miss you…

  • RodneyE.J. - 7 years ago

    The "Nokia N Series" has to be the name hands down! Variations? The "NS Line" etc.

    These phones are going to be very high quality devices, similar or better to iPhone build. The uni-body polycarbonate chassis and clean design will set these phones apart. Take a look at the N9!

    These phones should be marketed as high fashion, highly exclusive, accent pieces to ones personal look. A symbol of high status, technological advancement, intuitiveness and accomplishment.

    Nokia would do good in hiring the advertising agency who handles the word for companies like Prada, Mercedes Benz, Louis Vuitton, and with style of magazines like GQ and Cosmopolitan.

    Their should be a wide variety of high quality designs and patterns available equally for men and women, as us guys are usually given a small amount of choices when it comes to colors and textures.

    I'm talking something that's worth my $200 plus for a device I have to keep on a contract for two years.

    Fine things won't go out of style but will always uphold a certain level of class and Windows Phone has the potential to uphold this, not seen to often in the smartphone market, level.

    On another note,
    If Nokia plans to introduce a line of "budget phones" then they better be the Chevy Cruze of feature phones. Yes I said Chevy Cruze, and a not Honda whatever, because I have been open minded when it comes to change and the redesign of new products.

    Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 are great OS's, so for all the people posting the negative remarks only time will prove you right, or wrong. It's just not an encouraging sing for the future of technology when the general public outrageously say's that there is no need for options and competition in the marketplace. What will that lead the manufactures to do?

    It's foolish to think that the iPhone, Android, or even Windows Phone is the end of all ends when it comes smartphones and technology. Do you guys really think you will be using these operating systems 10 years from now? Personally, I hope there's something better.

    Let's be glad that Windows Phone is out there and welcome it to the market. It's the American way.....Think About It!

  • MM - 7 years ago

    Sea Ray was a pretty cool name already - opens up all the other cool creature names for future phones

  • Thomas G. Dacalos, Jr. - 7 years ago

    Check out these combinations:

    Nokia ZFN (pronounce it like with a French accent, zeefun) or,

    zFON, zFN7, zfONE, zONE7

  • Livetile - 7 years ago

    Nokia sTile

  • Liek Allah Maputti Ahzkrak - 7 years ago

    Winblows phone late
    Elopacolypse phone
    Microhard trojan horse phone
    Closed phone 8
    I got your open source right here phone
    Lick my ballmers phone
    We are microhard you will be assimilated phone
    Nokia board bribed or blackmailed phone
    Windows ate nokia phone

  • Leon - 7 years ago

    Additional comment added to previous one: the main advantage of using "Waltz" for Nokia Windows Phone series in the United States is that All Americans know very well "Walt Disney World". Therefore, by using" Nokia Waltz (I, II, III)" Everybody will memember this phone very well without repeating it. This Brand Name will be in our mind for a long long time.

  • Harcco - 7 years ago

    FYI . . . just to make it clear for all NOT nerds . . . Star Trek . . . ;D

  • Harcco - 7 years ago

    To my previous post I mean the name could be "Nokia Enterprise" and the slogan: "the place that no man has gone before"

  • Harcco - 7 years ago

    I like the name Enterprise . . . "the place that no man has gone before" ;D

  • Leon - 7 years ago

    I like the name of " Nokia Waltz". Waltz is a form of Ballroom dancing performed by a man and a woman in closed position. it represents Elegance and Beauty. Therefore, Nokia Window phone 7 should be named "Waltz".

  • Armen - 7 years ago

    I suggest name Winokia or Winnok :) How to submit them for voting?

  • Mariliina Karppo - 7 years ago


  • anonymous - 7 years ago

    Who here thinks Nokia should give you a free phone if their new phone has been name after your suggestion? I do.

  • Paresh - 7 years ago

    NOKIA 2020

    (Seems like a year 2020 phone now...this name
    will appeal all young genration)

  • Ahmad - 7 years ago

    Nokia Sparta

  • anonymous - 7 years ago

    Lol. All of these suggestions remind me of the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry convinces the Pakistani store owner to change his store around to attract more customers, which ultimately fails at the end despite having made the changes at Jerry's suggestion. Be funny if they went with someone's suggestion, then that person says, "i'll have one", and then Nokia's thumbing and pointing blame at that person for making such a poor suggestion.

  • oletus - 7 years ago

    ascendō again...or! Nokia Se7en

  • Arska - 7 years ago

    My suggestions are... It should be: Nokia Conquer or Nokia Emperor. It could be Nokia Odyssey also.

  • david c. - 7 years ago

    I like "The Nokia 5D", which is short for Nokia's 5th Dimension phone. More recently, you've seen companies shell out 3D products by the droves, and some have claimed to have already captured the essence of 4D in their products. Why not take it to the next level with 5D. It's a bold statement that says, "Hey, all of you with your 2D phones, check me out!". The 5D will encompass state of the art technology that includes a vivid crystal clear LED, fluid operational system and configuration, and above all, an engine that will attract global app developers.

    And as the series continues, you can append a 2,3, or 4 to the name as a superscript, which will read as 5D to the second, third or fourth power. (like)

  • Numi again - 7 years ago

    Nokia l33t would be kewl.

  • JohnnyTP - 7 years ago

    Nokia MoDeTo. (moh-dee-toe). Mobile Desk Top.

  • Numi - 7 years ago

    Räppänä. That means "a very small window" in finnish.

  • Nikhil Pathak - 7 years ago

    I guess W-Gene or W-Genesis, something with a W in front to symbolize Windows as an OS, just like the nokia N-Series, Nokia W-Series but with a name instead of digits.

  • burruk - 7 years ago

    This is real simple, it should be called the Nokia Portal ..!

    (Or, Port@l)

  • Skip Sanborn - 7 years ago

    Name it: "Flip It"

  • david c. - 7 years ago

    I like Nokia 5D, which stands for Nokia's 5th Dimension phone. That or name it Nokia Realm. Either will sound more appealing than the choices provided above.

  • ANSH - 7 years ago

    Wikon - 7
    A right mix of Windows with Nokia !

  • NokiaWin - 7 years ago

    Nokia STN
    = Suomi, Tampere, Nokia
    Nokia FTN
    = Finland, Tampere, Nokia
    Nokia WW
    = With Windows

  • THOMAS - 7 years ago

    Nokia - aikoN

  • Atlnata Old Guy - 7 years ago

    As an iPhone user from day 1 I won't buy it but from a marketing perspective I like the challenge ...

    Nokia Noki - Sound back to it's owner Nokia - it's cute. Can be masculine or feminine and it's a chip off the old block

    OM - the sound that started the universe. I can see an add with the monks chanting and it rings :-)

  • Chris Metz - 7 years ago

    The Nokia Rebel! Rebelling against the oppressive forces of mediocre phone technologies!

  • Nokia Sophia - 7 years ago

    Why not "Nokia Sophia"? They could advertise it with a hot girl. Men would want to have this girl and women would want to be like this girl. Sophia = Wisdom = Smart => Smartphone from Nokia. The Nokia Sophia or The Sophia from Nokia.

  • eswara gupta - 7 years ago

    Nokia should attract customers...
    Hence I suggest the below names. Some of the names above are good too, but not new and catchy ....

    Nokia nTice
    Nokia Xtasy
    Nokia nCompass
    Nokia nDura

  • Ahmad - 7 years ago

    Nokia is a new phone, it will be a rebel among other ruling mobiles, imagine like Rebel1, Rebel2, Rebel3

    Or maybe: excalibur, because the phone is sleek, awesome, perfect, and not anyone can get it (gives the phone premium feel)

  • Larry - 7 years ago

    I like things simple, how about Nikia Winset, or Nokia Winset7

  • swehes - 7 years ago

    I voted for Nokia Hades. As that is where they are going rapidly going into bed with Microsoft. And then what they can do is to use the names of the different layers of Hades for their models depending on how bad it is. If they would have stayed with MeeGo I would have voted for Phoenix as that would have been a true rebirth.

  • MS - 7 years ago

    How does NOKIA EXPRESSO('X' PRESS) sound?

    Something with an expression!!!!

  • Smurfed - 7 years ago

    Why not to name it: "Nokia 7" (Nokia Seven)

    It shows connection with MS and their OS and also it's short and looks pretty nice imo.

  • EJ - 7 years ago

    Nokia Avalon. It’s relatively easy to pronounce in most languages, it sounds smooth, and last but not least it means paradise, from where Nokia WP phones are coming from of course ;)

  • Nick - 7 years ago

    I vote "Nokia Kaarle", after King Frederik Kaarle, the last King of Finland. He renounced his throne after WWI, for he had been born in Germany. Finland's monarchy was then officially over forever.

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