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Who do you think is right? Rep. West or Black Caucus members critical of the tea party?

Posted 7 years.


  • who swhat - 7 years ago

    this west fellow is all your s we don t recognize him so it don t matter whether he agrees with our brothers in the congressional black caucus or not he is not even on our radar he is the republican and tea partier boy

  • Robert Stewart - 7 years ago

    I can't remember the last time I heard Black People called Negros. Your previos commenter is obviously an expert on Race

    As far as West vs the Black Caucus is concerned, the caucus was out of line in their comments about the Tea Party. The Tea Party tried to distance itself from it's members who were caught on camera chanting nigger as Congressman Clyburn walked passed them. So there's obviously no racial component.

  • ricardus - 7 years ago

    A few negroes haven't caught on yet that playing the race card today guarantees you lose. Col West is well aware of this so he is on firm ground.
    A "Black Caucus" in the House of Representatives is also a losing cause. Why in the world do you think that there is no "White Caucus"?
    Negroes still aren't ready for desegregation. They continue to call for separatism. They don't seem to want to join America.

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