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Do you want Sony's 3D head-mounted display?

Posted 7 years.


  • Ivy - 7 years ago

    May be I would buy it if there will be 3D porn movies released for it ! :-)

  • ste stubbs - 7 years ago

    I want one,Plug me in and I'll be lost in a (3d) world of my own.plugged into ps3 ..3D ..uncharted and killzone right into my eyeballs.3D blu-ray movies. Add motion sensors for v.r. I think I'll have to get a sick note in..ha!
    The only downside will be loosing my wife and kids..... oh well.

  • Richard Spurgeon - 7 years ago

    I've wanted one of these since I was a kid. You used to be able to buy them but resolution was always a bottom. What I need to know is "will they work if I wear glasses? Can you focus the lenses?"

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