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Who Would You Kill On True Blood Week 9 (Poll Closed)

  • Bill Compton

  • Alan Ball

Posted 6 years.


  • Leila - 6 years ago

    Kill Alan Ball, for ruining such a good character like Sookie, Eric and Pam that CH created. And making a stupid love triangle, ruining plots and down grading every other character to make Bill look better. die Mr Balldie shah shahs

  • aerynzu - 6 years ago

    I'm alright with killing off Alan Ball but it would be more effective if he was glamoured so he could rewrite and right the wrongs he has done to Sookie and Eric. It would be nice to see book Sookie and not this weird TB sookie.

  • BeckyT2(Vikinglover101) - 6 years ago

    AB....Thanks for ruining 4 of the best books I've ever read !

  • Tabby1249 - 6 years ago

    Alan Ball gets my vote.

    I think Sookie has affection for Bill, but those dopey little, maybe we can get back together half smiles, she was giving him at the beginning of the season were seriously lame. She reminded me of the women who take their 'beating' husbands back with promises to 'never do it again.' Sookie is headstrong, sometimes foolhardy, but never stupid. That is how she came off in the early part of the season.

    The second reason is how lame he made Eric in his amnesia state. 'Emo Eric' as AB refers to him was beyond ridiculous. I have been pretty tolerant of the divergent path of the TV show versus the books, but this went beyond the pale as far as I am concerned. AB only bought the rights through book 4, it should be interesting (tragic?) to see how far off the reservation upcoming seasons go with no 'go by' in Charlaine Harris' work.

  • Brenda - 6 years ago

    For his insane obsession with Bill & Sookie as "soul mates" who are meant to be together;for his twisting of nearly everything Eric did for Sookie into a "Billism" (example: who staked LongShadow?)...for making Sookie STUPID (she still LOVES Bill????)...Alan Ball wins hands down. ..

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