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What do you think of TACV, Cape Verde's national airline?

Posted 7 years.


  • John Avelino - 2 years ago

    I have traveled to cape verde about 7 times. Twice with my wife and three kids from California to Brava.
    One of the trips I was going to be there two days before Sao Joao. I got there the day of Sao Joao
    at 6:00 pm. Cousin of my mother in law went to get us from Fogo. We stuck in Boston for one night.
    same thing happen in Sal. For people that knows Cape Verde knows how bad you want
    to get to Brava before Sao Joao. I have been back since that trip in 2004. My Wife is from Brava
    her first trip back in 25 years she told her mother she will never go back on second trip she
    told her mother this time she meant it she won't come back for another 25 years. Her mother
    couldn't stop crying so far she means it has been 12 years she hasn't going back and don't
    think of going back. The worse part of that trip after one day late out of Boston when my
    brother in Law got in the plane they assign a seat to us that didn't exits. That was where
    the bathroom was located. I keep going back because I was born in Brava and I love
    being there more than being in Southern California, Boston area, Lisbon, Shanghai,
    Las Vegas, Chicago New Your city, Washington DC, Cabo San Lucas and other places
    in Mexico. I must be crazy because there is no other place I rather be. BRAVA

  • Joyce Gomes - 6 years ago

    Worst airline to travel to from Boston to Praia or vise versa.... The flight is always late never leaves on time... I went last summer and the flight was a nightmare. I still don't understand why we only have one plane that is coming from Praia, because if it leaves Praia late we know that it's going to be late in Boston. Upon arrival to Praia I almost had to wait a whole day to catch a flight to Sao Vicente, not to mention but that plane was late as well!!!!!! Then coming back to Boston was also a Nightmare, having to sit and wait in Praia for people to get checked in and then we had to stop in Sal for fuel that took forever......

    I love my country too much, but TACV has to do something about their flights to and from Boston. Because I almost don't want to go anymore just because I can't stand the traveling. No one should have to go through something like that especially when they are charging $1200 for a ticket!

  • ben - 7 years ago

    and what so funny is when you take the " Beleza or Migrante" on thursday from amsterdam to sal that you feel like you are on the tram vierbaartmanstreet to pracinha quebrot(heemraadsquare). Flying TACV is not like any other airline its cult/retro/filmhouse...........

  • ben - 7 years ago

    Listening to you I think I am a very lucky guy!

  • Angelo - 7 years ago

    @Ben. I've traveled TACV over the years from Boston about as many times as you've traveled from Amsterdam and it was never once on time. Not even once. I've done the Praia-Fortaleza route once - they were late both on the outbound and return flights - by hours.

    I've also traveled within the islands and maybe once or twice has it been on time. Now, Halcyon Air? On time just about every time and cheaper too.

    Maybe you're lucky ... or maybe TACV just doesn't have any regard for its Boston route and Boston passengers. What is Fragata class anyway? It's unheard of in Boston.

  • - 7 years ago

    @BN.... Only reason TACV was ahead of schedule is because they moved the flight forward without telling anyone. What airline does that? Where is the master list of booked passengers?? Never mind the fact that it is an international flight. In addition, they did not honor the fact that their website is suspect and no communication for passengers that are booked. I was booked one month prior and they gave my seat to an employees and friends of TACV. Lazyiness and incompetence is the problem. Wasnt until I had a prominent government official that they put me in a hotel. TAP is suspect too, I waited one full day for a flight from Lisbon to NYC in 2003, it took them 14hours to tell us the flight was cancelled. At the end of the day, they need to step their game up. 100. mhout

  • Ben Nienhuis - 7 years ago

    I flew the last 3 years 16 times to Cape Verde from Amsterdam mostly via Lisbon combination TAP (ams-lis) /TACV (lis/rai). Never had a delay caused by TACV........ often arived ahead of scedule................. Flights between the islands and to Fortaleza also all on time..... Am I lucky or can I say that with this number of flights....Good?

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