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Should South West Holderness Ward be included in the Hull East Parliamentary constituency? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    14 votes

  • No
    92 votes


Posted 6 years.


  • Mike Green. - 6 years ago

    Looks like we will be sold down the river over this boundry change whotsit and end up with a Labour council (from Hull) looking after us all, we moved from Hull to Hedon 26 years ago, one of the reasons being to get away from a Labour council.
    Hedon will end up like the "village" of Sutton / Anlaby / Cottingham etc, give it a few years and Hedon as it is now will have gone, just another part of Hull !

  • Big John and Little Jane - 6 years ago

    Looking at the comments (Hedon Blog) on this subject tonight. We thought it would be appropriate to contact the Councillor who is doing all the running and pushing on this matter for the Hedon Area Residents. Well, well, his contact facility appears to be an estate agency questionaire. Is this the way forward on council matters or an invation to sell or buy property. (One wonder's) ???????? If we phone County Hall we may be able book our holidays. Yepee.

    Fun aside, Non Political Frank appears to show sense on this matter.

  • Harold - 6 years ago

    I note NO concern has been expressed by the constituency Conservative Party on these proposed changes. Is it not the case that Graham Stuart MP receives a safer Tory Seat under the proposed changes. It's fair to say our MP privately is pleased of the changes. Like a TURKEY our MP won't VOTE for Christmas on this one !

  • Non political, Frank - 6 years ago

    Let's look at the overview of this proposed change. In simple terms we have 5 area's of votes in the UK. Let's say 4 circles,
    (1) The European constituency: Covering both parts of the Humber, 80% of Yorkshire and parts of Cleveland. Covering EU business without interference to those below.
    (2) UK parliament, Beverley & Holderness covering parliamentary business only.
    (3) County Council (East Riding) covering local area matters only and providing assistance to area Parish Councils.
    (4) Last but not least Hedon Parish Council. A non political forum engaged in improving the local requirements for it's residents without political dogma, which always clouds the issue.
    In the HULL and HESSLE parliamentary boundary, HESSLE sits fine within the East Riding Parish Council family. Please don't be bullied by party politics. Local means local without the need of politics.

  • janice - 6 years ago

    A big no from me, rural areas should stay just that, outside the city. People move to be away from it so why do they have to move them back to vote where they have left?

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