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Should Sheriff Bradshaw have had to cut his budget?

Posted 7 years.


  • Jorge Morales - 7 years ago

    Mr. Bradshaw should not be exempted from budget cuts. Every other field had to make cuts and his department should be no exception. There are many avenues to make budget cuts in his department that may have to include laying off police officers. No one should be immune from this process!

  • Taxpayer - 7 years ago

    I know many employees of the PBSO who laugh about the amount of waste fraud and abuse in the budget. They get raises, cars, freebies of all sorts etc at our expense. They go on spending sprees every year just to use up all the left over money in the budget. They are ordered to or they get in trouble. It's disgusting what they tell me goes on.

  • Mr. Coffee - 7 years ago

    In an age where we all have to cut, no one should have immunity. Maybe if the union were abolished, the money the cops would save on their dues would stimulate the local economy. Government employees at all levels -- teachers, firemen, police, bureaucrats, planners, et al -- should be forbidden to unionize. Unfortunately for us all, government has no competition; when they run out of money, they just demand more. Try running a business that way.

  • Richard Miller - 7 years ago

    Even a small cut in his private air force would make a difference. How many rescue operations are ther to cause helicopters to be scanning sorth florida throughout the day? How many other aircraft we don't see can he wittle down in size?
    How many fully equiped cars can he have stationed empty at many of the parks in PBC?
    Let' s just asy he holds the community hostage to his remarkable spending binge, and that of his predessors which bloat the maintenance budget. How about company cars, like the County staff drive to their homes on our dime, inclluding gas?

  • Bill - 7 years ago

    The whole dept should get a raise because they deal with animals every day!

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