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Life term for mother shielding Boynton cop?

Posted 7 years.


  • Thomas - 7 years ago

    The mother was well aware of her actions when she bought the plane ticket. People deserve to be held acoountable for their actions. Put her in jail until her coward of a son returns. Brazil refuses to extradite? Why are Brazilians allowed into our country if they refuse to cooperate with the USA? Only in America.

  • Jorge - 7 years ago

    This is a classic example of how Police officers abuse their power. Not only has Mr. Brito evaded our justice system, but his mother is also at fault for aiding his flee to Brazil. She is just as guilty as he is and should face the consequence of life in prison for her actions. We also need to reexamine our extradition laws with Brazil and impose penalties on that country if Mr. Brito is not extradited.

  • Boynton beach resident - 7 years ago

    Yes she deserves it!!!10000%... Mr britto arrested me in 2010 when he was officer of the year and beat and robbed me for 1500.00$.. After i was released from jail i went to make a compliant at the boynyon beach police station and they basically laughed at me. I did make a call into internal affairs!! This guy is a scumbaggg and deserves life in prison!

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