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Should Florida allow big casino resorts?

Posted 7 years.


  • mark/l.a. - 7 years ago

    Do not understand Indian monopolies for casino gaming when other forms of gaming exist in a state. Makes no sense. Either a state doesn't have gaming and then they have to make a pact with Indian gaming because they can't shut it off, or they have other forms of gaming and they allow everyone to play the ownership game under statutory/regulatory rules set up for it that works in the interest of the state and its citizens. Florida has gaming. Why not have better gaming?

  • Sv - 7 years ago

    I will create a lot of new jobs.
    Competition with Hardrock where payout is too low.

  • JWD - 7 years ago

    As long as I have lived in Florida this has been an issue. They allow the Indians to profit and have no regulation to the payout / loss ratio. When you go to an Indian resort it's not the same as Vegas. The win percentage in Vegas is set as a minimum by the state. No such rule exists for
    the Indians. In fact, the Hardrock payout is like 3% vs 19% in Vegas. So if your going to allow some form of Casino to operate it should be one that is regulated by state rules and collection of taxes. I say yes. All the con-men are here already.

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