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Has WXEL’s new owner tuned out listeners?

Posted 7 years.


  • Barbara Roberts - 7 years ago

    I've just arrived for the "winter" months and found a public radio station I don't recognize. Sure, the annoying Anna Marie is still there, but where are Click and Clack? Does it mean that I won't hear Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on Sunday? Is this what my financiial support of South Florida's Public Radio has wrought? If so, count me out for future donations.

  • BILL RAUTENBERG - 7 years ago

    A few dedicated people tried to tell the world about the disaster that awaited WXEL listeners, and the listening area, but they were ignored by The Post, The Sun-Sentinel, and all areas of government.

    The county refused to do anything, other government agencies abandoned their legal rights to block the license transfer, and the FCC mystified everyone by ignoring the evidence, and accepting the gross misinformation tendered by Barry University and its counsel.

    In the end greed prevailed, and the community's best interest was trampled on by the thoughtless, mindless pursuit of the almighty buck. Perhaps we dedicated few could have done more, or done better, but we tried. That's more than anyone else can say, and those others can share the blame, and the shame, for their inaction.

    Bill Rautenberg
    Boca Raton

  • Jack Lippman - 7 years ago

    If the Florida Education Department and the FCC had known the great extent to which Classical South Florida's purchase of WXEL would deprive Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast listeners of WXEL's non-musical programming, would they have approved it? Or did they just buy CSF's assurance that the non-musical programming would still be available, without further investigation? Also, were other potential purchasers given a fair shake? These questions warrant investigation.

  • Anleas Greene - 7 years ago

    I read that the new owners think classical music listeners are not the same people as news listeners. I totally disagree.

  • Christina - 7 years ago

    I like classical music and news programming but Classical South Florida is public radio in name only.

  • Bob - 7 years ago

    All for more classical on the airwaves, good to be able to pick it up clearly when I'm in north Broward and PB counties. I also can highly recommend an HD radio in the car, there's a whole world of good programming on the HD2 and HD3 channels. Now if only WDNA would get a transmitter in Broward.....

  • joey - 7 years ago

    I love NPR but I can't receive it anymore. I live at PGA and Ellison Wilson, hardly out in the boonies. Surely they would have checked out the strength of 101.9 before they bought? Looks like not.

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