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Has Delsa Bush been a good police chief?

Posted 7 years.


  • lori - 5 years ago

    Delsa was "engaged" to a white officer back in the late '80's that was killed in the line of duty. It was the first such tragedy in decades for WPBPD. She was coddled from that point on. Ric B's comments don't hold much water as he was an ass kisser with then Chief Siegrist, the worst Chief ever. Before him we had more policing and less politics. Too bad this one wants to leave....I'm sure there are some fine candidates from within that can cut the mustard.

  • G.A.M. - 7 years ago

    Just as Jeri Muoio was a Lois Frankel gift to the city (so she could continue to create policy in the background and because Jeri would not disclose the Lois larceny left behind) Delsa, too, was a Lois Frankel gift to the city. Lois surrounded herself with people she could drive so that only she knew what was going on. Notice at the end of her tenure Kimberly Mitchell became her "friend"? Delsa Bush is singularly responsible for the low morale, bad faith and general discontent in our police force. This impacted the entire city for years. The five million we spent on Open Sky Radio lies at the feet of Delsa Bush, Lois Frankel and Ed Mitchell. Lois lied, Delsa lied and Ed Mitchell just shook his head "yes". We may never find it, but there was larceny.

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