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Was ESPN right to yank Hank?

Posted 7 years.


  • AK - 7 years ago

    Hank Williams made a very incorrect analogy of the situation. Perhaps he is not highly educated or does not have the intelligence to speak logically. If you look at the comment he made, it does not make sense. However, since it was a televised interview, he should have held personal belief in check. ESPN has the right pull anyone off the air they deem not fit to represent them. How many other actors and actresses make this kind of blunder. Dixie Chicks had their opinion and it went on air, but they were not representing anyone but themselves. There are ways to do your thing, but not Williams' way. He is a racist and hardly denies it. He is where he belongs: off ESPN and at home. Won't buy his records anyway.

  • Jim - 7 years ago

    You're a moron like that drunk Hank

  • Johno - 7 years ago

    Talk about over-reacting! Political correctness run amok!
    Of course it's OK to allow dumb actresses, actors, so-called singers to do the National Anthem, throw out the first pitch, etc. when they express the same idea from the LIBERAL perspective.

  • TEA 4 2 - 7 years ago

    So WHAT IS IT you brain-dead liberal LEMMINGS don't get!??
    It is BEYOND ME that so many are unable to see what is happening to this country.
    Do any of you REALLY THINK this A$$ hole in the white house has ANY INTEREST IN YOU!?? He has bu ri ed an eaten his own...and has an agenda that is his own.
    The BS he spews is eerily familiar--saying the SAME Damn thing over & over just suddenly makes it right, RIGHT?? WRONG DAMMIT!! YOU FOOLS are about to witness this JERK and all of his cronies to be taken down....HIS CORRUPTION WILL BITE HIM IN THE A$$!!

  • Will T - 7 years ago

    First off let's get things right.....GWB was and is not the problem it's all the wasteful spending and sense of entitlement. People come to this country and exploit our resources and further create no difference between middle & low class incomes. Secondly Hank Williams was making a comparison as to the lack of intellect of Mr. Obama & Hitler. There are a lot of people who say what they want and never get fired for it. As a man who's been to war it is Mr. Williams RIGHT to say what he wants! So think of that first before you ridicule some one for that or have you forgotten that this America & not a dictator ship?

  • Rick Padilla - 7 years ago

    Really Mike? President Bush is responsible for Obama being elected. The voters wanted the opposite of GWB. When discussions turn to throwing crap and hoping that it sticks instead of talking reasonably about the problems at hand we are left with what is broken in our political system. I'll bet you $5 you still watch Monday night FB on ESPN before the season is over.

  • Rick Padilla - 7 years ago

    wow! We all say dumb things from time to time but to compare our President to one of the most evil man in modern times? I'm proud to live in a country that charishs free speech. I even belive the KKK's free speech should be protected but I wouldn't want to here them before the Monday night games start. Take responsability and learn from your mistakes Hank!

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    The media is responsible for pushing Obama onto the American public. What has Obama done for our country? Nothing! Now, the media is silencing anyone who has a view which shows Obama in a negative light. It is time for the American people to stand up and say enough is enough. People have a right to speak out against incopitance. Our country was founded on people speaking out. Williams was not comparing Obama to Hilter he was simply comparing to stupidity of to different view points coming together. I applaud Williams for taking to stand point of, "me and my song are out of here". I for one stand behind Williams and will not watch ESPN again. I'm only one person and I know it will not make a difference, but I will make a difference to me.

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