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Should Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue workers make less money?

Posted 7 years.


  • PBP STOP!!! - 7 years ago

    Palm beach post needs to stop trying to bash firefighters at every chance. It's old sad and makes that paper look green with envy. Its sucks and is such a shame.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - 7 years ago

    It's the pensions and benefits, not as much as the pay. Strong unions at both the local and state levels have put into law and into contract too much gravy. Pay them well but cut back on the benefits to be realistic and everyone can get along.

  • R. Beisley - 7 years ago

    No high school deploma, GED, No College Degree, Not an EMT or Paramedic, Unhirable by current PBCFR standards, takes free rounds of golf that normally cost others thousands of dollars, goes uninvestigated by the counties inspector general...........................yet is running a multimillion dollar fire department.............. Sound like anyone you might know ????

  • dirk - 7 years ago

    these guys are so frappn overpaid... hell they sleep half the time they are 'working'

  • Seriously Unbelieveable - 7 years ago

    Dear Future Firefighter,

    I am very suprised by your comments and the misinterpretation of the career you apparently want to join. Yes the schedule is what it is 24 on and 48 off and with god reason which includes crew integrity, stress relief from highly stressfull shift work, etc. But for you to say we do not fight fire here in Palm Beach County I hope you are not banking on that one buddy because you are in for a rude awakening. If you think that resources that respond to a call are to much again you are sadly mistaken. If you actually knew what goes on you would realize that a 3 or even 2 person rescue unit responds to a medical call and all of the members are working. If you see someone "standing around" guess what the guy standing around just might be the officer in charge and if you do not know what his or her responsabilities include then you better go back for more training because it doesnt include them getting directly involved in the tactical portion of the call in most cases. Enuff said.

    And for you Huh,

    If you think that outsourcing all of the essential services in our community is the way to go then I have news for you sir. The private companies will come in and low ball the price in order to look like they are going to be able to provide the same service for less. Actually it wont be apples to apples at all and you will be the first one to complain when your house burns down or it takes 20 minutes for the medics to arrive for your family member. But I will go on, after the local government sells off all of its assets and lets all of the employees go the cost associated with restarting the department (after the privates dismal performance is just too much to handle) will be way too high and the privates know that. So guess what they do at that point yep they strat raising the price of the services but dont think for a second that with the increased cost you will get increased service because you wont. The private will put that money directly into the botom line which of course is profit and stockholders. The fire service and as well as the police service is a public essential service that the public needs to control and guess what its not a business so dont compare it to one it is a necessary public service that will not be a profitable endeavor for the citizens. If you would realize that this is a service you need and that the public needs to maintain control over it and that it is not a money maker then you may start to grasp the realities of today. Also just so everyone knows the firefighters have offered to keep the salaries at status quo. I also believe that it was offered in the latest negotiations but that apparently wasnt enough. You get what you pay for people, you should be proud to have one of the finest departments in the country. And if you think the $200-$400 ($17-$34/month) a year on average you are paying in taxes is breaking the bank then maybe your problem really isn't the fire department, maybe it is the unfortunate financial situation that the country is in. This is not the firefighters fault. Guess what you could cut the pay by 50% and you would still be broke. Be realistic about the source of the financial situation we are ALL in today. Yes I also pay taxes in this county.

    I feel for all of us and the situation that we are in financially but we cannot look for scape goats in public employees, this is due to the million and billionaires being too greedy and running the economy into the ground. I hope that you all find peace and that you all weather the current storm we are in. Peace and keep the faith don't blame the little guys that are on your side and there when you need them most.

  • Future Firefighter - 7 years ago

    FF get paid way too much in PBC. They barely fight fires and mostly get medical calls, where only 1 or 2 FF are doing anything while the rest of the squad hangs out. I have friends that are FF and they say it's the best job. They only work 8 days (shifts) per month, and most of the time they "work", they are being paid to just hang around at the firehouse. Most of the other FF have second jobs b/c they have so much free time. If you only have 2 FF positions available and over 500 applicants, they are obviously being over paid. I am actually working on leaving my 6 figure salary and joining the FF career, as I can work far less, get better benefits including a pension and also work on starting my own company on the side. Can't beat it!

  • I'd do it for free - 7 years ago

    Dear firefighter,
    If your child needed resusatation, i'd do it for free.
    If your wife needed chest compressions, i'd do it for free.
    My wife's head would not turn just because your in unirorm, get over yourself!
    I would extend my hand to anyone...who needed reassurance that help was on the way....
    " All For FREE !!!
    As any person would do to come to the aid of everyone in need!

  • Huh. - 7 years ago

    You cannot tell me that your salary and retirement benefits would be the same if your job were outsourced to a privatized company recieving no government funding. If taxpayers are sacrificing, taking less and working more, then those sucking the tax roll tit should do likewise. If it is a calling, then you would earn a living commensurate with what the market would allow and be thankful for it. You are not above anyone. Most employees today with a college degree, and or post high school certificate, work over 40 hours per week. Take less pay, see how it feels to be downsized, and suck it up like the rest of us.

  • Joe - 7 years ago

    Dear "Taxed 2 Much", although I sympathize with your current economic situation, I must respectfully disagree with you regarding fire fighter pay. Their knowledge and skills go beyond their paid duty. Examples are the fire fighter who saved a Deputy's life by killing an armed attacker inLake Worth (last year), the recent savingof a cardiac victim at a Lake Worth ice rink, the female fire fighter who saved a patient, off duty, last month. The list goes on and on. They work more than you think. Oh, and the PBC fire fighter who helped save a young girls life fro a pitbull attack last week in Deerfield. He was off duty. Had there been one of these men or women around when my dad had a heart attack, my kids wouldhave been able to meet him.
    They earn their cash and the best that there is. If the economy was good we would not be having this discussion in this rag of a paper. You will be glad when they are there for you.

  • TAXED 2 MUCH - 7 years ago

    Since 2000 my taxes and insurance have gone up 2.5 times and that is under the save our homes deal.I have been self employed for over 30 years.Each year I work more hours,make less percentage,and have dropped significantly in my standard of living.I no longer can afford to pay into a retirement fund,health insurance, or even take a day off.Credit cards,gone.Business truck gone.I now drive a 1997 ford pickup to do my business.Am I happy with it,NO.Am I dealing with reality,Yes.Are the EMPLOYED, ungrateful public tax burden employees making the same sacrifices?Martin county firefighters: who make less than Palm Beach: unselfishly took a 5% pay cut.Even though not nearly enough, a classy respectful gesture.In Palm Beach its like the government employee Heroes only care about themselves.Police ,Fire, Heroes!Come on man.A hero is not from a group.A hero is an Individual who has the courage to sacrifice of himself for someone else.If you want the hero badge, act like it.

  • CITIZEN - 7 years ago

    Was there on 9/11. Lost 3/4 of my crew. Still want to hurl insults at me?

  • TRUTH SEEKER - 7 years ago


  • Joe - 7 years ago

    Well put "a Changed Opinion". Sounds like your fire fighter found a great gal!

  • A changed opinion... - 7 years ago

    I used to be one of the, sadly, many people who thought fire fighters had the life. work one day, off for two. Make "lots" of money, do it because it was an "easy" career and just spent their time relaxing and doing really nothing at work. I've been in that 3% above that think they "make too much".

    Two years ago I started dating a fire fighter and boy were my eyes opened to the reality of the job. I've never met a group of people so caring and selfless. They do countless hours of charity work and giving back to the communities on their OWN time and OWN money! I dont see corporate america doing that. I sure know my company doesn't alert us to know of different events going on in the community or ask us to make donations or give blood or toys to some child i've never met.

    Fire fighters work 48 hours every week, I know my m-f 9-5 is only 40 hours, like most people. And unlike firemen, my job stops as soon as I hit that door at 5pm. I've gotten the phone calls at 8am when he is just getting off of work after getting an hour of sleep wishing he could go to the gym or do something for himself.

    As far as I know PBCFR hasn't hired in a while, however there are still people retiring or moving on to other jobs. These people have not been replaced. This means that guys have to work sometimes 48 hours in a row just to make sure that people they dont know will be taken care of if the time comes. Of course they get paid for it, but I dont know too many people especially in this bad economic time that are willing to work extra hours for free.

    In two years we have only spent one Thanksgiving together. If a Hurricane is coming, i'm home alone so he can make sure everyone else is safe.

    I definitely understand people thinking they make too much because of what media tells us. But then again, media wants a story. They want a reaction otherwise people would not continue to read. Compare hours, salaries, and job duties and I am 99% sure that most peoples opinions would change. I know mine absolutely has. Do a ride along and see what these people have to see day in and day out and the situations they put themselves in to just because they love their job. Trust me, i guarantee after they save your child, wife, husband, or loved one you will be saying "I dont know how to repay you". Their happy just because they were able to help.

    I've always been told you can't judge until you walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Well until you've done the job and lived the life its hard to be able to say "they make too much money".

  • hero in 2001...villin in 2011 - 7 years ago

    Oh, you're a firefighter? I wanted to do that when I was a kid.

    "What do you make?"

    "What do I make?
    I make holding your hand seem like the biggest thing in the world when I am cutting you out of your car. I can make 5 minutes feel like a lifetime when I go into a burning house to save your family. I make those annoying sirens sound like angels singing when you need them. I make your wife's head turn when I walk by in uniform. I make your children breathe after they have stopped. I can make you survive a heart attack. I make myself get out of bed at 3am to go risk my life for people I have never met, and have never asked for thanks.
    I make a difference. "what do you make?

  • Spooky - 7 years ago

    I retired recently from a large department in South Florida. I am far from being the millionaire the conservative press would have you believe, I am sickened by the B.S. Rush, and Glen, and a large part of the conservative politicians of the upcoming races are spreading about Fire, Police, and Teacher salaries, and retirements.
    They go to web sights, few that have actual fact based comments, and spew they're lying line of crap. Usually by taking the salary of one employee, that has worked a lot of overtime, or a top ranking officer that has been working a whole career, and wanting you to believe everyone on the department makes this salary.
    The truth of the matter is, the people who they direct they're lies about are your neighbors, people who work hard for a living, doing the best they can for their families, just like you and me.
    Firefighters work shift work (most all paid departments) some work a 48 hour week, not a typical 40 hour week, as is the case with most of the public.
    They work holidays, birthdays, and their spouses, and children's birthdays when if falls on their shift, they are ready to respond 24/7 365 days a year, highly trained, motivated people, who sometimes are asked to make the ultimate sacrifice for a person they have never met, as do police officers, when a call comes in, they don't get the chance to question, why or where, they do what they trained to do, they respond, and do a job that they are proud of.
    How many people ran out of the WTC, while police, and firefighters were running in?
    How many teachers took the job they have to get rich, do yourself a favor, ask one next time you see one, as you pick up or drop off your kids at school, see how many have jobs during the summer break, just to make end meet.
    A lavish lifestyle if far from the truth, it wasn't these people who got this country in the mess we're in, and I say we're in, because every police officer, firefighter, and school teacher, is in the same boat as you.
    When the politicians have convinced the public about this scape goat, who will be next? Believe me when I tell you, after the departments have been gutted, there will still be a hell of a shortfall.

  • Citizen - 7 years ago

    Truth Seeker and Fire Rat you are both disgruntled employees of FR who don't have the brains or skills to realize that you have a great job. PBCFR does everything for it's employees and they are one of the Elite FD's in the nation, yet you complain. How about taking pride in your FD and stop whining about the brass. If it were not for them bargaining for you, you'd be a volunteer. You are both well paid, great benefits, pension, etc. Would you like to be unemployed like the millions of Americans?

  • Fire Rat - 7 years ago

    Holt S**t Truth Seeker. That post could not have been anymore true. I can't even make a comment that could come close to that. I just hope that the fat a headquarters reads it so they can see how we all feel but most don't have the guts to express it. My hat is off to you. Great job. They need to move aside and retire when it's time to retire. We have plenty of young guys who have a lot more passion for the public that can do a much better job at the castle. Out with the old and in with the new. I hope the headquarters staff realizes that just because it is their idea, doesn't mean it's a good one. Plenty of great ideas get shot down because Staff Captains and Chiefs don't think it's a good idea since they didn't think of it.

  • Joe - 7 years ago

    If I were the PIO of Fire Rescue, or any on scene Chief, I would only have two words to say to the Pa Beach Compost "NO COMMENT"! This rag of a paper does nothing but turn the citizens of this county against FR, not to mention PBSO.

  • beth - 7 years ago

    When our son is on duty I ask the Lord to keep him safe while he's saving lives or fighting flaming walls of fire. Give him strength and courage to pull him through. Give him precious breaths of air. When he has to ax a roof or door may your angels help him chip away. There’s always the unknown. Please secure your arms around him, and the others who have his back. Make way for him to listen, to hear that person in need. If he gets blinded, give him sight, direct him through murky canals or down hallways in his determination to save the helpless or rescue the family pet. Keep their team in motion, aware of where their brother's are as they take turns in and out attacking the fire. When duty’s done let him feel at peace knowing he did his best. Thank you Lord, thank you for returning him home safely.
    I wish the people who assume firefighters/paramedics are overpaid could spend a shift or two at a station... maybe they'd change their mind if they could witness "a day in the life" of those wonderful men and women.

  • No price can be placed on the value they Bring - 7 years ago

    First and foremost... Palm Beach Post...

    it would be nice to inform the public of what is really happening in the "Earnings" of the Fire/Rescue Employees...They are running short in manpower due to hiring freezes and as a result, in order to man our communities with the coverage needed to operate safely, people are working Over time to cover the positions that are frozen...Much of the Salary comparisons the Post is exposing all to see is not the's because of the Over time Needs that some of the salaries appear to be more...Try looking back 5 years ago and comparing those salaries...not those caused by overtime needs...and then when reviewing the cost of Fire Rescue what are we really saying... that our Teachers, Police Officers and FireFighter/Paramedics get paid too much to operate in the areas of our society that provide us with the services that are so needed ... I realize many are out of work and it is a horror able time in many of our lives financially however... let us not lash out at those who provide us the value that our Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement and those teachers who help mold the future of our Country...Our Children. These jobs...these services need to be rewarded in our society and need to be held in high regard...especially at a time when the threat of terrorism is on the rise...Jobs are on the decline and depression is prevailing... visible in all aspects of Fire and Rescue and Law Enforcement... ie: Increase Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Gang Violence, Domestic Violence, Suicide Attempts etc... and all are increasing over time as a result of the state of our Nations economy... We have more need for Police and Fire Rescue services now than ever....

    They risk it all for our benefit... What dollar value do you place on that???

    And without these services and those who provide it, feeling respected in the communities they serve, what are our chances of getting our Country back on it's feet again...In my opinion the services they provide are elemental to our Economic recovery...not the other way around...

    I stand in support of our Fire Rescue Services and the Salaries that they earn at the risk of loosing everything for our best interests...Not only for My Family and those I know personally, but for the generations of people they save when those they saved Are afforded the opportunity of Life... the opportunity to have Children... They are in the business of Saving Life and property...There is no price that you can attach to that.


  • How many hats do you wear? - 7 years ago

    When asking the question, how much should a particular job pay, one should know something about the expertise of the job and what responsibilities are expected of the job.
    The fire service has evolved over the past 35 years into a highly trained profession that requires expertise in many areas. The fire service is expected to mitigate any and all emergency situations that may arise. There is no one else that people call for this purpose. Typically, firefighter/paramedics are expected to be experts in firefighting, (structural, vehicle, marine, railroad, industrial and wildland) chemistry, hazardous materials, fire sprinkler and alarm systems, fire pumps and generators, elevators, extrication (both light and heavy), water rescue, high angle rescue, trench rescue, collapse rescue, building contruction, electrical and plumbing skills, high voltage lines, mass casualty incidents, triage, advanced trauma management, advanced medical treatment, respirator therapy, EKG interpratation, Obstetrics, IV therapy, psychology and social work. There men and women are expected to perform these tasks at the highest proficiency and each one of these areas require continuous training and modification. They must remain calm and focused in the midst of total chaos and deal with the stress after the fact. They earn what they make!

  • TRUTH SEEKER - 7 years ago

    racer x you hit it on the head. i do understand there are some areas that are fat but as you mentioned it isnt the LINE.we need to replace those who have retired in the last few years. the public really doesnt understand OUR line of work. the moron who said you were gay for really exposing some of the fat is running scared because he doesnt want to lose his cushy m-f 9-5 fire rescue job with take home vehicle. his lazy A$$ cant make it on the line and he gave a good description of him self when he went after you. not one of these negative posters could do OUR job, only in their dreams. THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE I CAN THINK OF @HEAD QUARTERS THAT ARE SLUGS, AND THE MAJORITY ARE AT THE TOP. MOST SPENT VERY LITTLE TIME ON THE LINE AS A GRUNT, MADE SURE THEY TOOK ADMINISTRATION JOBS AS FAST AS THEY COULD. THEY KNEW THEY WERENT CUT OUT FOR THE HARD WORK, LONG HOURS, AND HORRIFIC THINGS WE FIND AND MAKE THOSE IN THAT SITUATION SAFE AND HOPEFULLY SAVED. THE TOP AND OTHERS (AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) NEED TO GET THEIR LAZY, COWARD A$$ OUT AND BRING IN SOME NEW PEOPLE WITH COMMON SENSE AND A LOVE FOR THE COMMUNITY NOT THEIR POCKET.

  • Lifesaver - 7 years ago

    Wrapping fish, lining a bird cage, crumpled up under charcoal to start a BBQ. These are just a few of the wonderful things a person can do with the palm beach post paper. Getting valuable information is NOT one of them. Instant information is readily available from TV, internet, etc.
    Come one, come all to a fire station near you. Ride along, and see the pain and suffering for yourself. Taste and smell the sweat, the blood, the humanity. Get knee deep in it, and perform, again and again. You can do it for 25 or 30 years, those 24 hour shifts, taking it's toll on your nerves, your overall health, your family life. Your kids won't mind that you missed birthdays, holidays, etc. They won't mind that your head is in a fog the day after your shift from lack of sleep, over and over again. But you would keep doing your job, wouldn't you? It is your calling,
    isn't it? You want to be a Firefighter/Paramedic just like us, don't you? Don't you? It is not about the money. It is about being ready to help our fellow man at a moments notice, with the best possible trained people, with the best available equipment, for any situation. To dare to go where most people won't, to give of yourself where most people couldn't. Sure, you can do it?
    No you can't! So criticize us, belittle us, deny us. We'll keep training, performing, sacrificing, and loving our calling. You go and wrap your fish.

  • Loxman - 7 years ago

    I agree that salaries need to be frozen and I haven't found one person to disagree, people are loosing thier jobs and we should all feel lucky to have one right now. The department needs to take a good look at what they can trim at the top because trimming at the bottom only hurts those who use our services. Like others have said, the general public really has no idea what we actually do in 24 hours, if they did then we probably wouldn't get hassled so much. News outlets like the Post need to "stir the pot" to survive these days and printing anti-government employee stories sells papers. Why else would they even have a poll like this. We need to do a better job educating the public on what we really do at 2, 3 and 4 in the morning because it is not going to be in the Post. Why? Because printing stories of running medical calls and all the other crazy things people call us for is not going to sell papers.

  • Mother of a Firefighter/Paramedic - 7 years ago

    I can tell you as a Mother of a Firefighter I could not be more proud of my Son and EVERY other Male and Female Firefighter that risk their lives DAILY for you and me. Maybe you are not aware of what they endure in the way of stress - emotional and physical fatigue - enduring the pain of having a Child die in their arms, or it could be YOUR child they save - or your husband, wife - the list goes on and on. Perhaps they will someday save YOUR life. Maybe people who want to take their EARNINGS AWAY should walk in their shoes for 1 day....... I don't think you could take it because it takes SPECIAL PEOPLE to do what they do. The depth and strength of their courage is a gift from God. They never expect a thank you - they just want to save your house from being completely destroyed - or pull you from the your car because you are pinned inside and will die if they were not there to SAVE YOU!!!! Wake up and be GRATEFUL that these men and women are on OUR SIDE for our SAFETY and well being. They are HEROS - EVERY ONE!!!! Think on what I have told you and next time you see a Firefighter/Paramedic, THANK THEM from the bottom of your heart because YOU may be next on their list to SAVE.

  • FireFighter - 7 years ago

    If you believe everything you read in the Post, than you just showed you lack of intelligence. I have 10 years on as a FireFighter/Paramedic I can assure you I dont make near $100,000 not even close! The $150,00 the post said we all make is just not true. Most of you have commented many good points. I would just like to add somthing: First responders save the "system" (insurance companies included) millions of dollars by correcting many medical issues pre hospital and weeding out many non serious issues. If you only knew how many patients dont have insurance or money. Your tax dollars cover these people including money to the "Health Care District." Why not spend your time fixing that problem with the system? Many other professions earn what I earn with the SAME 2 years of college and countless hours of training and recertification. The difference, they work less hours in the A/C and dont risk their lives. Come spend a 24 hour shift at a busy Fire Station, train with me, see death and fight fire, and then tell me if we are worth what we get paid. Thank you for reading my comment.

  • Family man - 7 years ago

    These guys don't just save lives & put out fires. They help your grandmother at 3am when she falls ( when the uncaring siblings refuse to help), they help your child when they are Sick or not breathin, pull your daughter out of a horrific car accident ( blood & guts hanging out), they respond to every 911 call within a few minutes for every type emergency. I think it's the best few hundred dollars a year I ever spent. They do things nobody else wants to do.

  • Fire Rat - 7 years ago

    Sounds like the person who posted reply to racer x is a staff captain or some other high ranking official. The ones who run the calls make others look good and seems we are the only ones sacrificing.

  • TOMMY - 7 years ago

    It always amazes me how these blogs give the opportunity to those that are in the fire service to "air there dirty laundry" and place blame on others in the same service as themselves. Blame the brass or Blame the FF unions, it is a recurring theme.. What you all need to understand is that the workers in this country are under attack by Corporate America and they are trying to pit you against your brothers and sisters. We all need to stand together and quit bickering amongst ourselves. WE need to stop making outlandish claims about specific things that John Q Public may not understand is just certain individuals that have an axe to grind. Stop the Divisions and Stand Strong. We are all public servants its not just a job its a calling !!!

  • Rocco - 7 years ago

    Just privatize the FD and have 10 people at the Administration making a million dollars and the workers making 20 thousand. Throw in lots of greed,selfishness,corruption and deceipt and they will be right in line with corporate America. Just remember if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Too bad there weren't more jobs offering a living salary with good benefits. Last time I checked those salaries are in the upper tax bracket and without loopholes to hide your money, more than can be said about half of the whiners out there who cringe at the thought of paying a penny in taxes and made poor career choices. Leave the FD alone.

  • racer x is g@y - 7 years ago

    Sounds like racer x didn't get something they wanted. this is probably someone who never got off their a$$ to make a difference with a FD, but has lots of ideas how to "fix" everything. Just what we need. Best advise to you is get off your buttocks and do something proactive besides complain.
    your an idiot

  • racer x - 7 years ago

    dont trim the the combat salaries. the top is way too heavy cut some of that dead wood out of there, stop hiring retired chiefs back at 80k ayear. what do non responding AKA "staff captains" need take home cars for? there are divisions that need house cleaning, buy them out and take existing personnel and make it work. certain vehicles are completely loaded, not needed, trim some of the items in side of the budget too. stop buying new engines and rescues. make what we have last. we sell our throw aways to other depts and their fine with them, theres a lot of waste in areas. they wouldnt have gripe about salaries if they did a few of those things. i like the sick buy out but if it saves $$, implicate USE 'EM OR LOSE 'EM. still get them but no cash out.uniform could get a little tighter in spending and we would still be ok. i know we all have surplus of items.

    those things and a lot of other admin crap could be tweaked but leave the LINES salaries alone!!

  • No - 7 years ago

    Worth every penny especially when you need them

  • Firefighter - 7 years ago

    Oh, you're a firefighter? I wanted to do that when I was a kid.

    "What do you make?"

    "What do I make?

    I make holding your hand seem like the biggest thing in the world when I am cutting you out of your car. I can make 5 minutes feel like a lifetime when I go into a burning house to save your family. I make those annoying sirens sound like angels singing when you need them. I make your wife's head turn when I walk by in uniform. I make your children breathe after they have stopped. I can make you survive a heart attack. I make myself get out of bed at 3am to go risk my life for people I have never met, and have never asked for thanks.

    I make a difference. "what do you make?

  • Tax payer - 7 years ago

    I think their pay should be frozen for a few years and reduce some of the take home cars of the ones at head quarters I hear that they have a company come in to clean and wax their cars... Really, are they that lazy?

  • RKS - 7 years ago

    The only final outcome that the non-paying taxpayers will agree on is when PBCFR and PBSO are all volunteer services. They will maybe then realize "you get what you pay for".

  • leo koski - 7 years ago

    the firefighters should not make less money, but pay rasies can be slowed down, and the high end paid positions should be reduced.

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