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Would Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan work?

Posted 7 years.


  • Nit The Wit - 7 years ago

    It will only work if you get rid of the 16thAmendment,otherwise the Natl. sales tax is just another business killing tax. The mob won't like it since they pay nothing already.

  • JustMeee - 7 years ago

    O! M! F! G! You people are morons! His moronic plan is so laughable only morons like you morons could possibly not see how moronic it is!

  • tony bailey - 7 years ago

    In my opinion the any flat tax idea would be great but I also think there should be a sliding scale for people who make less. I think there should not be sales tax on essential products like food medicine and personal care items. Also, I think all governments should be accountable for all the funds taken in for thing like fine and other moneys collected from citizens.

  • Leah - 7 years ago

    I'm thinking that thus is not an "opinion" piece as it was presented. Also, it's already been pretty reliably shown by the republicans as not raising enough tax money and by the dems as doubling taxes for those in the middle class.

  • Mike S. - 7 years ago

    You know, I am getting really tired of the far right conservatives who are acting like little children who are pouting and are being the "anybody but Romney" people! I'm a conservative republican and I'm telling you if the Tea Partiers don't grow up and think a little more clearly in their anti-Romney stubborness they will find themselves having another 4 years of Obama! I just hope if that's the case that there will be at least one prominent republican who will call them out and tell them thanks alot for all their "help" they gave the republican party! The fact that people get so excited about Cain's 999 plan shows to me how fickle and un-intelligent people are and even more importantly it shows me how powerful catchy slogans and marketing can be even if there is no substance in the product being sold! 1. Do people really think there's a snowball's chance in hades of it ever getting passed? Of course not!

    2. What do they think will happen years after if it did miraculously pass? With our lovely government 999 slowly would become 10-10-10 until it's 20-20-20! I mean do people not think about these things that could very realistically happen?

    3. What about state's sales tax? You know state's will still want their money! So if I already pay 7% state sales tax does that mean with Cain's plan I pay 16% for everything I buy? Cuz that would definitely make me not want to buy that new T.V. I was really saving for and instead go for a much cheaper one! So ultimately companies would suffer bigtime from a huge drop in consumption, especially on higher priced items! How would good old Cain feel about that one? Seeing companies closing and more jobs being lost!
    So seriously Tea Partiers! Get real and get a brain otherwise this so called great movement you created becomes a cancer to the republican party and ultimately America, bringing us another 4 years of Obama all because, you have a hard time accepting a man like Romney who has changed his views on some social things in his life! I would like any of you to honestly say that you have never changed your opinions, views, or minds on one single thing before! Hypocrites!

  • Ryan - 7 years ago

    It will work if people making less than 25k a year were able to pay a lower rate like 4%

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