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Rescind $4,500 bonus to Burdick's aide?

Posted 7 years.


  • taxpayer revolt - 7 years ago

    commissioners can't find a way to cut the budget, but they know always where the treats are

    vote the fat cats out

  • Former County Employee - 7 years ago

    As an employee she has the ability to get a cell phone stipend and be reimbursed at the current IRS rate of 51 cents per mile. My question is why hasn't she? Is it because she figured that she would gamble and possibly get more in a 1 time bonus? Or does she not want her phone and vehicle usage as a public record as maybe an attempt to hide something.

    Have to make you wonder as to what other deals are actually made on the 12th floor at 301 North Olive that aren't reported.

  • bull - 7 years ago

    The money she is giving away is OUR MONEY the tax paying publics ! money. Were is the Palm Beach County Ethics Commission at ? why are they not looking at this move by our PBC Commission. Bet this gets swep under the carpet ? just like good old Burt A when he took 400.00$ & P.Taylor when she took Sunfest tickets ? these people are supose to be SMART ? and they are running our County ? God these people are so bold they act dumb and get away with it AND YOU REELECT THEM ??? Please tell me how a person can work as a commissioner for 30 + years ? Karen M. People WAKE UP NOW kick them all to the curb while you can and lets not forget good old Bob Wiseman hes no saint he is just like the sheriff he uses scare tactics NEXT year bugget will be even harder, bull they have plenty of money as you can see Burdick has 4500.00 $ to give away !! but you the public have to pay to use boat ramps ? How many 4500.00$ give aways have gone on behine our (public) back ? The commissioners are no more than a buntch of lieing crooks who sells us all a pac of BULL S. and YOU buy it, good luck act now and vote them all out, and I hope the next commission meeting you people show up at the meeting and ask Burdick how and why she did this and ask why or if she will be investagated by the ethics commission ? cause she has miss used our / your trust and moneys !!! She needs to go now befor she can blow more of your money.

  • db804 - 7 years ago

    I just can't believe the total lack of common sense in our elected officials. No public employees should be getting a bonus now. If teachers, cops and fireman are not getting raises , why are administrative aides getting a bonus! A good question would be why they need 3 aides... so let me get this straight...Burdick needs an aide, that aide needs an aide and the aides aide needs an aide. "If a vacancy opens up on a commissioner’s staff, she can use the resulting savings to award bonuses to other aides." How about turning that money back into county funds, its not her money, its the TAX PAYERS MONEY!

  • Janet - 7 years ago

    Well, it sure did not take Paulette long to climb up the ladder of PBC commissioners who do dumb things! Could we see an itemized list of this adies $4500 duties?

  • MC - 7 years ago

    As a County employee of 14 year I am appauled. I am currently doing the job of 3 people. Everytime a staff person is layed off or leaves positions are not getting filled. My current duties as a Procurment Specialist include not only purchasing but administrative duties as well, travel, agenda coord. shall I list them all? and HR tells me that I am not working out of class. I am going above and beyond, loaded with work, working out of class and no bonus for me or any of my other co workers working out of class going above and beyond the call of duty.... so what is so special about this Commissioners Aide???? Oh wait, Commissioner's Aide have always been special... up until a few years ago they were all recieving such bonuses... No one else in the county has had a raise in 4 years or a bonus.. I need a bonus for going above and beyond too... This story is typical of the culture of the county and its not going to change unfortunately.

  • CHRIS - 7 years ago

    This is no fault of the aides, they should get to keep the money, but deducted it from the commissioners pay...........

  • Palm Bch Resd - 7 years ago

    Is she out of her mind??? In today's state of affairs, with so many out of work, services cut to those who need it and she gives a bonus to someone who already makes above most doing the same job??? Palm Beach County needs to speak up on the next election, loud and clear!!!!!!!!! This is an outrage!!!!

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