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Are you satisfied with Rubio's 'exile' explanation?

Posted 7 years.


  • Dave George - 6 years ago

    I wonder if his parents are U.S. citizens? If so, then how can they call themselves "exiles?" To be an exile would imply your intent to want to return and your self assessment that you are unwillingly displaced. If they have accepted U.S. citizenship, then they shouldn't consider themselves "exiles" any more - they are now U.S. citizens and have taken an oath of loyalty. The only possible explanation for being a U.S. citizen and calling oneself an exile is if one is willing to emigrate from the U.S. if able, and renounce U.S. citizenship. Something that I doubt.

  • Bohica - 7 years ago

    It troubles me that now he says that he got the dates wrong. My mom came before Castro and worked, like alot of immigrants do, in hopes of returning to Cuba. She went back in 1960 after a year here. When she returned communism had taken hold already and she came back with my father in 1961. They took everything from them. They stripped them down to their underwear at the airport in Havana. They came here with noting. I'm a Republican and it saddens me that he used this story to embellish his parents history here and basically help him get elected. When are we going to have someone with character represent us in Washington. Character and honesty and not make it a life time career.

  • Randy R - 7 years ago

    As the son of a Cuban immigrant, I would say nice try Mr. Rubio. My Mother came here in 1955. She never considered herself an "exile". Although she wanted to return to visit her family there, she loved her adopted home the USA. With Cuba being such a "hot button issue" here in South Florida, he used it for an advantage. Unfortunately voters wont remember this "historical inconsistancy", but we can only hope..........

  • MackG - 7 years ago

    This is akin to the "stolen valor" brags by people who either embellished their military service or lied about serving altogether! Rubio is a con-artist no talent lawyer who had to go into politics as a career because he could not hack it against real lawyers.

  • Frank Contijoch - 7 years ago

    The explanation is not a good one at all. There's a huge difference when a Cuban migrates looking for adventure or the American Dream (as most Cuba immigrants did) prior to Jan 1, 1959 (the day Castro took over).

    After Jan 1, 1959 the communist noose started to close down on all Cubans. All private property was confiscates, all businesses were nationalized, any previous political affiliation was persecuted, school curriculum completely changed, religion oppressed, (by now you get the picture....).

    Almost all Cubans that left after Jan 1, 1959 would tell you they would absolutely prefer to live in Cuba, if only they could! They would rather speak their native language, be close to all their family members, enjoy the balmy weather and beaches (many do not live in South Florida).

    For those of us whose families left after Castro took over, this "embellishment" was truly a "red flag".

  • Ric T. - 7 years ago


  • Liar Rubio - 7 years ago

    Nice take advantage of your status for political gain. Sad day Florida.

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