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Give in-state tuition to U.S.-born kids of illegals?

Posted 7 years.


  • Michael - 6 years ago

    I think it is the total responsability of parents to make sure their Citizenship for the US is in tack and up to par. Just because your children get good greades in school in the Us school system, does not mean they should get a free ride in the American system. Every job that I have work in the past 20yrs. ask me for 2-forms of ID. Why shouldn't everybody have to show this in America?

  • capt rich - 7 years ago

    Problem easily solved by congress : as in most other civilized countries ,make children born in USA citizens only if parents are legal citizens.

  • Jay - 7 years ago

    An American is an American, regardless of his or her parents' legal status. It is the height of foolishness to chip away at the definition of citizenship.

  • mary - 7 years ago

    Innocent my b--, these kids know damn well that the parents are illegal. and these kids cost us 300 billon a year. My parenst waited 3 years to come here and had to have a sponser, my kids can't afford to go to college. Health insurance is killing us all but they go to a free clinic.

  • william - 7 years ago

    does it make you feel good to hold back innocent young people who did nothing except what they were supposed to do went to school behaved graduated now instead of being in college she is waiting tables that is not right and if you think it is you need to look at yourself and figure out why you are that way because you are lacking

  • George Fuller - 7 years ago

    Does anyone think where your mother gives birth to you is where you are a citizen or are you a citizen of the country your mother is?

    The whole argument about anchor babies points out the idiocy of Congress to not simply amend the Immigration and Naturalization Act.....

    Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of babies born to illegal aliens as well as to foreigners wanting US citizenship for their babies goes on......It is estimated the cost to taxpayers to educate and medicate the illegal alien baby to age 18 is in excess of $100K......multiply that by 300000 and it amounts to over $30 Billion......If that isn't enough of a cost to taxpayers it should be..

    Contact your congressman and demand they support HR 140 to end the madness.

  • howie - 7 years ago

    It should be illegal to encourage illegals in any way. Period.

  • ryan - 7 years ago

    if we deport the ILLEGAL parents have the kid maintain residency on their own for the state required time then maybe they can get instate tuition

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