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Should Cain and his accusers all tell their stories?

Posted 6 years.

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  • C. Campel - 6 years ago

    Any woman who has been sexually harassed, which also includes forms of being threatened once the incident is reported, knows that the last thing they want to do is to discuss the issue. I believe the number of unreported cases far exceeds those reported. I commend the woman who does not wish to speak out.

    All that would happen is for the press to have a field day ripping her apart. They would probably say it was her fault for wearing the wrong blouse or eye makeup.

    For the NRA to settle with her and another woman is enough to confirm that something happened. The NRA would not have settled (twice) unless they truly believed there was something behind the complaint.

    Harrasers try not to have an audience. Otherwise how can they say "I didn't do anything."

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