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Are you happy to see Banshee, Tomboy and Mono removed from the CD? (Poll Closed)

  • Good move, Ubuntu
    4,748 votes

  • It's a shame, but I'll cope
    1,382 votes

  • I'm inconsolable
    913 votes


Posted 6 years.


  • JGengr - 6 years ago

    Gnote is a good alternative to tomboy. it imported all my tomboy notes automatically!

  • Dar - 6 years ago

    I use Tomboy daily, including windows machine (at work), Ubuntu (at home), and Android 2.1 personal phone. Tomboy is a great app.

  • Dan - 6 years ago

    Glad to see Banshee kicked out. I was a huge fan in 10.04, but it just got too glitchy and crash-happy. And instead of fixing the bugs they just keep adding more glitchy features. Rhythmbox, on the other hand, has added every feature that Banshee had over it, but doing it slowly and much less buggy. The Banshee Experiment is OVER!!!

  • GG - 6 years ago

    Tomboy is my most used program after Chromium so to hear of it being dropped is a mite annoying, though I prefer a tailored install. Media player wise I actually think Clementine would make a better default.

  • Thib_ault - 6 years ago

    Banshee took 20 seconds to load. Not sexy, not efficient..
    Rhythmbox loads in 5 sec, does right its job. I'm just addicted to Rhtmbx!

  • Ranjandas - 6 years ago

    i think ubuntu fears M$ in some way :) As M$ sued Samsung and other mobile phone vendors who uses android. Same way ubuntu might have thought that the next turn is MONO ;) Any way Good Move Ubuntu

  • Jancis - 6 years ago

    i will miss tomboy, i am using it for years now.. but yeah, it has those sync problems all over it.. i just hate that.. :/

  • Patrik Dufresne - 6 years ago

    Nice move. I find mono using too many space on disk and in memory for what it's provide in functionality. Like many other mention, there is alot of alternative (some better) to Banshee and Tomboy.
    I never really like banshee, it's slow and doesn't like my huge music library. I've replace Tomboy years ago by Zim.

  • hob4bit - 6 years ago

    Great move! I dislike mono and all apps that use mono. I remove such apps and mono anyway and this will make Ubuntu 12.04 easier for me to make useable. Also hope Ubuntu remove unity and add Gnome 3 classic (fallback).

  • tom - 6 years ago

    Good move!
    I used gnote or evernote(java) instead of tomboy, and RhythmCat instead of Banshee... this will save me some time.. and thanks to 'moun0' I've discovered zim! (

  • Sebastian - 6 years ago

    I am not sure about the concept to remove Banshee once again and to replace it by Rhythmbox, once again ;) And 12.04 we'll get Banshee, again!? But I have to admit that Banshee is not such a stable music-player in Oneiric. But these replacements are nerving!

    Tomboy will be just removed? And it won't be replaced by another note-app? I like tomboy, especially to save my notes in a cloud-space.

  • Alsvartr - 6 years ago

    It's totally a shame. Tomboy has no alternatives (gnote cannot do online syncing) and of course one of the brilliant linux programs (not so much of them, eh?). And situation with a Banshee is just stupid and ridiculous. When users starts to switch to this player they just remove it. It is, first, a harm for a casual user and, second, just inconsistently.

  • moun0 - 6 years ago

    I won't miss tomboy, since I've already replaced it by python powered Zim ( ) and banshee startup time (at least on my machine with u11.04) is unacceptable so "Good move, Ubuntu". Also keeping whole mono framework only for 2, not core apps is an overkill...

  • Matthew Joiner - 6 years ago

    This is so awesome. Ubuntu you have redeemed yourself.

  • mingos - 6 years ago

    Hah! Tomboy was useless to absolutely every Ubuntu user that I personally know, me included. Banshee is nice, but other players seem to cope with large library management waaay better. I recently discovered Clementine, which is now my player of choice. Easy (though still not perfect, but no other Linux app has come closer to my ideal so far) library management, fantastic integration - only thing that's missing is CD support (to be included in the next release). So I won't miss Banshee either.

    For once, good move, Ubuntu!
    Now kick Unity out as well :D

  • Mario Abarca - 6 years ago

    It is a shame that I had a hard time getting used to Banshee and then all the sudden it gets kicked in the arse.

  • Robin Hicks - 6 years ago

    I'm a student and I consider Tomboy to be an irreplaceable program.

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