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Should Israel bomb Iran?

Posted 7 years.


  • ORACLE - 6 years ago

    Iran has no regard 4 life,they should not any weapon of mass destruction.isreal and d world should put hand together and stop iranian nuclear enrichment.

  • Martin Newman - 7 years ago

    With all honesty Isreal should bomb Iran cause a nuclear armed Iran would honestly be a threat to the whole region and can ignite unnecessary tension. We have already seen how the government there treats its own people what more people of another nation. Bomb Isreal bomb destroy and it is the duty of the US to protect the interests of God's chosen nation..

  • clearstory - 7 years ago

    Nuclear bombs are different. The radiation goes everywhere. See the old Ava Gardner
    movie, "on the beach", please.

  • reality - 7 years ago

    The Israel's and the Jews dragged us into the current wars . Just look at all the names pushing for that war . They value their soldiers lives ,but have no problem sacrificing American lives for Israel benefit . However' you won't see many American Jews signing up to fight in our military and the few that were spied on us for Israel . They are always pushing propaganda even in the movie "Private Ryan " one of the soldiers looking for Ryan was Jewish (Speilburg)and the grave next to the Tom Hanks character had a Star of David . In the sea of crosses he found a Star of David . Let's not forget the killing of our sailors on the USS Liberty . If Israel bombs Iran , I am for Iran bombing Israel with anything and everything they have . We give 3 Billion to Israel every year and they would sell us out in moment.

  • Maximus - 7 years ago

    Israel should bomb them with money, that will make the common Iranian citizen go out and buy some hummus. It is a win win for everyone!

  • OBIWAN - 7 years ago

    I say go for it. The hebes will have to go it alone unless the messiah BARAMA wants to start yet another war.

  • SolMan - 7 years ago

    I wish the puppet government of the US would stop adhering to their puppet master Israel and stop using our troops as world police in the middle east let them fight their own battles.

  • david - 7 years ago

    If the Jews are so damn bloodthirsty for war, let them have at it. I hope we can send John Hagee and all the other TBN "profits" with them

  • northpal - 7 years ago

    Lets put on a draft of jews and christian zionist to go toe to toe against the Iranians in a ground battle.
    If that happened, I with full confidence predict their full embrace of the "rapture".
    They would be praying like hell they get beamed up outta here.

  • fatima - 7 years ago

    Why should the world loose more of its son's and daughters to satisfy sadistic israel. If israel wants a war then let them do it alone don't force the us and other countries to do your dirty work for you.

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