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Was Sunrise official right to stop sacrifice by Muslims?

Posted 7 years.


  • Man And and Van London - 5 years ago

    Hi ,fantastic Post, that do consist of good information.
    ..many thanks for the great contribution

  • Bobbi - 5 years ago

    My brother worked at a slaughter house. He lasted only 4 days. He couldn't stand the gruesome suffering of the animals caused by the ineffectiveness on the killing floor. I have seen animals slaughtered Islamically and there is no comparison. The Islamic slaughter method is much more humane.

  • Mathew - 6 years ago

    It just blows my mind how they have to be so radical/bothersome. We need a time machine and gigantic plane to bring them al to america in 1969 and show them how well peace feels.

  • Irving - 7 years ago

    They killed 3000 innocent people for their religion so why should a few innocent animals bother them?? At what point do we realize they are out to destroy us?

  • Mark - 7 years ago

    Freedom of religion or no freedom of religion, what's it going to be?

    Anyone who thinks the ritual killing of animals for religious reasons is inhumane, needs to go see how it's done in our slaughterhouses. Of course if your simply against using animals for food, that's another matter entirely.

  • Safa - 7 years ago

    Actually, the way Muslims slaughter animals, is the MOST humane and clean way to slaughter. The ‘slaughtering’ is to be done by cutting the throat, windpipe and the blood vessels in the neck causing the animal’s death, but without cutting the spinal cord. The swift cutting of vessels of the neck disconnects the flow of blood to the nerve of the brain responsible for pain. Thus the animal does not feel pain. While dying, the animal appears to struggle, writhe, shake and kick, not due to pain, but due to the contraction and relaxation of the muscles deficient in blood and due to the flow of blood out of the body. Officials need to be knowledgeable about religious procedures before jumping to their own conclusions and insulting others.

  • OBIWAN - 7 years ago

    Muslims are the brothers of the President BARAMA

    They should not walk the earth, same ad dumbocrats!

    Exterminate them all!

    Newt 2012!!!!

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