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Is Rick Perry's candidacy finished?

Posted 7 years.


  • Laughing at Rebecca - 7 years ago must be joking. The man is a clown. We're talking about the job of President.....if he can't remember his own talking points......I think its obvious. He needs to go back and hang with the other idiot from Texas......Nevermind that Obama also graduated #1 in his Yale Law School class.......he is a great speaker not for how he says things but because he can inspire. All Perry inspires is for parents to make sure their children study harder......

  • realistic - 7 years ago

    Yes , I believe he is finished. However , it is terrible , because he seems to be the only " genuine" person in the race. His record of job creation is in large part due to HUGE cuts to education in his state. He cut education coffers by roughly 2 billion dollars over the years and he gave every cent to corporations and businesses. I don't agree with it , but the results don't lie...... ........people are working there. And that is whats needed right now.

  • Fuctup2012election - 7 years ago

    No, Cain is not finished. Americans have embraced this idiot and feel he's the man to make the country better. Perhaps if he is elected, and he beats W to be the worst president ao all tiem, we can rid the country of the tea party and every single dumba** republican once and for all.

  • Rebecca - 7 years ago

    Perry's jobs creation record is the best in the country. He has wonderful ideas and is Texas strong. Anyone who'd turn against him for not having the speech ability that Obama has is worthless. No wonder conservatives have such a hard time. They turn on each other like hyenas at a road kill.

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