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Which "Replace the KB" contestant(s) would you like to see blogging regularly at The Province? (Select no more than four) (Poll Closed)

Results for this poll have been set to private.
Posted 6 years.


  • Kyle - 6 years ago

    I like Jordan Bowman's articles and videos the best by far. As a former KB fan, I'd be happy to see them go with a writer and entertainer like Jordan Bowman coming in to take over. I thought his material is the most attractive to a wider audience, not just the die hard fans, which has got to be good for increasing the popularity of The Province Sports.

  • Ben A - 6 years ago

    Josh Statham is by far the best

  • DJ - 6 years ago

    ^ *sp.... best

  • DJ - 6 years ago

    Adam Graham is the ebst of the bunch. He has posted tons of outstanding pieces. Great insight!

  • Fungchen3 - 6 years ago

    Jeff Angus gets my vote. Great knowledge of the game and equally gifted at writing. Angus! Angus!

  • Dave - 6 years ago

    Plenty of great writers to choose from, but I'm going with Adam Graham. He had some great blogs throughout the competition. A side note, I hope The Province goes with who they think wrote the best blogs as opposed to the popularity contest that is this vote. It's about picking the best writer, not the writer that can get the most facebook friends and family members to vote and post comments promoting them.

  • Jeremy - 6 years ago

    Bowman all the way, I love the great videos, very funny. He seems a little over the top as a Canuck fan but that's what I need to keep myself interested. Cheers

  • Michael - 6 years ago

    Bowman for sure. The guys is super original and keeps me laughing. I'm not the biggest Canucks fan in history and being overseas its difficult to stay up to date on current events. Nevertheless his articles still engage a novice Canucks fan like me.

  • jr - 6 years ago

    Bowman all the way. His posts are hysterical, has great information, and the most engaging out of all of them. hands down

  • Stacey - 6 years ago

    I like the humour The Stanchion brings to hockey. His articles are always a pleasure to read. He's knowledgeable, a great writer and really creative. He doesn't stick to one solitary medium, but uses all of them. For someone who doesn't want to read long boring articles about hockey, he's great to keep you in the know on all hockey related things and in a fun way.

  • Fred Statham - 6 years ago

    Josh Statham and The Stanchion are heads and shoulders above all the other contestants. I enjoyed reading all contestants blogs, but Josh's knowledge of sports, especially ice hockey, his humor and of course his great writing style make him the obvious choice to replace the KB!

  • Tairalyn Ciulla - 6 years ago

    My vote no doubt goes for Josh Statham! He had the perfect combination of Hockey Knowledge and Humor which kept me coming back for more each week

  • Tony Broman - 6 years ago

    Love Josh Statham's perspective! Very engaging writing style and clear connections drawn from individual incidents to the larger systemic questions!

  • Tyler - 6 years ago

    John Cullen is fantastic. That video was chock full of hilarity. If he doesn't win this competition he should win last comic standing or some future competition for a spot on SNL when NBC is REALLY struggling for ratings.

  • Daniel McEwan - 6 years ago

    Big fan of whoever Chris Richards is. The Recchi article made my day!

  • Mallory Denniston - 6 years ago

    I always enjoy reading josh's blogs - he has so much knowledge of the sport and an obvious passion and skill for writing about it! I can always count on his writing to have the perfect blend of hockey history and humour!

  • laura passek - 6 years ago

    great love reading his material keep it going josh .

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