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Should schools let students work as janitors?

Posted 6 years.


  • Randy - 6 years ago

    Newt would have us return to the 1930's where 12 yr olds worked in the coal mines. Let these workers take legitimate jobs in the open market, and abide by the current Child Labor laws, which means not less than MW pay, no more than 3 hrs work on a school day, not more than 17 hrs in a school week, no work during school hours, no work before 7 a.m. nor after 7 p.m.., no handling of power machinery if under 16 yrs old., no handling or cleaning at all of hazardous equipment such as saws, forklifts, power slicers, power mixers, etc. These CL restrictions are there to protect our nation's youth. Newt would have us abolish these laws and feed these kids to the abusers and scofflaws of our nation under the guise of teaching them to work for a living. He and his ilk would have us back in the 30's in a heartbeat, given the opportunity.

  • diane - 6 years ago

    Children should get a quality education, because knowledge is power. Putting children to work is well, CRAZY!! The republicans have lost their collective minds.
    They want our children (not including those born into $$$) dumbed down and desperate, and they want public schooling privatized (bit profits there for big business). Wake up America!

  • Jorge - 6 years ago

    RIdiculous!!! have or any of you child family member will work as Janitor? do you know the envolments, responsibilities and time consuming to perform this job? I am sure you don't have any idea right Mr. Speaker of the House...........

    Get real and look around and see the pain of the voters....I do hope that we are ready to make the right decision this time how and who will make decision in our country for us the tax payers. Clear the house and let's place people that cares for other to run the White House......

  • reality - 6 years ago

    Newt doesn't look like he does any physical labor. And no one questions his $1.6 million salary from Fannie Mae for being a historian. Or how America's CEO's salaries have gone from 20 times what a worker earns, to 200 times. While at the same time many have raided workers' pension funds to increase their own. "Retirement Heist", by ? last name, Schultz. One school I worked at had 1 lazy janitor. The next one had 2 that worked as a team, taking pride in having such a clean school. I know there is corruption in unions, but let's solve it. Making teenagers, or even older workers do dangerous work, and/or work in unsanitary conditions is just not right. Maria Montessori showed how to teach poor children to learn cleaning and academics, together, in classrooms where parents were always welcome to observe.

  • Rainbow Angel - 6 years ago

    No Way Newt!!!

  • Not only for the poor - 6 years ago

    Newt is proposing that only the 'poor' kids to do the dirty work. Why shouldn't 'rich' kids also benefit from doing some dirty work? Maybe later in life they will appreciate other people picking up after them whole lot more.

    When I was in high school in New Zealand, I worked a couple of hours after school a couple of days a week as an assistant janitor along with several other kids.

    The job was voluntary, open to rich and poor, and a way to make some extra money (like doing a parer route, mowing lawns, etc). In my crew the rich/poor split was not quite 50/50.

    Were we supervised? Well sort of. We saw the head janitor at the beginning and end of our shift.

    Were there serious accidents? Yes.

    One kid got electrocuted when he and the isolating transformer he was using while wet buffing the floor ended up in the same puddle of water . He didn't die, but was pretty 'shocked' and received severe burns on his hands requiring a hospital visit.

    Another kid ended up visiting the hospital with a badly lacerated hand when he tried to push open a glass door that was locked and his hand slipped off the handle and it ended up going through the glass.

    There it was viewed as a life lesson and one that builds character. Here people, school boards and cities would probably get sued for millions by the parents.

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