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Is Florida wrong to refuse health-care law money?

Posted 6 years.


  • Sam - 6 years ago

    Rick Scott is theif and all his Repblican friends are only concerned about partisan matters and that's it. Not what's good for the State or country.

  • Carol - 6 years ago

    Contrary to what the writer says, the Affordable Health Care Act (better known as 'Obamacare', though the current occupants of the White House do not like the term and requested it not be used which resulted in it being used even moreso) NOT the law of the land. It is currently under review by the Supreme Court of the U. S., particularly since once 26 States challenged it, the framers of Obamacare insisted that despite the fact that it was written as a law, it really is about interstate commerce. They were so dumb and in such a hurry to pass this monstrosity that they snookered themselves. Now both RINOs and liberal Dems. are screaming for Kagan to recuse herself (that's the RINO scream) and Thomas to recuse himself (that's the liberal Dem. scream). Reasons: Kagan directed the writing of Obamacare in here role as his Solicitor General prior to his nominating her for the SCOTUS. When questioned by the nominating committee and asked if she ever worked on Obamacare's construction, she lied, as do all liberal liars, and said 'no, never'. Emails have now come to light that indicate she was, in fact, in the midst of it and directing its work. With regard to Clarence Thomas, his wife Ginny works as a lobbyist for a group opposing Obamacare...quite different from Kagan's role. It really is possible for two members of a family to have opposing points of view, though no one in their right mind would find Obamacare legal in any respect.

  • mark - 6 years ago

    Thanks for ruining lives of sick and dying citizens? Republicans are a death cult. Party over country, everytime.

  • Kasey - 6 years ago

    Love ya Gov. Scott. Thanks for sticking to what you said you would do! I am very happy you are our Governor!! Keep up the good work.....

  • Common Sense - 6 years ago

    Gov. Scott is wise to turn down the federal money. We all know where taking the money leads. Once Floridian's are "hooked" on the money, then the Fed's start changing the rules which increases the costs of administering the program and then eventually dumping the problem and the cost on the State. Better to not start taking it in the first place.

    Gov. Scott is looking ahead and avoiding a costly mistake for Florida. Keep up the good work Gov. Scott.

  • Brandy - 6 years ago

    The problem with our economy is that we must stop subsidizing what we cannot afford to. Even Congress is now cutting into Obamacare money pools to fund other things that they either want or have to have. This government has not known how to balance the books for decades now and we need a law on the books that says "if they don't, they can't stay", period.

  • reality - 6 years ago

    FL Repubs have already rejected $35,700,000 in Federal money to help move Medicaid-eligible nursing home residents to assisted living, or home care facilities, which cost less. Why? In 2003, when Repubs controlled Congress, they passed, and Bush signed, Medicare Part D, which Prohibited Medicare from negotiating prices for drugs with drug companies. The VA does, Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, etc. all do, and all spend way less for drugs. That Prohibition alone, seems to have added Billions of $$ to the Deficit, every year since. And Since Repubs insisted on keeping that Prohibition in Obamacare, and STILL refuse to let Medicare bargain for bulk prices, Billions of $$ CONTINUE to add to the Deficit! Medicare Part D also gave like an average of a 14% "bonus" to Private ins. companies, to do what Original Medicare was already doing. Obamacare stopped that, and made Medicare Advantage plans compete fairly with Govt bureaucrats. Repubs said that was cutting benefits. But it seems to have meant that private ins. companies now have to prove that they can do it better than govt.

  • Liza - 6 years ago

    This from the hypocrit who made his millions ripping off Medicare, whose paying him off now?
    He's got great health care courtesy of our tax dollars so I guess he's not too worried about anyone else. Worst governor of any state ever.

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