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Foster care for 200-pound third grader?

Posted 6 years.


  • superchick - 6 years ago

    Hell to the no! The authorities should not be able to take a child away from his parents because of a weight problem (unless the child is severely malnourished and sickly). Separation anxiety will probably cause the child to want to snack all the more!! A better solution would be to have it mandated that DCF work *with* the family; not against them or apart from them, to find out why Junior has become such a porkchop. I'd say that a physician, nutritionist and perhaps a pediatric counselor or psychologist should be assigned to assess the situation. Are the parents really that financially challenged/unfortunate that they cannot afford to feed their son healthy fruits, vegetables and lean meat and fish (have you seen the prices at Whole Foods lately?)? Does the child have a pre-existing medical condition, such as a glandular problem, or early onset puberty, that try as he might (vigorous physical activity and normal eating habits), he cannot seem to lose weight? "Big Brother" should never have the right to take custody of an at-risk child until all the pertinent facts are known. And yes, you guessed right; I, too, am a mother of children whom I adore!!!

  • connie - 6 years ago

    I agree he needs to eat right for his health.BUT If his parents are good parents,and that is the only thing they are doing wrong.No Leave the child alone!!!There is a lot more kids out there with real problems,like homeless and in need of care.That is going way to far!!!

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