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Is $2.5 million a fair settlement in the anthax case?

Posted 6 years.


  • clerestory - 6 years ago

    Only 2.5 million the government got off cheap . First of all anthrax should not be allowed anywhere . There are to many right wing extremist prone to violence in America. These nuts already have guns . I worry far less about Muslim terrorist than good old American right wing nuts . They are showing what a danger to America they are when they rear their ugly policies . It happened before in America when they caused the Civil war .

  • reality - 6 years ago

    Don't you think we should know who stole anthrax from a federal lab, and mailed it to so many sites? Is it true this woman's husband was responsible for putting an unflattering photo of Jenna Bush partying? Another anthrax letter went to the office of Senator Tom Daschle, who was opposing either, or both, the War on Afghanistan or Iraq. Afterward, he supported Bush's Wars.
    We are so concerned with what Iran is doing, and seem to know every detail of their scientific work. Why can't we know what is going on in our own country? Is it true this federal lab got a kick out of "playing around" with ever more dangerous strains of anthrax? Didn't pres. Nixon order these dangerous substances destroyed? We put people in jail for growing marijuana plants, after staking them out and hunting them down. Marijuana has never killed anyone. This anthrax did.
    And our FBI should find whoever put it in the envelopes, addressed them, and mailed them, instead of dreaming up elaborate stings to entrapping the Libertyville saps, for instance.

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