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Will the $1 billion investment in Scripps pay off?

Posted 6 years.


  • EMILY.LEBRON - 6 years ago


  • Russ - 6 years ago

    I think most people will remember few years ago. Tenant did everything in there power to stop any hospital from getting a heart program. There are a couple of heart programs now 25-30 miles away. This took years of trying from these hospitals trying to prove there was a need for a heart program. Tenant could not stop them after a while. Now Tenant wants to open a hospital FOUR miles away from a Jupiter hospital. If this was in reverse I would like to see Tenant reaction. This is just what Tenant was against a few years ago. I do not think they will employ more people. People will leave other place to work there as they will need experienced people. Where will these people come from Jupiter Hospital, The Gardens, Stuart, St. Mary's, Good Sam. WE need to take a real good look at Tenant. They have basically run out of room where they are in Palm Beach Gardens and they need room to grow. As it is in the summer Tenant has many empty beds.

  • Sarah - 6 years ago

    As a nurse that has worked at both of these local facilities in the past. The seasonal flex of local residents is already a problem at both Tenant and non- Tenant facilities. It would be a much wiser investment for Scripps to partner with these existing facilities, so we may be able to offer Tertiary care services in the future. By building yet another un-needed facility we will slow progress that the community is yearning for.

  • Not a JMC employee - 6 years ago

    Dr. D -- I voted no and it had nothing to do with John Couris or anyone else. Nevertheless, thank God someone is telling the other side of the story; the Palm Beach Post sure hasn't. Look at the wording of the poll! Look at the lack of investigative research on the issue...TENET IS NOT ASKING FOR A RESEARCH HOSPITAL - they want a GENERAL ACUTE CARE HOSPITAL. Read it for yourself. Just remember, you won't find it on the Post website, or on the Tenet website, or on the Scripps website but you can find it online because of Jupiter Medical Center.

    You want a bioscience cluster? Then tell Scripps to link up with existing facilities. There’s more research and specialty services going on in this community DESPITE Scripps. Think about how much better it would be if they WOULD work together.

    And by the way, TENET WILL NOT be offering specialty services. No neonatal, no tertiary care, no burn care, no organ transplants. None of it. If the Palm Beach Post was worth 2 cents they would look at the Tenet track record. They would look at the application. They would not just take the public relations promises (which are not enforceable) at face value.

    The overwhelming number of people who like me who have posted comments is certainly proof that Scripps is tearing this community apart. You can dismiss it as employees of Jupiter, but you are wrong. There are those of us who love our community and see this Tenet/Scripps deal for what it really is.

  • Dr. D - 6 years ago

    Even with John Couris, CEO of JMC pushing people to vote no, he is still outnumbered in the community and on this pole. Give us our research hospital and bioscience cluster and stop this nonsense.

  • Mary Roff - 6 years ago

    Jupiter Medical Center can provide the needed medical care to the community. Scripps can set up research units and partnership with JMC for medical care. Duplication of services is not a sound financial decision.

  • James - 6 years ago

    Who would you support or trust more? A local, non for profit medical center that is run by your neighbors and is accountable to you or an out of State Corporation that is accountable to shareholders first and you second. I’d say that this is a stark difference? Yes? The community has supported Jupiter Medical Center for many, many years and this should not be compromised due to bad public policy and backdoor deals.

  • Something Luis Forgot - 6 years ago

    Luis, your facts aren't facts - but instead of quibbling over that, why don't we just post a real fact from Tenet's own words...

    “In addition, we continually review our clinical service lines to determine which services are most highly valued and should be marketed to improve our operating results, and we strategically de-emphasize or eliminate unprofitable service lines, if appropriate.”
    -Tenet Annual Report filed to the SEC for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2010, page 29.

    And that, Luis, is a FACT...

  • dave - 6 years ago

    I am a physician and I would not let my family be treated for any significant illness in any Palm Beach County hospital. That are all grossly inadequate. We need a large teaching Hospital in this county. I don't know how far an 80 bed "research" hospital would go towards that end but maybe it's a start. I would suggest an 800 bed hospital and closing most of the community hospitals.

  • W.B. NORTHROP - 6 years ago

    This is an opportunity to have WORLD CLASS medical attention and experienced management which will only benefit everyone. In addition, this will provide tremendous revenue.

    Keep in mind, there is no other teaching hospital in our area...


  • Donald Eisenberg - 6 years ago

    As a former hospital executive at large public and not-for profit voluntary teaching hospitals I found Tenet's application for approval of a new research and teaching hospital unconvincing at best.
    Wouldn't it better serve the residents of our communities if the existing local hospitals were to devote the necessary resources to the training of medical students and medical school graduates? Vibrant graduate medical education programs attract the best residents and fellows and the best clinicians to hospital staffs.
    And wouldn't it be better to provide public support to an entity that plows back its profits (if any) into internal improvements rather than into distribution to it's shareholders?
    I don't think Tenent is the best vehicle for improving hospital and medical care in northern Palm Beach County.

  • Jean S - 6 years ago

    The best comment was from one of our local MDs:

    "It would make more sense for Scripps to invest in Jupiter Medical Center and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center for their research and education. They do not not need to run a hospital. This is the model that Harvard University does with its hospitals, such as Mass General and Brigham, etc
    It gets the university or research company out of the business of running hospitals and strengthens the existing hospitals. "

    The local community wants to support Scripps. Shouldn't Scripps want to support the local community?

  • Luis - 6 years ago

    The development of a true bioscience cluster in Palm Beach County is crucial to the future of healthcare in our area, and an academic research medical center is an important cornerstone.


    FACT: The proposed conditions for Tenet’s Certificate of Need require governance comprised of representation from Scripps, FAU and a local Palm Beach County official as well as support space for an academic medical faculty, medical residents and students, and research teaching and medical residency programs. These characteristics are distinctly different from that of a local community hospital.

    FACT: It will advance the mission of the Scripps Research Institute to bridge the gap between research and teaching, to actual clinical practice, all on one campus and accomplish the goal announced in 2004 to include a research hospital.

    FACT: The new hospital will bring substantial revenue into the local community. The construction of the facility will be solely funded through private capital. According to a county study, it is estimated that the hospital will bring an impact of over $400 million to the local economy over the next six years.

    FACT: Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center is “landlocked” and has no room for cost-effective expansion. The new hospital will help accommodate future demand, and draw new patients into the region.

    FACT: It will create jobs. The initial construction of the hospital will bring an estimated 150-200 full time jobs into the community. Once in operation, an estimated 250-300 full time jobs will be created.

    The bottom line is clear: Promoting this enterprise and the expansion of the Bioscience Cluster can only bring better healthcare and a more vibrant economy to Palm Beach County. That’s good medicine — and good sense.

  • Betty Sacco - 6 years ago

    I support Scripps and think local hospitals could use some competition.

  • FG - 6 years ago

    Tenet Corporation is FOR PROFIT. Jupiter Medical Center is not for profit. There is a very real danger that Tenet could close our not for profit hospital using our tax dollars when they are not needed here! JMC does not stay full off season and could become not viable without a minimal occupancy level. As it is, both JMC and the for profit PBG can handle all the teaching and residents supplied by FAU. A new Tenet hospital is not need here! (And who is looking at PAC and/or political contributions driving approval for a wasteful, destructive new facility on OUR land?)

    I am shocked by the uninformed who think this bid by Tenet represents "competition." It clearly is a for profit grab using our tax dollars to build on public land! We can support a world class med school and research with our current facilities... and perhaps even enhance them with out closing them down.

  • Alice Marston - 6 years ago

    Dear Jupiter Medical Center - FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT for our community. The Tenet hospital is nothing more than a corrupt use of our tax dollars for a corporation. We must not let Tenet win. Please fight this in court.

  • WOW - 6 years ago

    I've been reading this blog and it seems the input is not employee driven but community driven. I believe the supporters of Jupiter Hospital's position are right on target. Seems more like the people in charge of Tenet/Scripps are trying to spin the overwhelming community support of Jupiter Hospital as employee driven. In reference to "Reality", why don't we advocate building 20 more post offices in Jupiter. Perhaps this would bring the cost of mail down. The issue is still the same: Palm Beach Gardens unoccupied beds will still be unoccupied with a new hospital (only worse). That doesn't sound like a way to bring healthcare costs down. Scripps needs to partner with the local hospitals and not rent out their free land for 5 million dollars/yr and then hope to suck philanthropic dollars from our community.

  • JanB - 6 years ago

    The Scripps investment and Florida's bioscience strategy is strongly supported, but a new hospital in the area is not. The hospitals in the area should be able to fulfill the needs of whatever Scripps wants instead of creating a new hospital with more tax payer moneys. Duplication of services is not needed in the north end of this county.

  • Leroy - 6 years ago

    Can we all just get along.

  • Realistic - 6 years ago

    First, it is obvious from the comments on this website that both Jupiter and PBGMC requested that their employees take the poll. If you read through the comments from Jupiter they all say the same thing, Jupiter is a fine hospital, the best, we don't need another hospital when we have Jupiter. Obvioiusly that is not true since PBGMC exists right down the street. I agree Jupiter is a fine hospital. So is PBGMC. The issue here is do we need a research facility, and the answer is yes. Lets stop making this about who is better Tenet or Jupiter. That's not the issue here.

  • Steven - 6 years ago

    Since when did competition become a BAD thing? Is healthcare the only industry where prices go up when more people are providing services? Imagine the cost of an iPhone if the competition didn't exist!

  • Ali - 6 years ago

    How can anyone argue with investing in the community and expanding medical science.

  • Really..... - 6 years ago

    ....Everyone says there is no need for another hospital and we are duplicating services......there is no need for another McDonalds and we still build....and the people still eat...............................................................
    Restaurants keep going up, Walmarts keep going up...............there is really no NEED for any of it, but if a company is willing to put out some $$ and help the community with some quality research what's the big deal???? Or should we really start controlling what kind of businesses we are allowed to put up based on need these days? America doesn't need 3/4 of the businesses that we have...but they are still here, making $$ and creating jobs....Come on guys! Don't interfere with entrepreneurship that is especially beneficial for society.
    Build it and they will come!

  • Sammy - 6 years ago

    Ms. Muffet-
    You must have been at a Tenet facility, not Jupiter. My wife was just a patient at Jupiter, and they have the best technology available for the detection of breast cancer in the state of Florida which includes research, and genetics. And the care she received was incredible.

  • Responding to "really" - 6 years ago

    Really? or really misinformed?
    Tenet doesn't know how to focus on patient care.... Your company is what gives Healthcare a bad name no matter what your CEO is focusing on which is probably only the bottom line.... Tenet isn't about delivering good patient care it is about money.... And you all can't even get that right, look at your financials.

  • Really? - 6 years ago

    Got yet another email today from Jupiter CEO, John Couris urging me to come on here and vote no. I guess all you JMC employees will keep logging on. This has become such a joke, the Post should take it down. Shouldn't you all be focused on patient care? I guess not when this ridiculousness is the CEO's top priority. Don't bother responding to me. I won't be wasting my time here again on this "poll". Adios

  • yep - 6 years ago

    Good job on educating Ms. Muffet, however something tells me that the writer is really the Tenet Spider that sat down beside her...hence the misleading statement.

  • Bella - 6 years ago

    Ms Muffet, comparing the Scripps FL/Tenet hospital to the Scripps in CA is like comparing a volkswagon to a bentley. actually, i have been a breast patient at Jupiter - all-digital. and i was just tthere for appt and they now have even newer stuff that no one else has in the county - you should do your homework. that place, and the whole hospital, which my family members have been patients at - is so much better than gardens. which, by the way, is what you'll get with this new hospital - just with scripps name stuck on it.

  • jim - 6 years ago

    I am convinced that another hospital is not needed but certainly I feel that a new state of the art researrch center is needed. I belive that there exist sufficient hospital beds within Palm Beach County and to build another hospital or allow another hospital would be borderline mis appropriate of my tax payer dollars. If Tenet maintains the proposed hospital then one might ask the question, will the new hospital be maintained in the same manner as they have demonstrate in the past .

  • Joita Mina - 6 years ago

    I'm convinced that we do not need another hospital in Jupiter area.Jupiter Medical Center covers all the health needs of our community,plus reserve capacity for future expansion and needs.

  • M. Richard Wyman - 6 years ago

    If more beds are needed, Jupiter Hospital can expand much more economically than a new hospital less than two miles away

  • Ms. Muffett - 6 years ago

    Do you want to continue receiving care from a hospital that lacks technology and miss-
    represents that they have technologies when in fact they do not?? this happened to me.
    I am at risk for breast cancer, I asked them specifically if they had the software for the digital mammograpy, they stated they did, in fact they did not, stating its great software, but they couldnt afford it. case close. get a real hospital that can afford technologies, and has the
    funding to care for people without having to travel 2k miles back to scripps.

  • Ms. Muffett - 6 years ago

    I am from California, the quality of care and available technology is unsurpassed compared to jupiter med ctr. I have been to both, comparing jupiter med ctr to scripps is like comparing a volkwagen to a bentley, not in the same league at all.

  • Ken - 6 years ago

    At my advance age I have been treated in numerous hospitals in many parts of America, including three rated among the finest in the nation. Like many other people well known to me in the area who have experienced , I regard Jupiter Hospital as providing both medical and other patient services and resources as by far the finest in the area, making any need for another hospital nearby totally unnecessary and almost certainly redundant for many years. Indeed, creating the things should not even be considered by those in power over such matters - especially in this time of major national and local financial stress.

  • michele - 6 years ago

    The prudent measure is to support the fine Hospitals that currently exist.

  • RONNIE - 6 years ago

    This is surely one of the dumbest ideas to come down the pike in years. There is already a fine not-for-profit hospital in Jupiter which is providing state of the art services in a lovely environment. If Scripps is dedicated to research why don't they piggy back on Jupiter Medical center but I guess we all know the answer. Profit, profit, profit with complete disregard for community mission! I work actively in a not for profit hospital system and know how the for profit environment is so totally different. Our state mandated for profit hospitals out years ago!

  • cynthia karas - 6 years ago

    There is no need for another hospital so close to Jupiter Hospital which is building new facilities and getting better year by year.

  • A local MD - 6 years ago

    It would make more sense for Scripps to invest in Jupiter Medical Center and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center for their research and education. They do not not need to run a hospital. This is the model that Harvard University does with its hospitals, such as Mass General and Brigham, etc
    It gets the university or research company out of the business of running hospitals and strengthens the existing hospitals.

  • Paid Off - 6 years ago

    In reference to "Russell" no other hospital could have "pulled it off" (interesting choice of words). So I ask, could you have "pulled it off" without millions in grant money and donated land? Where is the "gloom and doom" in supporting our communities, county and state?

  • Empolyee in Jupiter - 6 years ago

    There is not a need for another hospital in this area. And if it is owned by Tenet we have a problem. I was a patient at a Tenet and got a serious infection. They are only for money and not the patients like Jupiter Medical Center is.

  • Concerned RN - 6 years ago

    I don't believe the POLL QUESTION IS MISLEADING. Do I think that the investment will pay off?? Eventually yes. Do I think Scripps partnering with PBGMC is a good idea?? NO

  • Tenet is a joke - 6 years ago

    Seriously, I have lived in two communities that had Tenet facilties, and on each coeat Tenet has prved to be ajoke to the communities they serve. It unperforms in the market, and it is a place where employees are worked like cattle, with no saftey measures for patients. IT has infection rates that can't be ofrgotten, and it is the last place I would ever work or be a patient for thast matter. IT's reputation is to make money and was recently invaded by union so the employees had a right not to be wokred like cattle. If anyone in the community thinks this deal is legit they are naive citizens that are not informed. Jupiter Medical Center is a community not for profit organization that cares for their patients and the team members that work for them. They have anew CEO with a strong vision that is honest and forthright with his mission, vision, and values. Physicians don't be fooled.... Jupiter will be the leader in this community. Now that the right leadership is there and ready have faith... but never trust a Tenet facility... they just don't care about anything but profitability and the least of thewir concern is the physicians not to mention the patients.... $$$$

  • DFB - 6 years ago

    We don't need more hospital beds in the north county. Put the money towards education or something that will have an immediate and positive impact on our community. Stop giving our tax dollars to organizations like Tenet.

    Not to mention I've never heard of anyone having a bad experience at Jupiter Medical Center. I've been in the area for 30 years and have had plenty of family and friends seek treatment there. I've only heard good things about their experiences at JMC.

    Stay out of the way and let a not for profit community based hospital do its job!!

  • Concerned Citizen - 6 years ago

    I am really shocked that Scripps and the Palm Beach Post would support the building of another hospital, that will serve exactly the same areas, with the same services, that are currently served by both the Jupiter Medical Center and the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center.

    In this day and age, it is unconscionable that monies would be used for unnecessary construction and duplication of services, when these funds could be put to better use to enhance humanity. We all appreciate the Scripps institution and what it is accomplishing or hopes to accomplish; but, this endeavor by Tenet and the encouragement and cooperation of Scripps is pure gluttony, deceipt and waste on their parts, to the highest degree. Shame on all of those entities that are behind this sham.

  • JS - 6 years ago

    I have had family members admitted to both hospitals. Nothing compares to JMCs quality,compassion, cleanliness,nurses, doctors, and other staff. There is nothing to think about. We don't need another hospital driving up healthcare costs and adding no real value to the community.

  • Concerned healthcare worker - 6 years ago

    If this is truely about quality healthcare, research,and benefiting the community-we all should vote NO. We have 13 hospitals in PB County who are not at full capacity! Do we really need another hospital within miles of JMC and PBGMC? Healthcare cost will increase will increase for all of us. Don't you pay enough already?

  • Jeff S - 6 years ago

    Having Scripts invest in a new hospital will hurt the community. Tenet is just interested in serving share holders with beds in wealthier part of the county. They will be duplicating services already provided by Jupiter medical Center who's sole mission is to serve the community. Growing the service line provided at Jupiter Medical center, while still being able to do the medical research they are famous for. Scripts joining forces with Jupiter Medical Center is a win win. Growing an already established community hospital who's bottom line is serving the community is smarter than a new hospital who's goal is profit for its share holders. The growth at Jupiter Medical center will bring more jobs to the area with any disruptions.
    Further more this area has a very "seasonal" area with the influx of snowbirds. The population base in northern palm beach county can't support a 3rd hospital during the lean summer months. A third hospital would actually be detrimental to the health care industry and not provide a large number full time year round jobs. Rather it would have a skeleton crew of full time employees and be run with expensive seasonal employees during the winter months.
    The real win win is invest in the hospital that already exist. This would provide more full time year round job as well as grow a hospital who is here to serve its community with world class Heath care not pay dividends to share holders

  • trevor mcgill - 6 years ago

    I oppose the the tenet proposal to open a hospital in Jupiter

  • Constance Antonucci - 6 years ago

    It is amazing to me that Scripps would choose a Tenet Hospital instead of JMC. I have read each of the comments submitted and the amount of comments in favor of a Tenet hospital is not consitent with the votes cast. Are the votes from people who believe in the project or just want to keep their jobs.

  • David Mack - 6 years ago

    Jupiter hospital, is without question the finest facility in the state of Florida

  • Carol G - 6 years ago

    My understanding is that the state GAVE Scripps the land tax free -- isn't there some kind of a conflict with putting a publicly traded company on this tax free land. Does that mean that Tenet would NOT have to pay any taxes either. This deal smells -- and, on top of it, we don't need another hospital.

  • Helen Brown - 6 years ago

    Jupiter Medical Center is everything a person could want in a hospital when they are in need of a facility. We have quality team members, as well as state of the art equipment, top notch physicians, nurses and certified nursing assistants. Jupiter Medical Center is the place to go to have a beautiful baby, as we offer the best care and wonderful surroundings. I had my daughter at JMC and for over six years, have not been able to stop telling everyone about the care, quaility, phsicians, nurses, and how clean the faciliy was. The food in the cafe is great, and the team is outstanding. There is nothing like our facility in all of the state of Florida, we are number one. Everyone wants to work at JMC. If you are lucky enough to have been chosen to be part of our team, you will understand why we don't need another facility in this area.

  • Hilary Kloska - 6 years ago

    Jupiter Medical Center (JMC) has been in this community for several years and has served its community appropriately. Adding this new facility to the mix would jepordize JMC and its employees. JMC is one of the largest employers in Jupiter, Florida and has been for several years. This proposed new hospital is an investement opportunity not a community initiative. We should understand it for what it is and keep our Communicty based facility in tact.

  • JunoBeachCPA - 6 years ago

    Florida's $1B investment in bio-tech was for the people of this great state, not just Scripps. Yes, Scripps is a major beneficiary, but Scripps needs to understand that the existing stakeholders (Florida companies, Florida hospitals and healthcare providers (specifically all Palm Beach County providers), Florida education organizations, and the residents and voters of Florida) come first in benefiting from the state's and Palm Beach County's massive investment. Scripps should refocus on their commitment to these stakeholders, which I feel has been lost. I welcome all bio-techs to our state, and look forward to seeing win-win opportunities for all!

  • honestabe - 6 years ago

    In refernce to "wow"s comment... I actually received the letter from JMC's CEO, John Couris urging people to come on and vote "no". I am not sure if I am for or against at this point, but we all have to be honest and stop the blame game. Honesty is the best policy. I am reading up and then I will vote my opinion.

  • MD on staff at PBGMC and JMC - 6 years ago

    What we need is a state of the art medical facility to serve our community, not two mediocre facilities with inadequate funding. As a staff member at both, I know each place's inherent weaknesses. JMC has a greater vision for the future than does PBGMC, but less funding and depends on charitable donations. PBGMC (Tenet) has a great deal more $, but Tenet is unwilling too spend it on PBGMC. A new high tech facility that is starting fresh with Scripps as its partner, will provide the best opportunity for the future of medicine in the northern county area. This will surely take business away from both current institutions, but should elevate quality over the long haul. Maybe it will ultimately lead to PBGMC becoming a more specialized facility to serve unmet needs, or even closing down.

    If I was a patient with a minor illness, I would choose JMC because physically it is much nicer. However if I was truly very ill, PBGMC would be where I would choose to be an inpatient. A new facility with no compromises would be the best solution. Compared to other places like Boca Community Hospital , our local facilities are vastly inferior.

  • Wow - 6 years ago

    Tenet has bought votes on this poll, just like they are buying off the Commissioners to get this corrupt project through. 300 votes in favor in one day? Really? If the PB Post was serious about gauging the community sentiment, they would make you register to vote on this poll. Shame on them!

  • Fed up Citizen - 6 years ago

    I am all for Scripps research, however this is not what the certificate of need filed by Tenet stated. There is no need for anymore beds in Palm Beach County. This hospital will only be a duplication of services already offered by the best hospital in the area, Jupiter Medical Center. An 80 bed "research" hospital can hardly offer the type of training that a large university center can offer. Scripps should have opted to have their residents rotate throughout the county hospitals. In addition, I find it offensive that my tax dollars are going to subsidize a for-profit venture that is so clearly unwarranted. When are we as tax payers going to stand up to stop these corporate welfare bailouts?

  • Lynn S - 6 years ago

    As a nurse at JMC I would like to point out that the Palm Beach Post reported that none of the Palm Beach County hospitals is full even during the winter months. JMC is capable of providing for the medical needs of our community. This new propsed hospital is not a tertiary care facility like the University of Miami; it is a general acute care hospital duplicating the care that Palm Beach County hospitals already provide. In my experience as a case manager hospitals like Jackson Memorial and Shands are readily accessible for patients requring complex medical interventions. If you take the time to read Tenet's CON application you will see that the proposed hospital will not be providing anything specailized.
    I value the important bioscience work that Scripps is doing, however the proposed hospital will not be on the same level as a world renowned research hospital. In the CON application submitted by Tenet the research they refer to is "speculative" and may not materialize. Thank you.

  • S. Jason Kapnick M.D. - 6 years ago

    I am the senior board- certified cancer surgeon in Palm Beach County. I have no personal bias on this issue. It is crucial for patients with complex diseases, and for the people of Palm Beach County, for the CON to be approved for two reasons: 1) in this economic environment travel to distant centers in and, worse, outside of Fl. would, I am sure, be obviated by a Scripps-involved hospital in North County.2) I am on the staff of, and have high regard for, JMC for over 20 years. However,in many months of the year, Jupiter Hospital- which does what they do very well-is clearly lacking additional capacity to serve patients whom the much- needed new facility could accomodate readily. I can elucidate and demonstrate these positions at any time.

  • Phyllis Schaffer - 6 years ago

    Jupiter Medical Center,a not- for- profit HospitaL,l, has always been able to respond to community needs. I am sure that they will work with Scripps, saving public funds, and strive to keep health care costs in check.

  • JENNY J - 6 years ago

    Another hospital in PBC, why? There is no need for an additional hospital just look at the statistics and facts and clearly you will see how ridiculous this is.

  • David Z - 6 years ago

    We have a wonderful and great staff at JMC and I am proud to be an active member of the staff. My patients are satisfied with the excellent care they receive. In view of this, I do not see the need for an additional hospital though I support important research undergoing at scripps. This money could be spent for funding on ongoing research.

  • RH - 6 years ago

    Bring the research we don't need another hospital.

  • Carla Strom - 6 years ago

    I am so happy with our Jupiter Medical Hospital it saved my life.....Why have another when we have the best????

  • Joseph - 6 years ago

    Tenet is a corrupt company, it has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to the government in fines in the last couple of decades; they see penalties imposed to them just as the cost of doing business. A corrupt company that puts corporate profits ahead of patient's welfare should not be allowed to partner with an entity that is entitled to tax payer support. I am all for Scripps and what it means to the future of the community, but against any project that involves partnering with Tenet or any other for-profit company with a history of recurrent corruption.

  • Marie Baker - 6 years ago

    I believe this is a scam by Tenet to break into a market to make more money for themselves. It wil cannabolize the existing services of Jupiter Medical Center , a non profit facility who already provides excellent care. Does everyone NOT know that Tenet will be "donating" 5 million dollars a year to Scripps for the privilage of using the land??
    Wake up Palm Beach County! This is a losing proposition for you and will cost jobs at other hospitals.

  • Laura - 6 years ago

    Another Hospital in Northern Palm Beach County? Why? Who? Jupiter Medical Center is a fine hospital that has always put their patient and community needs first. That's why they are a non profit. All profits are put right back into the facility to provide additional, exceptional care to the community they serve! Tenet, another fine hospital, unfortunately, their profits go to stockholders, not their facility. Scripps, known and respected worldwide for research. Obviously, they did not do enough reseach before partnerning with Tenet. Just ask former patients and employees of Tenet, ask how they were treated? PB County made the initial investment and committment to Scripps by providing the land. Scriptts has an obligation to PBC to do the right thing for the community and tax payers. Their vision for the future should not include providing more $ for Tenet shareholders.

  • Mini Beep - 6 years ago

    Why get in the way of progress? Let Jupiter Medical have some competition and I am pretty sure their services will all of a sudden improve.

  • Breonna - 6 years ago

    I support Scripps but do not see why they need to partner with corporation that is clearly in it for the money. If they truly want to do research and it’s not a monetary issue then they can partner with any of the existing 13 palm beach county hospitals.

  • JupiterRes - 6 years ago

    As an insider let me tell you that Jupiter Medical Center is a "good old boy" club, it does not serve public interest, it serves itself. The competition will be good- "grandfathered" MDs without Board Certifications will have no place at the new Hospital - they have pride of place on certain committees at JMC. Cutting edge doctors will be courted and encouraged to continue in a reseach facility.
    Wake up people - the Board at JMC does not give TWO FIGS about the needs of the community- it cares about itself only

  • Keith L - 6 years ago

    There is no reason to build another hospital in northern Palm Beach County.

  • Josefina M - 6 years ago

    We do not need another hospital. Use that money for research.

  • Ella - 6 years ago

    I think the larger points that anyone who says no is missing is that by adding a hospital that has affiliations with research institutions, you're not only adding top-notch jobs to an area that desperately needs biomedical jobs, but you're also increasing the level of healthcare that residents in this area will receive.

    As a recent under-35 transplant from Boston MA, I can say without hesitation that this area has absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by approving a research-based hospital. I've looked up doctors here, and very few in the area meet my requirements for healthcare. I'm either going to Miami or flying back to MA for appointments because I want doctors to be on the cutting edge of research. I don't want to be treated with yesterday's used treatments. Why would anyone want that?

    But more importantly, why would the county pass by an opportunity to expand on their biomedical cluster? Again, I don't have much of a basis for Palm Beach County, but if you look at the economy of Massachusetts (specifically the Boston/Cambridge area) throughout the most current recession, you'd see a stark difference. Our housing prices never fell as much as they did around here. There's never a lack of biomedical jobs and the affiliations with Harvard Medical School, BU Medical, and Tufts Medical School have recruited top-notch physicians and scientists not only to the local hospitals, but to the companies that call that area home as well. And as more and more companies sprout in the area, it sustains the MA economy through a time where most other states have ridiculous unemployment rates.

    Unless the residents (not the retirees, but the young families and people looking to make this area their home) want to see house prices continue to plummet and jobs continue to be scarce, I say you should pass on this. But if you'd like money to come to your economy and make Jupiter another biomedical hub, only good things can come long-term from building the hospital.

  • scistudent - 6 years ago

    i was under the distinct impression that there was no offer of partnership with scripps from JMC? is this incorrect? Is there a faction of doctors/nurses/administrators at JMC that would like to see a more research friendly facility? From what I understand, JMC has no interest in any form of partnership with research and teaching.

  • MiamiDoc - 6 years ago

    Researchers interested in hunan disease are already leaving Scripps and Palm Beach County for large medical centers like University of Miami that can sipport clinical trials and medical residencies. The Scripps cluster needs expansion if it wants to compete with other parts of Florida.

  • Russell - 6 years ago

    A new state of the art research hospital in partnership with Scripps.... This is good planning for the future for the Palm Beach county economy. Trust me....7 years from now you won't even question it. This is a great investment to bring bioscience and research to south Florida. I really don't think the current community hospitals could have pulled it off for finance and making it happen. And that might be the issue with all the gloom and doom comments on here.

  • All4Scripps - 6 years ago

    If we want to boost research in this area, we need to have the next step. Scripps and Tenet will give us this, with this new hospital. There is ALMOST NOTHING to support medical residencies in this area of the county, and that takes valuable doctors away. This hospital would serve that clearly needed purpose. Making this area into a research hub takes time and takes specific components. This is one of them. In addition, we need the "bench to bed" type of hospital that this one will be! Staying competitive and having the right resources in this area is the best thing for us as a county. Why would you say no to more jobs, a different kind of hospital that focuses more on teaching, and advancement in the science fields (both research and medical)???

  • notagoodthing - 6 years ago

    Tenet needs to reconfigure the gardens hospital that has such a bad reputation, prior to attempting a new venture. The Tenet name is blemished and I'm surprised Scripps is in favor of this association.

  • All4Scripps - 6 years ago

    Technically this hospital will be in Palm Beach Gardens, and will be a new extension for the hospital already located in PBG that has no room for physical expansion. This will be a research and teaching hospital, which Jupiter Medical Center is most certainly NOT (nor has the facilities to support such an endeavor), and will create many many new jobs in the area as well as bring another level of scientific sophistication to the area.

  • Robert Valli - 6 years ago

    More is not necessarily better. JMC does a fine job for the entire community.

  • SusanH - 6 years ago

    Having another hospital in the Jupiter/Gardens area is both wasteful and senseless.

  • Mary H. - 6 years ago

    Another hospital is certainly not needed in this area. JMC can easily do the same partnering with Scripps, it is a highly regarded facility. There is no need for Tenet to move to their property and pay rent to them to do this sharing.

  • Irwin Bromley - 6 years ago

    I can't believe that they are even considering approval of another hospital in between Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center and JMC. It can only hurt our not-for-profit JMC. There
    are sufficient hospital rooms available for future needs. Scripps should be partnering with JMC.

  • GB - 6 years ago

    We do not need another hospital in this area. Jupiter Medical Center is well equipped to handle patient care and research.

  • Phyllis Schaffer - 6 years ago

    We do not need another Tenet "for profit" hospital. Jupiter Medical Center is equipped to respond to the the research needs at Scripps,with it's wide community donor support.
    It would be folly in this economic environment to build another hospital at great public expense.

  • mgg - 6 years ago

    Any clinical research can be done with the existing hospitals. We should be strengthening the institutions that exist. Further competition in a strained market does not foster improvement. With falling reimbursements, this would be an additional strain on our existing institutions.

    The initial plan appears to cherry pick profitable services from the area. What better way to destroy our other local hospitals while continuing to burden them with unprofitable services. Given its "research role" I suppose there is no place for an emergency room.

  • Kat, Jupiter - 6 years ago

    Scripps, yes. Tenet, no. We do not need another Tenet hospital, teaching/research or not. They say they will reallocate beds...Are they really going to move beds from St Mary's and the Gardens Medical Center? Maybe they have empty beds because no one would go to a Tenet hospital unless there was no other choice. JMC on the other hand is a fine, award-winning, non-profit community hospital worthy of our support.

  • GG - 6 years ago

    Scripps has said they don't want to do research at Jupiter or any other hospital in Palm Beach County and they need a facility of their own on their campus. Every interview I read where Dr. Orf of Scripps is questioned about this, he says so.

  • Teresa - 6 years ago

    We have a fabulous hospital and medical center that meets our needs. We do not need another corporate venue here. It fits the needs of our commune and serves us well. Tenet corporation has enough hospitals in enough places. Move on please.

  • BP - 6 years ago

    Please think about the fact that..........JMC has been providing medical care to the community for 30 years, many have invested in it's past, present and future. Research is important to everyone and we need it to advance in the medical field but not by building another facility. We have plenty of hospitals in the area. Would Scripps consider a partnership with JMC?

  • David, MD - 6 years ago

    I understand the need for research, but let us not be fooled by the concept of a "teaching" hospital. It can be synonymous with more difficult care for patients. Many of the local doctors trained at some of the best in the country. I am not sure that a quality educational experience can be provided to trainees in a 80 bed hospital. Do you want your physician to tell you they trained at Mass General, or at the Tenet hospital at Scripps?

  • John, MD - 6 years ago

    Aside from inefficient duplication of services issue, I think most of the good established doctors would not apply for staff privileges at yet another hospital. It would mean starting up again at the bottom of the call schedule. I certainly would have no incentive to cover more hospitals, add additional on-call duties. The fewer places I need to cover, the more efficient I am. Besides, Jupiter does a great job already.
    So... if most of the good docs will stay put... who then will man the new place?? I can only imagine.

  • John - 6 years ago

    Everyone seems to be freaking out about this, why didn't Jupiter Medical Center do this years ago with Scripps? It makes sense that Tenet had the resources and experience to pull it off. I think a new teaching hospital for doctors, on a Scripps' campus will be a positive and beneficial for PBC and the $1B it has already invested. Makes sense that it will help attract more bioscience industries to PBC. Think big and with a future goal.

  • Don - 6 years ago

    Jupiter Medic al Center has been taking care of our needs for over 25 years. This would be
    a duplication of services. We do not need a for-profit hospital.

  • Billie - 6 years ago

    Jupiter Hospital - Not for profit. Tenet - FOR Profit. Taxpayers pay, shareholders collect. Do we need this? Duh

  • Mark - 6 years ago

    It’s a great location, new infrastructure, the best technology all in a new teaching hospital. What’s the issue? Becoming a bioscience & medical hub isn’t going to happen overnight people. It’s going to need vision, investment and partnership to make it happen over time. Florida will continue to grow, and it needs to grow in the best way possible that plans for a vibrant future and professional workforce. I think the Tenet & Scripts hospital project will help put us on the map for the goal of becoming a bioscience and medical center that will thrive in the future. Where do I sign up?

  • Terry - 6 years ago

    Jupiter does not need another hospital in North county area. Tenet and Scripps propose to duplicate services already offered at Jupiter Medical Center. JMC EXTENDS A WARM WELCOME TO STUDENTS AND NUMEROUS RESEARCH PROJECTS ARE CONTINUOUSLY OFFERED AT JMC. It would be econimically and politically corrupt to approve Tenet and Scripps certificate of need. Research projects shuould be offered at a nonprofit facilitate as opposed to a for profit facility.

  • GardensResident - 6 years ago

    This facility will give our area a much needed boost in research academics and bring invaluable resources to our community in the form of new physicians. Our area does not currently support medical residency and teaching facilities aimed at training new physicians, and this new research facility will provide not only a place for new residents to train, but also a place where these residents can open their own practices and strengthen the health care services in our community.

  • Marilyn - 6 years ago

    Jupiter Medical Center is the favorite hospital in the area, because it provides top-notch care to its patients and their families. It is in the midst of a capital campaign which will enable it to surpass its current level of care, and provide ALL of the services that Scripps seems to envision with Tenet. We don't need to duplicate Jupiter's efforts - we should be doubling down on them, and giving JMC the community support that it deserves.

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