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Which party is right on taxes?

Posted 7 years.


  • Dan Bergman - 7 years ago

    Is middle-class families room or their tax rates increase Up to 35% at $379,000 Why you shouldn't income tax rates increase further for the people earning millions of dollars a year Why do they get a free ride as their incomes increase But the lower and middle classes don't There needs to be additional increase tax brackets You have maximum rate of 50%

  • reality - 7 years ago

    To Lu: President Bush started the Wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, which Charles Krauthamer says will "only" end up costing $1.6 TRILLION. (Ron Paul says $4 TRILLION) Repubs were the Majority in Congress then, and since they had already cut taxes, and repealed Pay-Go rules, they put both wars on "Supplementals"-like a 2nd set of books, from 2001 & 2003 on, respectively. Did you see next year's Defense budget has $173 BILLION for both wars-STILL? Repubs likewise put Medicare Part D on your credit card. And it was them that allowed private companies to do what Medicare was already doing. Only private insurance companies needed, on average, 14% MORE of taxpayer $$ to do what the govt. bureaucrats of Medicare were already doing for less! Repubs also PROHIBITED Medicare from bargaining for bulk drug prices with Big Pharma, and the VA & Canada do. So I think it has been $20-30 Billion REPUBS added to the Deficit every year, just because of Medicare part D.

  • George - 7 years ago

    To be fair most republican's can't use a computer, so this poll is bias

  • Lu - 7 years ago

    Democrats are the experts at wasting money,

  • F. Max Tucker - 7 years ago

    The auctioning of public lands is again a corporate theft from the American People who benefit from the use and/or leasing of such properties. Traditionally opportunity for profit and gain has been found in the review of every problem at the expense of the citizen. (Witness the HealthCare debate which, aside from containing a few minimal benefits for recipients, became fundamentally a gift to insurers.)

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