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Who will win the Heisman Trophy?

Posted 6 years.


  • Rod ladreneau - 6 years ago

    The " Honey Badger" is my pick!!!!!!

  • crazy-jim - 6 years ago


  • Tyrannmathieu all the way - 6 years ago

    Tyrann Matheiu is gonna win not Trent cause Trent sucks lsu is gonna kill Alabama

  • Gary - 6 years ago

    Luck has perfected his position for a college player he performs beyond expectations. He's been labelled the "Peyton Manning " of college quarterbacks. Reading defenses and adjusting his play call. His players believe in him...a leader and coach on the field.

  • John - 6 years ago

    Griffin is not as good as Richardson making 25 tds.He is awsome.

  • jane - 6 years ago

    Luck should win, but.... we all know that in sports the west coast is always ignored.

  • Joe Thomas Myhand - 6 years ago

    Griffin the 3rd is the Best of this Group!!!! Luck is second!!!

    Richardson..............are you Kidding!!!!!!!!! just an "average" running back........
    Not anything special...........

    LSU 27 - U of Tusc. 3 NO NC and NO Heisman !!!!!!

    WAR DAMN EAGLE !!!!!!!!

  • Eve Gray - 6 years ago

    Trent Richardson deserves it because he has broken all of Mark Ingrams records. But I think he will possibly be screwed out of the deal. He is an awesome football player and makes the moves he needs to score big. For the committee to even consider Tyrann Mathieu is stupid. He was suspended for testing positive to drugs. Does that show leadership. Trent is a kind person and not cocky about his accomplishments. I have met him in person and he deserves it. Most people are pissed because the SEC is the dominant conference and always will be. Roll Tide!!! We love you Trent.

  • Heimy - 6 years ago

    Just 2 Yards shy of 4000 passing, 644 yds on the ground, and a total of 45 TD's makes Griffin an easy choice. But I think, for whatever reason, that "games on television" make a difference, don't agree with it, and I'm not that and the usual crazy people voting could put Luck in the "POSE".

  • D L Simmons - 6 years ago

    why Baylor QB deservess the Heisman...

    #10 Griffin III, R. Comp-Att-Int Yards TD
    TCU 21- 27-0 359 5
    Stephen F. Austin * 19-21-0 265 3
    Rice 29-33-0 338 5
    Kansas State 23-31-1 346 5
    Iowa State 22-30-0 212 1
    Texas A&M 28-40-1 430 3
    Oklahoma State 33-50-2 425 2
    Missouri 27-41-0 406 3
    Kansas 22-29-1 312 3
    Oklahoma 21-34-0 479 4
    Texas Tech * 7-11-0 106 2
    Texas 15-22-1 320 2
    TOTALS 267-369-6 3998 36 + 9 rushing TDs

    * did not play second half

  • G.C. Fulmer - 6 years ago

    RG3 No question > Look at the stats for the year. Most all round player at quarterback this year.

  • Jake Newman - 6 years ago

    Andrew Luck is who I'm rooting for but I'm from Alabama. So if he can't get the Heismen then Trent Richardson will. RTR

  • James Scott - 6 years ago

    RGIII had unbelievable stats the first third of the season. More touchdown passes than incompletions! (Completely insane). Only six interceptions this season, and all but one were tips by his receivers. Also the fastest quarterback in the game, having been national champion in the intermediate hurdles in high school and Big12 champion as a freshman. Finishing his Master's Degree in PreLaw while still a junior in eligibility. Best deep passer in the NCAA.

  • MB28 - 6 years ago

    Monte Ball all the way for the Heisman, Frickin 39 TD's and one game away(Rose Bowl) from beating BARRY frickin SANDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Monte Ball...........Monte Ball..............Monte Ball..........on and one more thing MONTE Frickin BALL ........................MB28 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And get ready Ducks your "quack attack" will be no match for the Bagers of Wisconson

  • Baller - 6 years ago

    Didn't have a bad game. Even in the losses his stats were amazing. Had no team around him besides a decent WR and a RB that only had great stats due to the whole D focusing on RG3. Baylor D is the only reason they didn't go undefeated and RG3 couldn't help them.

  • TR3allday - 6 years ago

    Trent will win it because of his amazing moves and skill.... Alabama will have its second heisman (Mark Ingram) and of course Roll Tide in the championship game... 24-21 Alabama wins in OT

  • Anthony Degrate - 6 years ago

    HANDS DOWN IT'S ARE OWN RG3 will be the second quarter back second year in a row to take the trophy

  • underratedalltheway 1987 - 6 years ago

    Are you kidding me? Monte Ball will match Barry Sanders' record for touchdowns... BARRY SANDERS! Nuf said, give the kid the trophy.

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