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Are you scared?

Posted 10 years.


  • Hà Thảo My - 2 years ago

    Cũng dc nhưng đau tim quá!

  • aimee - 3 years ago

    the house 1 it not even scary one bit only just jumps house 2 is lit bit scary lol watch pewdiepie play house 1 and 2 he's soooooooo funny

  • Kevin - 4 years ago

    hahahah I saw a video this is o not scary

  • cheverline - 4 years ago

    no beacse im not a scary

  • nhung nguyễn - 4 years ago

    người mẹ trong nhà tắm bi bệnh ung thư, vì quá yêu gia đình nên bà ta đã lấy súng bắn chết chồng, chặt đầu con trai, treo cổ con gái và cuối cùng ú thuốc độc tự tử ... để họ có thể bên nhau mãi mãi
    mother in the bathroom suffered from cancer, because she love her family so much, she took a gun shot husband, beheaded her son, hanged her daughterl and eventually drank poison ... so they can be together forever. End.......................................

  • baliw - 5 years ago

    nakakabaliw hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mhae - 5 years ago

    hahahahhahahhaha nakakatawa gulat akoh BoOm!

  • InsaneIsBack - 5 years ago

    What the fuck should be scary at this game? I'm laughing so hard right here :)))
    But i love the music tananana :>

  • luis - 5 years ago

    are you joking me thats only game

  • kevin - 5 years ago

    im not scared

  • شيطانه ههه احذروني - 5 years ago

    هههههههههههههههه ايش اللي يخوف بنسبه لشيطانه ولا شي طبعا الا الله انا اشوف انه اللعبه مويه وعلا فكره
    اول مره اتكلم مع بشر هههههههههههه احذروني -.- ممله

  • هبة - 5 years ago

    انا مش عارفة العب العبة

  • Nguyên Phương - 5 years ago

    Cực kỳ Ấn tượng. Mong có dịp đi thực tế ;p

  • sinx - 6 years ago

    noobs not so scary.....just peew peew in my pants.....heheheheheh.....boboboo

  • Gamer Girl - 6 years ago

    hahahahahaha i laugh at this game! i play it every day! its so eaay and so totally NOT scary

  • haha - 6 years ago

    biasa saja ngapain takut

  • scaRDO - 6 years ago

    !!!nc im so scary like this...

  • PAYATKAME - 6 years ago

    !!!its so scary like that

  • ica - 7 years ago

    hmm, it is cool and scary

  • Jorgette - 7 years ago

    just 11 yr old girl i really hate conquering my fears :(

  • Jorgette - 7 years ago

    OMG I really am scared -.- Idk where to press

  • مودي - 7 years ago

    والله جنان

  • فيصل - 7 years ago

    الله يعطيك العافيه من جد روعه

  • shely - 7 years ago

    it was fuckin scary..... it shud have more stages

  • pola - 7 years ago

    Yun na ba yun? Nakakabitin. Ang corny.

  • mia - 7 years ago

    im so scared bcoz of the last room the corridor there are the woman who appeared in screen and juz wanna conratulate who made this website such a smart person and tnx for letting me this game play i wonder who is this man in the frame who just shoot in the head hahah juz questioning and godbless

  • angel_cherry_kute - 7 years ago

    hixhix e ko choi het kai phong dau tien ma ko jam choi....hjx ge wa

  • Hai - 7 years ago

    ghồi tìm mỏi cả tay, cay cả mắt ,mãi mới thấyhếtmấy phòng, có j đâu mà sợ. mất thời gian quá

  • jimmy - 7 years ago

    wow lol

  • Buzz - 7 years ago

    Anyone have other scary game like this?
    Too bad it's only ended at stage 5

  • Buzz - 7 years ago

    Anyone have other scary game like this?
    Too bad it's only ended at stage 5

  • neven - 7 years ago

    يا الله شو اضحكت ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • su myat noe - 7 years ago

    I am not afraid ghost.Har har

  • Jaki Ranok - 7 years ago

    This game is funny!How can you be scared of it?When I played it first time,I lol'd all the time!
    They should rename it to comedy show game!

  • Alyssa - 7 years ago

    you've got to be kidding thats not even scary thats just some made up junk to make little kids scared!!!!!!

  • abdo1234 - 7 years ago

    omg................thats very scared i want my momy

  • ILYsk - 7 years ago

    Wow this is just a Amazing piece of Art, seriolsy I did this game in about 2006 and look at me now 4 years later Im still wanting to do it!
    You guys have to make more PLEASE :)
    Spectacular Job

  • rleeyah - 7 years ago

    WTF had to x owt of it thatz hw scaed i waz

  • Nguyen Duc Thinh - 7 years ago

    trời ơi!!! té đái luôn đó. Shit!!!

  • jh - 7 years ago

    It's so horrible. A scary game. Good. Amazing sound, my heart....

  • rieley - 7 years ago

    ohhhh my gosh dat was relly scary 4 meh

  • ooooooooooo - 7 years ago

    واااااااااااااااايد تخرع اقول ما يشوفوها الصغتر حدا يخرع

  • spirit - 7 years ago

    i need more games if u have them

  • jchee - 7 years ago

    hahaha cai nay coi lau roi ma

  • jchê - 7 years ago

    hahaha cai nay coi lau roi ma

  • ][[ - 7 years ago


  • luna - 8 years ago

    !!damn i count sleep it was to fucking scary hahah like do lol=P

  • hager - 8 years ago

    انا لا اخاف الا الله

  • pan min yu - 8 years ago

    I can't see anything?
    it's slowly........

  • shantelle - 8 years ago

    hahahahahah do you honestly think that was scarey well it was a bit but not really im only 12 and i was kind of scared but it was awsome as well.

    i reckon that whoever made this should make a whole lot more like it make it longer and 10% more scarier.

    and i know wat some of u people reading this are thinking i bet your thinking that i am emo well guess wat im not.

    by the way i could watch this over and over again and not be the least bit of the word scared.

  • jolina - 8 years ago

    ang pode i`m not scared nga eh prng tanga lang

  • Dj Nytmare - 8 years ago

    It Scared The Shit Outta Me!! I Don't Get Scared Easy You Guys Did A Fantastic Job! Make Another

  • rangie - 8 years ago

    =)) it's so funny =))

  • QWERTY - 8 years ago

    hinde ako kakatakot tido!!

  • Chuột béo - 8 years ago

    I'm so scared...:-s

  • Chemid - 8 years ago

    trò này là sao, Iam untable player game

  • Xlu - 8 years ago

    sure that you did hard.... but i hate it...I like scary games more

  • akex - 9 years ago

    this shyt was wack ass hell you motherfucker waste of time, bitch ass nigga.

  • نلهنغبءن - 9 years ago


  • Baby Hook - 9 years ago

    :|:| Cái gì mà kinh thế này pà kon.. hehe trò mới đây !!

  • jenny - 9 years ago

    This is fun.I love to see The Hose part2

  • michaela - 9 years ago

    d yan nakakatakot d nmn totoong story

  • esabela - 9 years ago

    takot kau dyan subukan nyu n lng daw ung baka d 22o

  • jolina coliat - 9 years ago

    d nmn nakakatakot yan eh bkt kau natatakot eh movie lng nmn yan pero d nmn 22o napanood nyu nmn yan dba masyadong matatakutin eh 2 subukin nyu yan huh

  • Ahmad Bajaber - 9 years ago

    Very perfect designing.. thanks Xinthai .... i'm sorry but i forgot the spelling.

  • kool - 9 years ago

    hay sus naman english english pa eh pilipino tyu sus naman tamd arte kinahihiya nyu ang wika natin dagdag pa kyu nang nakakatakot

  • kool - 9 years ago

    shit its so scary almost give me attake sa puso

  • free girl - 9 years ago


    من جد يضحك


  • lama - 9 years ago

    Because you made This shet

    fuke you fuke you fuke you

  • lama - 9 years ago

    wo0o0oo0o0o0o0ow know i am scared now D:

  • lama - 9 years ago

    i cant open the door why???

    i saw it b4 but i want to see it Again

  • lama - 9 years ago

    who make thes

    i am sure he is a big Stupid boy

    i well kill hem


    i will show you


  • hadho0oda - 9 years ago

    haha eeeh eeeh that wasnt scary at ALL

    omg!!!!!! who am i joking!!! i was scared to DEATH!!! i WILL HAVE NIGHTMARES TODAY!! thank to you!!! :@ lol

    i am sure gonna show it to ma friends :P didn't any one tell you?

    I AM EVIL :P :P :P lol


  • thanaree - 9 years ago

    so scary! i screamed!

  • rok - 9 years ago

    I can't go all rooms =.= too scared =.= I dun know how to go to the 4th one. In the kitchen, I dun know where to touch =.=

  • خالد محمود - 9 years ago


  • hung - 9 years ago


  • Austin - 9 years ago

    OMFG this scared the shit out of me late at night no people here lights off door open

    ...never again...

  • thanh - 9 years ago


  • hichem - 9 years ago


  • naif - 9 years ago


  • z - 9 years ago

    حقا انها نكتة مضحكة

  • nedved - 9 years ago

    wo0o0o0ow its funny ^^

  • im a ghost... - 9 years ago

    wowowowow... mrami plang ntkot sa gnawa ko...nyahahahhaa... asa kau... mga wla kaung kwenta... nyeta!!

  • Pup - 9 years ago

    can't see anythings! It's vẻy slow!

  • alyssa - 9 years ago so scared takot ako.

  • mimi - 9 years ago

    is funny

  • kpsx - 9 years ago

    Oh my G!!! It was so scary!!! Make a sequel. BUt the story is a bit unclear!!!

  • tiffany - 9 years ago

    omg this was awesome it scared the bejezes out of me and my friends make a sequal!!!!!!!!!!!

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