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Should Florida make it harder to pass the FCAT?

Posted 6 years.


  • parent - 6 years ago

    The biggest problem is that students dont know how to spell bring back the old spelling test kids dont how to use dictonary these days so if a kid cant read and dont know the meaning of a word how can anybody pass a reading test to much pressure on our little babies in 3rd grade

  • Micahel Cohen - 6 years ago

    The problem with kids today is that they do not read. They spnd most of their free time playing with their X boxes and other electronic and uselss games. This leads them to be over weight because they do little exercies when thehy spend 20 hours at time on thes games.

  • Student Of Palm Beach County:) - 6 years ago

    *-No The FCAT Scores Shouldnt Raise Higher. I'am A 12th Grade Student, I Havent Passed The Reading FCAT Yet, The Math I Already Did. Raising The Scores Will Just Have Less Students Graduating From High School. My Personal Opinion They Should Lower The Scores.

  • Anonymous teacher - 6 years ago

    The fcat is going away in 2014 to be replaced by end of course exams. Why spend money now on something that is going away in 2 years?????

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