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Should Florida ban texting while driving?

Posted 6 years.


  • Dave - 6 years ago

    Texting should be banned and if drivers are caught fined heavily or cause an accident, loose their license. There are too many distractions while driving already; make up application, reading, talking on cell phone, changing CD's, programming radio, looking at GPS and eating! If I survive an accident where the other driver was texting or performing one of the tasks previously mentioned, I hope their insured.

  • Mimi - 6 years ago

    There's no justification at all for texting while driving. It's unbelievably dangerous. Like others, I've been put at high risk by drivers obviously texting or looking at their cell phones... it's hard to tell if someone is looking down to enter numbers into a phone for a call, or texting, so neither should be allowed as both mean drivers are not looking at the road, pedestrians, bicyclists or other drivers.

    I think voice activated phones are OK... no worse than conversing with other passengers any way.

  • richard j. budryk - 6 years ago

    They need to do an all out ban on texting and talking on cellphones and talking "hands-free" is the only thing that should be allowed. Over the past 3-months alone I almost got hit by drivers texting and that's 2-3 times a week. Also, any parent texting while driving with kids in the vehicle should be arressted for reckless endangerment. I have seen more of these soccer Moms speeding on local streets where speeds are around 30-35mph blow by me at about 60mph as recently as yesterday (she was texting too) I took down her tag number as proof.
    It's time to take action before more deaths occur.
    Thank you,


  • James - 6 years ago

    Drive to Miami on 95 from Boca at 7 am and you will see at least ten people texting, every other car is on the phone and at least one or two people are reading papers on their steering wheels. Who will enforce this ban? How would a cop know if you were texting? Would you have to hand over your phone for inspection at a trafic stop? 4 th amendment , 4 th amendment ! People are people. Once addicted to a technology they won't give it up. They convince themselves that they can't live without it.

  • Jeanne Luddeni - 6 years ago

    If your texting you are not watching the road.
    There are enough lousy drivers in Florida
    so why text.

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