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Should Allen West apologize for comparing Dems to Nazis?

Posted 7 years.


  • Michael Cohen - 7 years ago

    West was elected last year because most of the Jews in District 22 for him because the current congressman supported Obama concerning housing in Jersualem. They ignored that fact that he is a convicted war criminal who was thrown out of the army for using Nazi type torture techniques on a POW. When running for congress he claimed he was a war hero which showed he fully accepted the Nazi idea that the bigger the lie, the more that it is repeated, the more it will be accpted.
    So Israel thinks it has another congressman in its pocket and they gave him a free tour recently where he said he completely supported the Jewish state. Yet we see that Nazi ideas are floating around in his head. If Israel thinks it can make friends with the devil, they will learn the hard way about such a friendship

  • Ed - 7 years ago

    The point had to be exaggerated to get the attention of the soft-brained. Our favorite congressman has courage and Debbie and Lois should back off and thank the Good Lord
    that somone has such courage. A Nazi was a socialist. Reverse it. We are headed that way with the present regime.

  • Jack - 7 years ago

    Being a member of both Jewish Community Centers in Boca and Davie I have polled my Jewish friends on this attack article in both the Palm Beach Post and SunSentenal and we as a group are appalled at this liberal attack.The reason West made those remarks I am sure it is because Debbie Wasserman runing point for the Democratic party is saying Obama has actually created 4 million jobs. Daaaa.Evem CNN and MSNBC were shocked.What planet does she live on was a comment made by Wolf. She is embarrassing the democratic party. West went to Israel and promised his support to defend Israel against Iran when they are attacked not if.He understands the radical Muslim threat.Where is Obama and debbie on this issue.Jews know who to trust and who not to.We are not stupid.Ron Klein got 80% of the Jewish vote last year.Next year West will get 80% of the Jewish vote and it will be a landslide over Lois. Nice lady but where is she on these issues. The article said that West will face a tight race. Yeh right with over $5 million in the bank,second most in congress,and more volunteers than he knows what to do with Lois needs to rethink her running against West.Run against Debbie she is very vulnerble down in Davie.

  • Jack - 7 years ago

    He is right.Now the attacks start.Before Keith Oberman was fired from MSNBC he said West was being investigated for rapes and muders by the FBI along with being a racist ,antisemitic and a member of the Outlaw gang.Oberman didnt even know he is black and his campaign manager is Jewish.He was a high school teacher for Gods sake.The liberal press again is going to help with Wests fundraising.The liberal press thinks the voters are stupid.I have over 100 soldiers(volunteers)that cant wait for Nov 2012. Lois Frankel bring it on>>>>>This race won't be even close. If you thought that the 2010 election was a aberation you won't believe how angry the voters are next Nov. Steadfast and loyal. Jack

  • John Flynn - 7 years ago

    Certainly not....What was said is truth . Each time something is said in reference to the Nazi period, excepting what is favorable from the Jewish point of view, Abe Foxman and other zelots open fire and attempt to discredit the messenger.

  • Who cares what this guy says? - 7 years ago

    Since that's what he thinks, he shouldn't apologize. At least you don't have to speculate about his mental status and intelligence. He's crazy and ignorant.

  • tommy - 7 years ago

    I don't expect him to apologize because this man absolutely despises those who disagree with him. He demonizes them in the worst way possible. I think he and many who support him are dangerous and would be willing to commit violent acts against those they hate, like his buddy Joyce "if ballots don't work, bullets will" Kauffman.

  • Camera1 - 7 years ago

    The truth is always one's best defense. And truth is on the side of U.S. Rep. Allen West. In fact, it's the Democrat propaganda machine that should be apologizing for effectively lying to the American people for so long.

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