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Worst President in U.S. History?

  • Woodrow Whacko Wilson
    17 votes

  • Franklin Deranged Roosevelt
    12 votes

  • Lyndon Bribed Johnson
    12 votes

  • Jimmy "we surrender" Carter
    8 votes

  • Barack Insane Osama
    43 votes


Posted 6 years.


  • Ted Pethick - 3 years ago

    Add aHave a e-Poll on "worst president in US History" A: Woodrow Whacko Wilson B: Franklin Deranged Roosevelt C: Lyndon Bribed Johnson D: Jimmy "we surrender" Carter E: Barack Insane Osama... Facebook keeps deleting it from the homepage (no surprise) please come vote in the poll on my home page!
    If not on my wall, then please vote here: comment...

  • Ted Pethick - 3 years ago

    Looking forward to many voters on this poll, and please leave your comments!

  • Barry Sandinureyes - 5 years ago

    Impeach and arrest the traitor. Give him the Ceaușescu treatment.

  • Kelly Tope - 5 years ago

    My candidate is winning!

  • Ted Pethick - 5 years ago

    Yeah, I guess Bill Clinton (i.e. W.C. Fields) can be "other" ;-)