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Should broadcasters be able to use profanity and show nudity?

Posted 6 years.


  • noway - 6 years ago

    As mentioned we are a degenerate self -centered society. This didn't happen overnite--the FCC & other governing bodies have allowed it. The school system is lax--parents don't discipline & leave it up to the schools. As an adult I must abide by laws or I'm penalized--why not hit the Networks in the pocket HARD for NOT protecting our children.If the U.S. Congress refuses to get indecency on the airwaves under control America will get trashier & the laws re raising children must be changed to accommodate the socialist doctrine. As of now the laws state that parents are responsible for rearing their offspring 'til age 18. Already a woman shopping in Publix bared her buttocks completely--a string was hidden except at the waistline. No one said anything. What happened to the indecent exposure law??
    Is this what we want-to copy some of the liberal countries like Europe, Asia & Africa?
    Next will we see fornication in the streets? IT IS UP TO OUR AMERICAN LEADERS.

  • Sick Society - 6 years ago

    Sure, why not. Morality in this country no longer exists. We live in a cesspool of degenerate self-centered "it's all about me" society. If there is a god, it must be ready to burn this planet into a pebble.

  • reality - 6 years ago

    Do "We the people" have no power at all? Cash is king? If we the people own the airwaves,
    why are we not allowed to set certain standards? If you want to hear and see graphic and/or pornographic images and/or languages, PAY for it YOURSELF! You have that freedom.
    I, however, do not have the freedom to grow a marijuana plant for my own use. The govt limits my freedom, to protect children who might see that using marijuana is O.K. So why can't govt limit broadcasters' freedom, to also protect children.

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